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Samsung Lockdown mode, here’s how to enable and use it



Samsung Lockdown mode

Sometimes it happens that our friends and family members unlock the phone with our fingerprint and facial recognition, only jokingly but the phone gets unlocked. So if you do not want anyone to use your Galaxy smartphone without your consent, then you can enable Samsung Lockdown Mode.

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Samsung Lockdown Mode

Samsung offers Lockdown Mode for Galaxy device users to make their devices more secure. It is a feature that turns off Smart Lock, biometric unlock, and notifications on the Lock screen.

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After enabling this feature, no one can unlock your smartphone without a PIN or passcode. This feature is not shown in the power menu, because it is turned off by default, so we have to enable it. After enabling, this feature is very easy to use.

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How to enable Samsung Lockdown Mode?

Whenever you feel that you should let someone lock your phone and they can’t open the phone even with your fingerprint or face recognition, then you use the lockdown mode. Before using it, you need to enable it. Just need to follow a few steps.

First of all, open the Settings of your smartphone, then press on the Lock Screen option and you will see the Secure lock settings option, tap on it. After entering your smartphone’s PIN or password, a new page to appears, you have to turn on the Show Lockdown options and it is done.

Enbale Lockdown mode

How to use Lockdown Mode?

Once you enable the feature, you can use it. Press and hold the Power button. Now, you can see the Lockdown mode option, press on it. It immediately locks your screen and turns off both fingerprint sensor and face recognition.

You can also use this feature by swiping down two times, tapping on the power button, and pressing the Lockdown mode. Remember one thing, once you unlock your smartphone with your smartphone’s passcode then the Lockdown mode is unable.

You will have to access this feature again through the Power menu. Once you have enabled this feature through Settings, you only need to use it with the Power button.

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Android 13

Download Samsung Android 13-based One UI 5.0 Beta builds



Samsung One UI 5.0 beta update

Samsung has started the Android 13-based One UI 5 Beta testing for the flagship Galaxy devices, starting August 2022. The Beta activity opens a way for Galaxy consumers so they can get and experience the new OS and One UI version ahead of its Stable release.

The company has officially confirmed that the One UI 5 Beta program will be available in 7 countries including China, Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, the US and the UK. This way, Galaxy smartphone users from ineligible countries can’t get the Beta firmware, officially, but can unofficially.

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You can download the One UI 5 Beta builds, mentioned below. However, always keep in mind that Sammy Fans never recommend flashing ROM if you have little to no experience in software development or flashing ROMs manually. Proceed at your own RISK!

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Snapdragon Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra OTA update zip files

Galaxy S22

Galaxy S22+

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung One UI 5.0 beta update

Galaxy S21 Series

Galaxy S21 [SM-G991B/Exynos]

  1. [CVH7 to ZVHG] Beta 1: Get Build [UK]

Galaxy S22+ [SM-G996B/Exynos]

  1. [CVH7 to ZVHG] Beta 1: Get Build [N/A]

Galaxy S22 Ultra [SM-G998B/Exynos]

  1. [CVH7 to ZVHG] Beta 1: Get Build [UK]

August 2022 update Galaxy S21 US

Install via recovery: ADB Method

  • First of all, you need the latest version of ADB installed [Find here]
  • Now, rename the downloaded .bin package to
  • Reboot your phone to recovery mode [Learn how]
  • Once entered, scroll down using the volume buttons and select an entry using the Power button
  • Tap apply update from ADB and connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable
  • In the Command Prompt or Terminal window, run the following command:
    • adb devices
  • Wait to see that the daemon has started and that your device is found. Then run the following command:
    • adb sideload
  • The update process will start and you should see a percentage counting. Once the process is completed, the phone will reboot itself.

Install via recovery: SD Card Method

  • Firstly, rename the downloaded .bin package to and copy it to the root directory of your SD card.
  • Reboot to the recovery mode, navigate to the option apply update from external storage, and press the Power button to select it.
  • Now select the file named
  • The update will start
  • Leave it till it completes as the process takes some time, later, the phone will reboot by itself and load the updated firmware.

