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Samsung updating One UI Home app to version



Samsung One UI Home screen

2022 is going to end, and everything is going well in the Samsung world. Galaxy device users enjoying the Christmas holidays with the new features of One UI 5 software along with hearing inputs of the S23 series. Well, the home screen service of your Samsung device (One UI Home) is getting updated with a pre-January 2023 version.

Ahead of January 2023, Samsung is updating the One UI Home app to version The latest addition popped up on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone, which could soon make its way to other Galaxies running Android 13 or Android 12.

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Similar to past versions, the new update of One UI Home service lacks sufficient information such as release notes. In addition to some under-the-hood changes, we expect, the new update should bring enhancements to the performance and usability.

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Samsung One UI Home January 2023 Update

With the One UI 5 rollout, Samsung made radical changes in the One UI Home app so it can support Dynamic Themed apps from Google and third-party developers. Since the overall look and feel are not good enough, Samsung needs to further polish the app with or prior One UI 5.1 upgrade.

At present, we don’t have a direct download link to the One UI Home application, however, it’s not too away. Just keep your Galaxy connected with a good network or WiFi, and the latest version of the application will get installed itself in the background.

How to check & update One UI Home app version

Tap and hold on the home screen of your Galaxy device, tap the hamburger icon to expand features. Scroll down and tap the second last tab entitled About, where you can check the version installed on your device, at the same time, download will begin if there’s a new update pending.

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Samsung My Files update brings general improvements



Samsung My Files update

Samsung is sending a new March 2023 update for the My Files app, which arrives with version The new update improves the functions of the app to provide a better and smoother experience.

The refresh of the Samsung My Files app fixes some issues that you were facing in the previous version. However, no additional feature or change is noted in the latest version but you will definitely get a smoother usability experience after updating.

Samsung My Files update

Samsung My Files update is available on Galaxy Store with an installation package size of 25.52MB. It is an initial rollout so it may take some time to reach all eligible devices. Notably, the update is compatible with Galaxy devices running Android 13 based on One UI 5.1/ One UI 5.0 or below versions.

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In case you don’t know, then you can install the Samsung My Files latest update just by opening the Galaxy Store app >> Menu option >> Updates. To install the update press on the refresh icon present next to the name of the Samsung My Files app. We recommend users install the latest update to get a better My Files app.

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Get latest Samsung One UI Software Update app – V4.1.03



Samsung Software update

Samsung is improving the Software Update function through the March 2023 update. The latest update is available on the Galaxy Store with an installation package of 10MB. The version 4.1.03 update is applicable for Galaxy devices running Android 12 or later. Check more details here…

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Check the latest software update on your Galaxy device:

Software updates are provided to strengthen device security and protect personal information. However, updates are device-dependent, and not every Samsung device will run the latest Android version. You can follow the steps to check the latest software update and version on your Galaxy smartphone.

  • Open your device’s Settings
  • Tap Software update.
  • Now, hit the Download and install option
  • If new software is available, you can choose Install now, Schedule install, or Later.

Samsung four year Android upgrades

January 1, 2023

Samsung Software Update function is grabbing a January 2023 update with version 4.0.12. The new update improves system stability and performance by bringing common bug fixes.

  • Get Samsung Software update 4.0.12 – Link

November 14, 2022

Samsung is improving its Software update function through the November 2022 update. Identified via version 4.0.09, the new update brings common fixes to enhance the stability and performance of the app. You will have to download a 9.85 MB package to install the update.

  • Get Samsung Software update 4.0.09 – Link

November 01, 2022

Samsung Software Update function has been improved via a new update. The latest update comes with version 3.9.04 and an updated package size of 9.34 MB.

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This update enhances stability and performance by bringing some common improvements. The update is compatible with Galaxy devices running from One UI 4.1 / One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 to Android 11.

  • Get Samsung Software update 3.9.04 Update – APKMirror

Samsung Software update

October 13, 2022

Samsung has started pushing a new update for the Software update app with version 3.9.10. The new update enhances the software update section by bringing some common improvements.

Users of Galaxy devices will have to download a 9.35 MB to install the update via Galaxy Store. This update is applicable for Galaxy devices running Android 11 or Android 12 only.

  • Samsung Software Update 3.9.10 Update – Link

October 6, 2022

Samsung is enhancing the Software Update option through a new update with version 4.0.07. The new update brings some common fixes and improvements for better performance.

This update is compatible with Galaxy devices running One UI 4.1 /One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 or below. You can install the update via Galaxy Store or download it directly from the link mentioned below.

  • Samsung Software Update 4.0.07 Update – Link


May 30, 2022

Samsung has expanded the One UI Software Update 3.7.27 for more Galaxy devices. The update brings common improvements to enhance the stability and performance of the app. The installation package size of this update is 8.33 MB. You can easily install this update via Galaxy Store or download it directly from the link mentioned below.

  • Get Samsung Software update 3.2.27 – APKMirror


April 30, 2022

Samsung regularly releases new updates for devices and apps to bring new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance stability and usability. Now, the company is releasing a new build of the Software Update app with version 3.7.27.

The latest update brings some common improvements to enhance the performance. However, there’s no new feature or change noted in the latest update but you will surely get a better experience after updating the latest version. To be mentioned the latest update is compatible with the Galaxy devices running One UI 4.1 /One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 or below.


Samsung Software Update 3.7.27 comes with an installation package size of 8.33MB. It is so small that you can use your personal data to install it. You can manually install the update from the Galaxy Store by following a few simple steps.


You can also download the latest update directly from the link mentioned below.

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Good Lock

Get all Good Lock apps and plugins for your Samsung Galaxy



Samsung Good Lock

Samsung Good Lock is a crucial part of One UI, especially for consumers who love smartphone personalization. With each new One UI iteration, Samsung brings fruitful apps, plugins, and modules to Good Lock in order to take the customization experience to the next level.

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With the Android 13-based One UI 5, Samsung brought a handful of new plugins in order to make the Good Lock even more useful. Although all Good Lock plugins are not available for Galaxy consumers worldwide, you can take advantage of the remaining ones.

One UI 5 Good Lock update radically redesigned the overall look of the application, dividing the modules into two sections – Make Up and Life Up. The first section includes apps and services useful for personalization, while the second part consists of experimental Android tools.

Below, you can check brief info about plugins as well as download links from Galaxy Store and APKMirror.

Theme Park

  • You can create and apply themes easily and quickly
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK



  • Allow creating 3D motion wallpaper with various effects
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Customize and create a new lock screen and Always on Display.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Set the keyboard optimized for you and try creating your one unique animation sticker.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Conveniently organize the navigation bar and gesture mode.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Home Up

  • Enjoy the improved One UI Home experience.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • You can configure many different clock styles on the lock screen and AOD and customize the clock however you want.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


Nice Shot

  • Use the screenshot and screen recording features more conveniently
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


Edge Touch

  • Adjust settings for touch on edge screen easily
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • You can customize Sound, Vibration, and screen history.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

One Hand Operation +

  • Use your phone or tablet easily with your thumb.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Various features have been added to Bixby Routines, allowing you to create more powerful routines.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Experience the improved Multi Window
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK [New update]


  • Expand Audio System settings and increase convenience
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Camera Assistant [One UI 5]

  • Customize your own camera settings to your preference
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

RegiStar [One UI 5]

  • Customize your smartphone’s home settings, search options, history, back taps, and more.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

DropShip [One UI 5]

  • Easily share files between devices running Android, iOS, and the Web.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Galaxy to Share [One UI 5]

  • Share your own created personalization settings of various Good Lock modules
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Samsung Good Lock

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