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Top 4 Galaxy S22 Ultra cases to buy in September 2022



We have the top 4 options if you’re seeking the best case for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. When purchasing a phone or tablet, we always look for protective cases since we want to shield them from a variety of extra threats. Let’s now look at the top 4 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra small cases that can be bought right now on Amazon for about $40.

Waterproof case for Galaxy S22 Ultra

The S22 Ultra case is built to keep the elements out. All buttons, ports, and plugs are easily accessible thanks to the precision cut-outs. The lens on the back camera will be anti-reflective. The back cover is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate.

The StudStar S22 Ultra case provides the best protection while keeping your S22 Ultra lightweight. It contains an HD-clear screen guard and an integrated screen protector for a clear retina display with unaltered TOUCH ID sensitivity. Additionally, this case has a raised bevel to provide additional drop protection.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra waterproof case: Price: $39 (Amazon)

Flip case for Galaxy S22 Ultra

You don’t even need to open the cover to keep informed about alerts and notifications. Use your smartphone without touching the screen; just touching the cover, you can complete simple tasks like accepting or declining calls and pausing music.

It boasts an innovative design that allows your phone to peek out via a translucent strip down the side of the cover. With the flip cover on the front and the case on the back, the S-View Flip Cover surrounds your phone to protect it; it even fits snugly to secure the outer pieces, including the camera and buttons.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra flip case: Price: $33 (Amazon)

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OTTERBOX thin case for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Only the Galaxy S22 Ultra may use it. With long-lasting antimicrobial technology that helps shield the case exterior against numerous common bacteria and is compatible with wireless charging, this case has been tested to withstand three times as many drops as the military standard.

It has raised corners to protect the camera and screen as well as a dual-layer design with a soft inner slipcover and a rigid outer shell that absorbs and deflects impact. Port covers prevent lint, dust, and other debris from getting into jacks and ports.

With a firm grip for assured holding and wireless charging compatibility, it is a slim and pocket-friendly case manufactured with 35% recycled plastic that is simple to slip into and out of pockets.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 thin case: Price: $29 (Amazon)

A clear case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Humixx S22 Ultra Clear Case is constructed of 100% high light-transmitting molecular material, which elegantly displays the color and individuality of your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 4K clarity and gives crystal-like transparency.

Premium German Bayer-safe materials are used in this S22 Ultra Case to safeguard and care for your phone. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra case is shockproof and has various buffer structures throughout, all the way to the internal corners, making it even more protective. The effects of shocks, scratches, and unintentional drops are lessened. It works with every type of wireless charging and power sharing.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 clear case: Price: $15 (Amazon)

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Samsung launches new eco-friendly accessories for Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5



Samsung Eco Friendly accessories

Samsung today unveiled its new “Samsung Eco-Friends” accessories for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. The new lineup of accessories contains eco-friendly values, to more than 40 countries. Starting today, Korean users can purchase new cases from

FYI, Samsung Eco Friends are accessories such as mobile phone cases and wearable straps, which were first introduced last year, and are made of recycled plastics containing more than 40% of Post Consumer Material and vegan leather.

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The company partnered with Slash B Slash to obtain works and characters of popular artists such as Toilet Paper, Keith Haring, Smiley, and eight IPs related to K-pop, BTS Dynamite, and Stray Kids. Notably, there will be 55 kinds of accessories will be introduced in Korea.

‘Samsung Eco Friends’ accessories can be purchased at Samsung Electronics’ experiential flagship store ‘Samsung Gangnam’ and Slash B’Slash online mall (

Customers can purchase ‘Samsung Eco Friends’ accessories that match mobile products such as Galaxy Z Flip 5/Fold 5, Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Watch 6, ‘Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, and portable screen The Freestyle. Besides, the Flip 5 accessories add to the charm of foldable phones through various screen-themed contents.

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Samsung launches stylish cases for Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5



Samsung introduced two new stylish cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. Available on, the new accessories feature vibrant artwork of promising emerging artists. The cases are available in 11 countries including France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the US.

To create these stylish cases, Samsung teamed up with up-and-coming Korean artists who are making a global impact — Haydonna, Yeseul O and Lee Eun, to provide Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 owners with a distinctive way to make a style statement.

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Samsung’s collaboration with these three artists in the design of the Galaxy Z series accessories aligns with the emerging concept of “Wholesomeness.” Wholesomeness aims to spread positive influence through messages of positivity, kindness, empathy and inclusiveness — in contrast to negativity, criticism and confrontation.

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Pick The Best Samsung Case For Your Galaxy Z Flip 5: Clear Gadget, Flipsuit, Silicone and Flap Eco-Leather



Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Case

On July 26, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. In case you’ve pre-ordered one for yourself, you should also consider purchasing an official case from a wide range of offerings by Samsung.

Here are the available cases

Clear Gadget Case – $49.99

  • A stand for an elevated view. Or a handle to hold on tight. Swap the back grip to switch modes anytime.

Flipsuit Case – $59.99

  • Shuffle between smart cards for colourfully matched Flex Windows. An excellent accent for your mirror selfies.

Silicone Case with Ring – $39.99

  • Flaunt your unique style with this expressive colour lineup. Use the loop for an even more grab-and-go friendly grip.

Flap Eco-Leather Case – $89.99

  • This minimal design adds a chic layer of protection for the hinge with the soft touch of leather.

Buy Galaxy Z Flip 5 Accessories from

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Case

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