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Samsung Pay can now open door of your home using UWB-based digital key



Samsung Pay UWB Digital Home Key

Samsung Pay (AKA Samsung Wallet) app, which you use for regular payments and transactions, can now equip a UWB-based digital home key. The company partnered with Zigbang, which is a comprehensive proptech company, so the Samsung Pay app can load the digital home keys of “Zigbang UWB Smart Door Lock.”

After loading the UWB digital home key in your phone’s Samsung Pay app, you will be able to easily open the door of your home if you’ve installed the Zigbang UWB smart door lock. Earlier, the company launched digital car key, while support for smart home lock makes Samsung Pay a great app.

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No need to carry physical keys

With the support of UWB-based digital home key, you don’t need to carry physical keys of the locks of your home. Samsung Pay makes it possible to enter and exit conveniently in a non-contact manner without a separate authentication procedure such as entering a password.

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Aside from this, family members can also set each other to know who is entering and exiting the door when they open the door using the Zigbang app. In case of losing a smartphone that has a digital key in Samsung Pay, you can stop access through the “Find My Device.”

Eligible Devices

According to Samsung, the Samsung Pay app’s UWB digital home key can be used on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones. More Galaxy devices with UWB support will gain access to this feature gradually, while future phones with UWB function will also have digital key support.

Digital Key is better

Samsung Pay Digital Home Key protects users’ sensitive info and encrypted keys through the industry’s highest level of security chipset and is safe from potential hacking risks such as interference or interception of wireless signals due to precise UWB technology.

Back in 2019, the South Korean tech giant established FiRa (Fine Ranging Consortium), which is a UWB technology standard organization. Similar to previous digital key functions, the digital home key service also utilizes UWB technology certified by FiRa.

Samsung Pay UWB Digital Home Key

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What’s UWB

UWB technology is a short-range wireless communication protocol that uses radio waves, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and is characterized by using high-frequency bands to enable precise distance measurement in centimeters (cm) and support directionality.

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Samsung remembers Galaxy Note line, thanked fans!



Samsung Galaxy Note line

Samsung thanked the community that has loved the Galaxy Note series for more than a decade and held an event to show how the lineup evolved. The company’s main motive is to let consumers know that their beloved Note is now known as S Ultra, starting with S22 Ultra.

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The South Korean tech giant brought Galaxy S23 Experience Space with many exciting creative experiences with the latest flagships. Notably, the event “Note Continues to Power” took place on the evening of March 23 exclusively for the Note Fan community.

To thank the Samsung user community and especially the followers of the Galaxy Note series, the company brought many interesting and meaningful experiences and interactions to look back together at memorable milestones in the journey of over a decade since the launch of the original Note.

Galaxy Note evolution

Samsung established a space where attendees can look back on the evolution of the legendary Note line, see firsthand the shape, and review the highlights in each product of the Galaxy Note generations and how the Galaxy S23 Ultra perfect continuation of that decade of power.

Samsung Galaxy Note line

Interactive space for S Pen lovers

Here, visitors can show off their imaginations to fly, when creating creatures from the ocean. Then, the technology from Samsung brings those creatures to life, in full color, and can interact directly with the person who drew them with the latest S Pen on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Furthermore, the event also had a Gaming Experience and Selfie spaces with the S Pen and a display area for the latest devices of the Galaxy ecosystem, waiting for attendees to come and enjoy. can be felt most intuitively and vividly.

Samsung Galaxy Note line

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Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 now available in South Africa, A24 coming May



Samsung A54 A34 Price India

In mid-March, Samsung launched the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34, which are now up for purchase in South Africa. At the same time, the company confirmed that another mid-range – Galaxy A24 – will be available for purchase in May 2023.

Samsung revealed that the Galaxy A54 and A34 are now available in South Africa in two color options including Awesome Graphite and Awesome Lime. In addition, the LTE variant of the Galaxy A14 also goes official in the country, which is a budget device.

Buy in South Africa:

  1. A54: R 9 999,00 – Link
  2. A54: R 7 399,00 – Link

The new Galaxy A54 and A34 smartphones come with a brighter display, more advanced cameras, and longer battery life than previous models. At comparatively affordable pricing, the new Galaxy A-series phones deliver outstanding mobile technology.

Samsung A54 A34 Price India

Top Features

Both new mid-range phones deliver stunning images with clear quality even in bright conditions, making use of Samsung Galaxy’s incredible Nightography and AI capabilities. The Galaxy A54 brings a 50-megapixel rear primary camera along with a 32-megapixel selfie snapper.

The device boasts a whopping 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 1TB with an optional microSD card. The A34 brings a 48-megapixel rear primary camera and packs 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage.

With software support of up to four generations of OS upgrades and five years of security updates, users can keep these devices longer. Moreover, the 120Hz refresh rate ensures you will have a smoother experience while using the A54 or A34.

“Cutting-edge mobile experiences are increasingly essential to everyday life. With continuous enhancements to the Galaxy A series, we are ensuring that more people around the world can access our transformative innovations.” – TM Roh, head of Samsung MX.

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Google launches Nearby Share for Windows: Download, guide to use



Nearby Share for Windows

Google has now officially launched the Nearby Share Beta for Windows PCs. Using the latest software, you can send and receive photos, documents, and more between nearby Android devices and Windows PCs. It makes Nearby Share a direct competitor to Samsung’s Quick Share, which offers the same features.

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According to Google, Nearby Share Beta for Windows is crafted with safety and privacy in mind. Thankfully, Nearby Share for Windows allows you to control who can discover your device and send files, whether it’s everyone, only your friends and family, or just your own devices.

Now, it’s easy to transfer your files straight to your PC whether you want to edit your photos on a larger screen or organize your digital folders. Securely transfer photos, videos, documents, and more straight to your PC. You can even send entire folders with just a few taps including the drag-and-drop function.

The feature is already available on all Android phones running Android 6 or later. However, you will need to download and install the Nearby Share Beta app on your Windows PC. Once it’s ready, you simply need to make sure it’s visible to your Android device, then start sharing.

How to setup.

Step 1

  • Get the app (links below).
  • Download the app, then install it to your Windows PC.

Step 2

  • Set preferences.
  • Sign into your Google account and set your Device Visibility preferences to choose who can share with you.

Step 3

  • Start sharing.
  • Send and receive content effortlessly across your Android device and Windows PC.

Download Links:


  • For Windows computers running a 64-bit version of Windows 10 and up.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • ARM devices not supported.

Samsung’s Quick Share:

Meet Quick Share, Samsung’s Nearby Share and AirDrop killer

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