Installation methods credits: XDA-Developers

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How to download and install Google Play System update in Samsung devices



Download Google system update

Google offers many services for Android devices to meet the needs of almost all users, as well as regularly updating them with new features and improvements. When the Search Giant releases monthly system updates, system services automatically update your device with security, bug fixes, and new features.

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It is essential to download and install the latest Google Play System update on all Android devices including Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and more. If we talk about Samsung devices, these devices run Android-based One UI software. Google Play System updates make your Samsung devices more secure and reliable.

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Download Google system update

Google Play System Update enhances the performance of Samsung devices by improving Security & Privacy, Safety and Emergency, Account management, Wallet, Games, Support, Location service, and more.

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Let’s see, how to download and install the Google Play system updates on Samsung devices.

How to download and install it?

To download and install the Google Play System update on your Samsung device, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Settings on your Galaxy smartphone.
  • Scroll down and select the Biometric and security option.
  • Tap on Google Play system update.
  • If there’s any update, then you can see the Download and install option. If the option is not visible, you can check with the Check for Updates option.
  • Tap on Download and install option, and starts installing.
  • Now, tap on Restart now option.
  • It is done.

Note: If you are testing One UI 5.0 beta then you have to visit Settings >> Security and Privacy >> Updates >>Google System Update.

Google Play System October 2022 Update

Recently, Google released Play System October 2022 update for Android devices. The update brings several new features and improvements to enhance device security and performance.

It is worth mentioning that the new features and improvements are available when your smartphone’s Google Play service and Google Play Store have been updated on v40.22 and v32.5. Read more here…

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I can’t change the Wallpaper after installing One UI 5.0 Beta 3, it’s crashing [Fixed]



Samsung One UI 5 Wallpaper crashing issue

Samsung recently released the One UI 5.0 beta 4 update for Galaxy S22 series smartphones in different regions. This new beta update fixed the Wallpaper crashing issue that users were facing in One UI 5.0 beta 3. Now, you can easily apply Wallpaper on your smartphone’s home screen and lock screen.

September 23…

Samsung recently released the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 Beta 3 update for the Galaxy S22 series devices, which fixes several issues as well as brings some new features.

Along with this, the company has come up with a new Wallpapers section featuring device-specific wallpapers in the Featured tab, Gallery, Graphical, Colors, etc. That’s not enough because this beta update has brought some new issues along with issue fixes.

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After installing the One UI 5 Beta 3 update on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it has been noted that the Wallpaper app is not working properly. You are not able to set any wallpaper after this update because the app is crashing.

Samsung One UI 5 Wallpaper crashing issue

When you open in Wallpaper and Style section, you can see that all options including preview, color palette, and Dark mode are working properly but only after opening the “Browse my wallpaper” option the app is crashing. If it doesn’t crash after opening the section, it will crash when selecting any wallpaper from Featured, Gallery, Colors, Graphical, and more.

Samsung’s One UI 5.0 Beta 3 brings many new wallpapers but you are not able to set them on the home or lock screen of your smartphone. As of now, this issue has been found in the Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones, there is a possibility that the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus smartphones may also have this issue as they have also received the One UI 5 beta 3 update.


It is for sure that this Wallpaper crashing issue has come in Samsung Galaxy S22 only after the release of the One UI 5.0 Beta 3 update. Recently Samsung released a new update for the Wallpaper and style app with version 2.1.18. The version working on Galaxy S22 Ultra is the same and maybe, the issue has been coming since this version.

Expected Solution

The expectation is that Samsung will soon fix the One UI 5 Wallpaper crashing issue by releasing the next beta update or can fix it by bringing an update to the wallpaper and style. However, there is no official information yet.

If you are also facing this issue in your Galaxy S22 series smartphone, then we can tell us through social media.

Samsung One UI 5 Wallpaper crashing issue

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