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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gets new watchfaces from Watch 5 [Download Link]



Galaxy Watch 4 new watchfaces

Recently, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Watch 5 premium smartwatch lineup alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable phones. The new smartwatch lineup by Samsung comes with additional new features and watchfaces, compared to the Galaxy Watch 4, which is now rolling out through OTA.

According to information, Samsung started releasing new Galaxy Watch 4 Manager app update, which comes with new watchfaces derived from the Galaxy Watch 5 series. In addition, the new update introduces slight changes in the user interface for the application.

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Ahead of bringing a major upgrade, Samsung pushing new features to the consumers of the Galaxy Watch 4 for enhanced experiences. After updating to the new version, your Watch 4’s manager app will look a lot similar to the new Galaxy Watch 5’s.

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There are a handful of new watch faces, including:

  • Info Board
  • Pro analog
  • Digital Neon
  • Analog Utility
  • Kinetic digits
  • Flower garden

Galaxy Watch 4 new watchfaces

Downloadable through the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store, the new Galaxy Watch Manager app update sports version Currently, the Wear OS 3.5-based One UI Watch 4.5 is under testing for the Galaxy Watch 4 devices, which is likely to go stable very soon.

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Samsung sets Galaxy Fit 3 launch with 1 million shipments target



Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

Samsung confirmed the launch of the Galaxy Fit 3 in the first half of next year. The company aims to ship a total of 1 million units of its upcoming fitness tracker device.

This wearable device simplifies features and reduces the pricing of smartwatches. The market predicted that Samsung would discontinue its smart band with the Galaxy Fit 2, which was released in October 2020.

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The new product is expected to have an enlarged display and increased health measurement and fitness features. Samsung is significantly boosting the health functions of its smartwatches.

It has been reported that the launch of a sequel has been decided to expand the wearable device lineup as the healthcare market, which Samsung is focusing on as a new business, is growing.

Notably, the Galaxy Fit 3 launch could take place in the first half of 2024, separate from the January Unpacked. Samsung has been alternately unveiling wearable devices such as the Watch and Buds along with smartphones at Unpacked events in the first and second half.

Given that there are no new Samsung wearable devices for the time being, the Galaxy Fit 3 is expected to serve as a kind of stepping stone early next year. The Galaxy Watch 7 series and Galaxy Buds 3 series, successors to the current products, will be released in the second half of next year.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch’s Universal Gestures Feature – What is it and how to use



Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin update

Samsung officially details Galaxy Watch’s Universal Gestures feature. The company has always been committed to delivering a consistent experience for all Samsung users. To recall, the Universal Gestures was introduced as part of the One UI 5 Watch update.

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Universal Gestures feature offers users a valuable alternative to the interactions needed to operate the device. With four distinct gestures – Make Fist, Make Fist Twice, Pinch, and Double Pinch – users can navigate their Galaxy Watch in ways that work best for them.

How to Turn On Universal Gestures

To activate Universal Gestures on the Galaxy Watch, follow these simple steps:

Once the Universal Gestures feature is enabled, your Galaxy Watch will indicate it with a customizable colored outline, allowing you to utilize this intuitive mode for a tailored and accessible experience.

Make Fist to Open Action Menu and Select

Within Universal Gestures, the Make Fist gesture simplifies the process of selecting and opening items on the Galaxy Watch.

Make Fist Twice gesture unveils the Action menu, which is an array of convenient options accessible right from your wrist. Imagine this menu as a toolbox packed with essential tools, such as opening the apps menu, going to the previous screen and displaying recent apps.

The Action menu is also dynamic, adjusting its content based on whichever screen is currently open when the user activates the Action menu. When you are ready to select the item, simply make a fist.

Pinch to Navigate Back and Forth

The Pinch and Double Pinch gestures on the Galaxy Watch offer new touch-free ways for users to interact with their Galaxy Watch, which are especially beneficial for individuals facing mobility limitations. With these two gestures, you can navigate from one item to another or go back to the previous item.

Scroll through your messages, browse your calendar items or peruse your photo album – these are all made possible with the Pinch gesture.

Accessibility is about removing barriers and delivering seamless experiences to everyone. For instance, Galaxy users can easily change any of the actions of these four gestures, further personalizing their device to better serve their needs.

Another Notable Galaxy Watch Control Feature

The Galaxy Watch’s Gestures, located within Advanced features, is another standout feature that offers a convenient shortcut for actions — answering calls, dismissing alerts or swiftly launching apps — all achievable through simple hand and arm motions.

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Samsung’s Universal Gestures of Galaxy Watch detailed



Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 5 plugin update

Thanks to the One UI Watch’s Universal Gestures, Samsung Galaxy Watch models are suitable for everyone. The feature enhances accessibility and allows you to navigate without having to touch the display or the rotating bezel (or the virtual bezel) at all.

Users of Samsung Galaxy Watch can activate the Universal Gestures through the Accessibility sub-menu under Settings. The “make a fist” gesture selects an item while making a fist twice opens up the Action menu, or activates Universal gestures.

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The pinch moves to the next highlighted item while a double pinch returns to highlight the previous item. The Action menu showcases different available actions based on the active app or menu. Interestingly, users having no disabilities would also find the Universal Gestures feature useful.

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