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Samsung Cloud November 2022 update now available for One UI devices [Expanding]



Just like Google Drive, Samsung Cloud is also a storage space for Samsung devices, where you can deliberately save files that you want to store for a long time. It will keep your data up to date and secure across all Samsung devices.

You just need to log in to the app with your Samsung Account, after that, you can access them on any other PC or device by logging into your account. In addition, Microsoft OneDrive will now support the synchronization of my files gallery and drive.

With the app, you can set up and manage the following features that are mentioned below. Although, if you want to experience the newest features of the Samsung Cloud app, then keep updating it from the Galaxy store.

Samsung Cloud app Updates

[November 09, 2022]

Samsung is expanding Cloud update for more One UI devices. The update fixes general issues to boost the performance of the app. You can install the latest update via Galaxy Store or download it directly from the third party source link mentioned here…

Samsung Cloud

[November 03, 2022]

Samsung Cloud is receiving November 2022 update with version The latest update improves the app performance and updates functions for a better experience. It weighs 15.78MB package. Visit the Galaxy Store app on your Samsung smartphone to install the latest update.

Samsung cloud Update

[September 30, 2022]

Samsung is pushing a new update for the Cloud app for Galaxy users with version The update does not include a changelog but surely enhances the stability and performance of the app. The updated package size of this update is 15.78MB,

Previous Updates

[September 27, 2022]

Samsung Cloud is getting a new update with version for Galaxy devices running One UI 4.1 /One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 or below. The installation package size of this update is 15.78MB.

[September 14, 2022]

Samsung is releasing a new update for the Cloud app with version and updated package size of 15.78MB. It brings Google Play updates as well as fixes some common issues to enhance stability. The update is compatible with Galaxy devices running Android 7 to Android 12.

January 28

Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud app is receiving a new update, which doesn’t add any new features and changes as it only comes with some general fixes to improve the stability and user experience.

To be mentioned, this new update can be identified with version number and package size of 24.59MB. Besides, if you want to install this latest version on your smartphone, then check on the Galaxy store. Also, you can directly update it through the link given below

December 15

Samsung Cloud

Samsung is sending another update for the Samsung Cloud app, which adds regular improvements in the application for better performance and stability. Besides, the update didn’t include any changelog.


December 11

Samsung Cloud

Samsung is rolling out a new update for the Samsung Cloud app. The latest update adds improvements for better performance and stability. Other than this, no more features and optimization has been added to the update. To be mentioned, you can identify this latest update of Samsung Cloud by the version number and package size of 24.42 MB.


Easier access to Cloud data

  • A new UI that allows you to view and manage cloud data much more conveniently. Set them right in one place.

Backup and restore

  • Set up your new device easily just like your previous device.
  • Home screen, Apps, Settings, Messages, Phone, Clock


  • Sync and view your photos, videos, and notes across all devices.
  • Contacts, Calendar, Samsung Notes, Reminder, Internet
  • Samsung Cloud’s Gallery Sync is brought to you in collaboration with Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Link your Samsung and Microsoft accounts and enjoy all the functionality and benefits of Microsoft OneDrive.

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Download One UI 5 Good Lock with upgraded plugins and modules for your Samsung phone



Samsung One UI 5.0 Good Lock

Good Lock is one of the amazing and impressive apps offered by Samsung as well as being loved by Galaxy users. It offers a bunch of modules, you can use them to make your phone smarter. The company recently started releasing One UI 5.0 stable update for Galaxy devices and will soon expand it to more devices. Currently, Samsung is regularly working to release Android 13-based One UI 5.0 support to its stock apps including Good Lock modules, Good Guardians suits, Camera, Messages, and more.

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At the moment, many stock apps and almost all Good Lock modules have got One UI 5.0 support. The reason for updating Good Lock modules is to make them compatible with the latest version.

Samsung Good Lock One UI 5.0

When a new major update is released for any smartphone, it brings many functions and changes, so sometimes some applications don’t work properly or start crashing. But Samsung does provide support to the apps through so that no such issues arise.

Good Lock modules including One Hand Operation+, Theme Park, KeysCafe, Clockface, NotiStar, NiceShot, LockStar, Home Up, QuickStar, NotiStar, SoundAssistanat, Wonderland, NavStar, and MultiStar are now compatible with One UI 5.0. While the remaining modules will soon get Android 13 support.

To download Good Lock modules, you can check the links mentioned below.

Download Samsung One UI 5 Good Lock module

New Modules:

  • Camera Assistant: Link
  • Dropship: Link [New]
  • RegiStar: Link [New]
  • Galaxy to Share – Link

Updated on December 06, 2022.

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First Samsung RegiStar app update lands, bringing shortcut and mode selection



Samsung RegiStar new update

Samsung has pushed the first update for the Good Lock module RegiStar via Galaxy Store. Identified via version 1.0.26, the new update comes with new features and improvements to enhance the performance and stability of the app.

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The first update of the Samsung RegiStar app adds Mode selection and Shortcut selection options. The mode selection settings for taking screenshots and shortcut selection to easily open the app. It means that now you select from Basic or share mode while choosing Take and share screenshot.

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In addition, the update also revises the notification display during the Back Tap action. Aside from this, the update fixes common issues to provide a smoother and bug-free experience.

The update is rolling out gradually, so it may take hours/days to reach all eligible devices. If you have received this update, download it now to take the taste of new features.

Samsung Good Lock Registar

To install the latest update on your smartphone, visit Galaxy Store >> tap on the Menu option >> Choose the Updates option. A new page shows all the available updates, you can download any from them.

Samsung RegiStar

Samsung Good Lock Module RegiStar lets you customize your smartphone’s home settings, search options, history, back taps, and more. Through the new module, the company aims to make your smartphone more customizable and easy to use. Read more here…

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Improve Samsung Pass’ Autofill password functionality with new update [U]



Samsung Pass Autofill

Samsung Pass Autofill feature is getting December 2022 update with version The new update improves the Autofill function to make it better. You will have to download a 9.64 MB software package to install the latest update.

November 30, 2022

Samsung Pass offers an Autofill function that lets you easily and securely fill in personal information like passwords automatically using a biometric scan. Now, the company is improving the Autofill feature of Samsung Pass through a new update, which arrives with version

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The latest update enhances the features by bringing common improvements and issues fix. According to the release notes, the update does not contain any feature or change but surely boosts the performance.

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Samsung Pass Autofill

Through Samsung Autofill’s new update, the company aims to make this feature better and easier to use. Users can install the latest update if they have a Galaxy device running from Android 13-based One UI 5.0 to Android 9-based One UI versions, you can also sideload it through the third-party source link mentioned here.

It is a gradual rollout so it may take days/weeks to reach all eligible devices. Notably, you will have to download a 9.64 MB software package to install the new update of the Samsung Pass Autofill feature.

At SDC 2022, the company announced the Samsung Wallet app that contains features of Both Samsung Pass and Pay apps. This new app is highly secure by Samsung Knox. Currently, it is available in more than 20 countries and will expand soon to more regions soon.

Samsung Modes and Routines app update improves One UI 5.0 Sleep Mode

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