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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 DXOMARK camera score revealed, but you shouldn’t care!



DXOMARK has now revealed the camera test scores of Samsung’s newest Galaxy Z Fold 4 foldable smartphone. The evaluation firm tested the new Galaxy foldable phone to measure its performance in the photo, video, and zoom quality from a so-called “end-user perspective.”

In DXOMARK camera test ranking chart, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with 124 points has been ranked 29th in the Global ranking, while its position in the Ultra-premium smartphone ranking is 25th. This Ultra-premium ranking chart includes smartphones priced over $800.

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Galaxy Z Fold 4 DXOMARK camera test

Talking about the leader of DXOMARK’s camera review, the Honor Magic4 Ultimate grabbed the crown with 147 points. Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro are ranked 2nd and 3rd with 146 and 143 points, respectively.

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According to the firm, the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s camera quality is not too good to take it to the top or runner-up in the ranking chart. However, it brings significant upgrades over its predecessor Galaxy Z Fold 3 with improved video performance when it comes to dynamic range and video noise.

DXOMARK pointed out that the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s price is very high, and it doesn’t offer the best camera experience as its pricing. The Fold 4 owners shouldn’t care about the camera scores and DXOMARK rankings as it had always been biased and leaning toward Chinese phones.

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The reviewers noted that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 offers accurate target exposure and good retention of highlight and shadow detail for photos and videos. Furthermore, the stabilization of video is quite nice even in strong shakes as well as faster and more accurate autofocus while capturing photos.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 DXOMARK camera test

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As per the test results, there are three aspects of disappointment in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera including – 1. Image noise under indoor light conditions, 2. Inaccurate skin tones in photos, and 3. Frequent lack of fine detailing photos and video.

Quick camera specs

Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with a 50MP sensor primary camera sensor with 1.0µm pixels, Dual Pixel PDAF, and OIS. Moreover, it has a 12MP ultra-wide sensor with 1.12µm pixels and a 10MP telephoto snapper with 1.0µm pixels and technologies like PDAF, OIS, 3x optical zoom.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 June 2023 Software Update: Everything we know so far



Samsung will rollout a major software update to the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra in June 2023. Similar to hardware leaks, we get to know pretty much about the content of Samsung’s June 2023 software for the Galaxy S23 flagships.

According to rumors, Samsung June 2023 software update will not only bring the latest security patch to the Galaxy S23 lineup. There will be a lot of improvements and optimizations related to camera functionality and upgrades to the native application.

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Samsung insider IceUniverse revealed that the company has developed a 2x Portrait Mode for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This mode pictures at 50-megapixel using the main 200-megapixel HP2 image sensor of the smartphone. It will benefit users who love taking portrait shots with depth effects.

  • On June 3rd, Ice said after seeing a 2x portrait shot by S23 Ultra, that it has exceeded his expectations.

HDR vignetting is another severe problem, which often appears on select Galaxy S23 series units, which could be fixed with the next OTA. Meanwhile, the tipster has not directly claimed fixes for bananagate and photo blur-related issues on the Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra.

In a recent development, the same source revealed yet another change, which is included in the June firmware. The company will be bringing updates to the video calling function as part of quality improvements for using third-party apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Check more below:

Samsung Galaxy S23 June 2023 Software Update

  • 2x cropping at 50-megapixel for Portrait mode
  • HDR bounce/vignetting
  • Camera performance increment
  • Clear video calling through third-party apps
  • Bananagate/blur issue – Uncertain
  • June 2023 security patch
  • AI mode guides – Uncertain

Release Date?

Samsung could start rolling out the next big camera-centric firmware to the Galaxy S23 series between May 29 and June 5th. The availability is expected to expand further gradually, with the India release speculated between May 31st and June 7th.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2x portrait camera delivers good results: Tipster



Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung will release a big firmware update to the Galaxy S23 smartphones this month. Along with a number of bug fixes, the June 2023 update will come with a new 2x portrait camera mode for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which delivers good results.

According to tipster IceUniverse, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra running June 2023 firmware delivers good results with a 2x portrait camera. The source claimed that he has seen a sample shot, which showed good performance, and exceeded his expectations.

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It has been reported that Samsung will make use of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200-megapixel image sensor. For 2x cropping in portrait mode, the sensor will be utilized as a 50-megapixel camera to deliver better details and depth effects compared to the current 3x mode.

Samsung 2x portrait Galaxy S23 Ultra

The company is preparing to begin the software update rollout to consumers. As June begins, Samsung Galaxy phones will start getting the latest firmware with newer security patches, and additional enhancements to functions such as Camera.

Blurry close-ups acknowledged

Samsung has recently confirmed that the company is aware of blurry close-ups issues on select Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus smartphones. The moderator revealed that a future software update will fix the problem, until then, users can try these steps as a temporary solution.

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Samsung Galaxy will bring new innovations to consumers constantly: TM Roh



Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Last month, TM Roh, President and CEO of MX (Mobile Experience) division of Samsung had a session to share about the context of the mobile industry. He cited, continuously innovating and creating unique experiences is key to strengthening Samsung’s leadership position.

TM Roh said that the positive global sales of the Galaxy S23 series were achieved through a combination of several new mobile innovations developed based on user feedback. The lineup’s advanced camera features such as Nightography, smooth gaming, and One UI software are the key players.

“We will bring new innovations to consumers constantly. The entire smartphone and mobile industry will continue to grow and grow in the future,” said TM Roh.

The top Samsung executive believes that Galaxy consumers are putting reliability first in their must-haves more than ever. They are looking for more reliable products, reputable brands, and premium products that deliver a great experience.

Leading the mobile market:

  1. Premium quality
  2. Creating New Experiences and Possibilities
  3. Galaxy: Accessible to everyone

Dr. TM Roh further highlighted: “The business goal at Samsung Electronics Mobile Experience (MX) division is to deliver great experiences through different product segments that meet the needs of current and existing consumers and future”.

The company offers Galaxy S series devices and foldable devices to consumers looking for a premium smartphone. For consumers looking for more affordable devices and still want a 5 G-connected mobile experience, Samsung has the Galaxy A series.

Mr. TM Roh believes that the mobile market still has a lot of innovation potential in many aspects. Shape innovations, like folding phones, will enrich the entire ecosystem, spur the development of third-party apps and new user experiences, and continue to redefine the boundaries of what is possible on mobile devices.

Samsung MX Head TM Roh

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