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Meet new Samsung Good Lock with Make up, Life up and more!



Samsung starts rolling out 2022’s biggest update to the Good Lock app, bringing radical changes in the functionality, design and user interface. The latest update comes with build version (initially released on September 5) and weighs a hefty 10.93 MB.

The latest Good Lock update changelog reveals that the app got divided into two categories including Make Up and Life up. The Make up section includes user interface customization apps namely: LockStar, ClockFace, Keys Cafes, etc.

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Life up, on the other hand, embeds all Good Lock plugins that help users use Galaxy more conveniently and easily. Good Lock’s new Life up section includes modules like One Hand Operation +, MultiStar, Routines +, etc. In addition, there are additional new features and many structural changes.

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Good Lock September 2022 update

Here we go, the new avatar of Good Lock

First of all, we should thank Samsung for bringing an identity to the Good Lock suite itself. Altering the boring text in the header, Good Lock now got a graphical logo that looks cool and defines the functionality in a way better manner compared to the previous. And the main hamburger icon has options like review, info of devs and contact.

The second change is also noticeable as the Good Lock’s sections got renamed to Make up and Life up, as so far, the Good Lock’s categories had unfamiliar names; Unit and Family. The Make up section has customization apps, while Life up now embeds functional customization plugins.

New Samsung Good Lock

While the upper section and tabs are now revamped, Samsung didn’t skip the inside tabs. The app and plugin icons are now relocated to the Left side of the tab, from mid-area. The title of the app and plugin shifted to the middle alongside a brief description and a button entitled “More” at the right corner, which expands further settings.

New Samsung Good Lock

Make up x Good Lock

The first tab is named Make up and lists 9 One UI customization apps including Theme Park, Pentastic, Wonderland, LockStar, KeysCafe, NavStar, HomeUp, ClockFace, and QuickStar. Using these apps, you can customize the One UI in different ways that match your creativity.

Life up x Good Lock

Plugins are listed in the Life up section letting you adjust a handful of system functionalities that are prevented by Google or Samsung, helping users enable some hidden features. This tap packs 7 apps including NiceShot, NotiStar, NicaCatch, One Hand Operation +, Routines +, MultiStar and SoundAssistant.

Bring apps & plugins on homescreen

For all the Make up and Life up tab apps and plugins, there is a new button called “More,” which lets users go to the app page on Galaxy Store, Uninstall from the phone, Add to homescreen and About (to get more information). Using the Add to homescreen feature, we can easily create a shortcut of any Good Lock plugin on the homescreen.

New Samsung Good Lock

The update rollout is happening gradually through Galaxy Store, go snag it!


2022’s biggest Samsung Good Lock update starts rolling out

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Synopsis and Samsung closely working on 2nm semiconductor



Synopsis Samsung 2nm

Synopsis reiterated its cooperation with Samsung on the 2nm process. The company is introducing new semiconductor technologies to shorten the development and launch period. It makes full use of artificial intelligence to automate manufacturing facilities.

GM of Synopsis announced that it is collaborating with Samsung and SK Hynix. Both Korea-based semiconductor vendors are working with Synopsis for further advancements. Synopsis revealed that AI is being applied to automate HBM development by manufacturers this year.

Automated manufacturing sites will significantly increase the launch speed of HBM makers. In addition, Samsung’s Foundry business has also partnered with Synopsis on the development of an advanced 2nm process technology.

Synopsis GM also shared key details of their collaboration with Samsung. The companies are working on the development of future technology, silicon photonics. FYI, silicon photonics transmits signals through optical fibers and attracts attention as a next-gen input/output tech.

Last month, the Korean tech giant announced that it plans to debut silicon photonics technology around 2027. Synopsys explained that applying “ Copilot” can shorten the semiconductor launch period.

Samsung 3nm process

Samsung was the first chip maker which achieve 3nm process technology. The company has also commercialized its 3nm products for mines industry. For mobile devices, the Galaxy Watch 7 debuted a 3nm Exynos processor with improved performance and efficiency.

Meanwhile, the company is facing issues with its second-gen 3nm process yield. The production yield is currently 20% which makes it almost impossible for mass production. As a result, it’s too hard for Samsung to kick off the mass production of the 3nm Exynos 2500 processor.

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Galaxy AI brings smart Composer feature to Samsung Keyboard



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung announced the new Galaxy AI Composer feature for the Samsung Keyboard. The feature is initially available for Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 smartphones. We expect it to arrive on older Galaxy AI-supported devices later this year.

Galaxy AI Composer feature is added to the Samsung Keyboard app. Galaxy users can easily generate suggested text based on simple keywords for email and supported media apps. The feature is quite smart and uses advanced machine learning and AI capabilities to compose text.

For instance, it will offer you a social media caption based on the tone you often use. There’s no need to worry about privacy as it only analyzes data from your previous public posts. Once done, it delivers relevant content that you may use without any modification.

Notably, Composer is a cloud-processing-based AI feature. It requires your Galaxy handset to be connected with a stable network connection and a Samsung Account login. Currently, it’s available in a limited number of languages with future expansion likely.

Apart from this, Galaxy AI also brings Sketch to Image and PDF Overlay Translation features. The former allows you to create artistic images by drawing simple sketches in the Notes app. The latter makes it possible to translate the entire PDF in real time without switching apps.

The Korean tech giant finally launched new Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 smartphones, Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro earbuds, Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch Ultra smartwatches as well as the Galaxy Ring. One UI 6.1.1 and One UI 6 Watch have many new features for Samsung consumers.

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One UI 7 (Android 15) Beta Soon? Galaxy S24, S23 and S22 surfaced so far



Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen

One UI 7 Beta could be coming soon as Samsung’s progressing too fast with Android 15. So far, the Galaxy S24+, Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Galaxy S22 spotted running Android 15 (probably One UI 7 Beta). It indicates that the Beta Program might kick off soon.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen multiple test firmware builds on the server. The progress was also too fast, which now reached the benchmark state. Now, Galaxy flagships running the new OS are being tested on Geekbench to check performance scores.

Earlier, the Galaxy S24+ benchmarked with One UI 7 firmware. Later on, the Galaxy S23 Ultra joined the party with the new skin, followed by the Galaxy S22 today. The S22 and S23 Ultra are Snapdragon variants while the S24+ boasted Exynos 2400 SoC.

Geekbench test scores can’t be considered final performance. The firmware installed on the devices is in a very early stage. The developers will further optimize the new software through internal testing before kicking off the Public Beta.

Samsung’s One UI Beta builds can be used by general users too. The firmware doesn’t have major problems like bricking the phone entirely or major performance downgrades. The program allows you to have the new software on your phone months ahead of release.

The One UI 7 will be based on Android 15 operating system. Google is set to introduce the Pixel 9 series in August this year. The new OS might also be formally released as it gained the Platform Stability with Beta 3. We guess the Oen UI Beta could launch in early or mid-August.

The Galaxy S22 series is unlikely to enter the Beta Program in some markets like Germany. However, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S23 series could be invited for Beta in 7 markets. Some mid-range and budget Galaxy A/M/F phones are also likely to join the Beta later this year.

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