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Google Maps: 4 useful tips and tricks for travelers



Google Maps saved places emoji

While traveling, you should take advantage of many of the resources provided by Google Maps. These Google Maps tips and tricks will help you make your travel plans simpler if you plan to schedule a vacation soon.

Book restaurant from Google Maps

Having a night out for dinner with a big party can be difficult, especially if you go during a busy time. You can make a reservation for dinner or lunch using Google Maps. How? Read on.

  1. To view a list of restaurants, hit the Restaurants option in Maps at the top of the map.
  2. Pick a restaurant that seems decent, and if it has the option, book a table or sign up for a waitlist in the window that appears.

Keep in mind that even if a restaurant isn’t open for dine-in, it can still provide delivery, curbside pickup, or outdoor sitting.

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Use Google Maps offline

Are you traveling to a rural area where a mobile network connection might not be available? When you’re offline, Google Maps can still provide instructions for you.

  1. Look up the address where you need directions in Maps before you go.
  2. Open the menu at the bottom of the location’s window.
  3. Select Download from the tabs on the right, then select it once more in the following box. Your phone will receive a map of the location you chose from Maps.

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Now, when you use Google Maps to get directions in the area for which you downloaded a map, it will change to the offline map to lead you if your cellular connection has been lost. Keep in mind that since you’re offline, Maps cannot provide real-time traffic information.

Find a gas station or EV charging point

Google Maps can help you locate EV charging stations along your journey and provide you with an anticipated wait time for a charging port whether you’re driving your electric vehicle for errands like shopping, dining, or on vacation.

To view only the stations that work with your EV, you may also filter your search by connector types, such as J1772, CCS, and Tesla. Notably, you may use the same methods to look for petrol stations.

  1. In Maps, select More by navigating through the tabs at the top of the screen
  2. Select Electric car charging in the Services section by scrolling down
  3. Nearby charging stations and their availability are shown on maps
  4. To have Maps add a charging station as a stop on your travel, tap it on the map.

This method can also be used to look for other locations along your path, such as a coffee shop.

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Share your location

Is there anything more annoying during a group activity than when everyone gets separated and can’t be found? You could all reunite using Google Maps.

  1. In Google Maps, select Location sharing by tapping your profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select whom you wish to share your location with and how long you want to share it by tapping Share location.
  3. Select Share, and Google Maps will notify others you’ve chosen of your location.
  4. Hit the icon for the person whose location you wish to see at the top of the display, then tap Request.

These were the 4 Google Maps tips and Tricks that anyone can use while traveling. For more Google tips and tricks for travelers, you can (click here).

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Google Play System October 2023 Update Arrives: What’s New and How to Get It



Google Play System October 2023 update

Google has kicked off an October 2023 update for its Play System, which is responsible for managing the core functionality and security of Android devices. The update arrives with improvements and bug fixes to the system, as well as some new features for the Google Play Store app.

One of the new features of this update is a redesigned app details page, which will help users discover and learn about apps that are compatible with their non-phone devices, such as tablets, smartwatches, or TVs.

Moreover, the October 2023 update for Play System brings the ability to add apps to the Google Play library directly when apps ask Google Play to download new content or functionality. These features are available through Google Play Store v37.8.


Google Play Store

  • [Phone] New design on the app details page to help you discover and learn about apps for your non-phone devices.
  • [Phone] You’ll be able to add apps to your Google Play library directly when apps ask Google Play to download new content or functionality.

To get the update on Samsung smartphones, you just need to visit Settings >> Security and Privacy >> Updates >> Google System Update.

How to download new Google Play System update in your Samsung Galaxy

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Android 14

Google to unveil Android 14 and Pixel 8 on October 4, says Telus



Android 14 stable release

Google is set to launch Android 14 and Pixel 8 series on October 4, according to a Canadian carrier. Telus says the new OS update will be available for Pixel 4a and above models, while the Pixel 4a will not get it as the smartphone was never eligible for Android 14. The update date may change and take some weeks to reach all devices.

Android 14 is not a major release like Android 12, which introduced Material You design. It is unclear why Google is delaying the stable release until October when it usually comes out in September. The last time Google did this was with Android 12 and Pixel 6 in 2021.

However, Google has already released Android 14 Beta 5.3 on September 6 and started testing Android 14 QPR1, which is expected to launch in December 2023. Existing Pixel owners will have something new to try on the same day as the Pixel 8 announcement.

Android 14 Update Scheduled List

These devices will receive Android 14 update on October 4, 2023.

  • Google Pixel 4a
  • Google Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Google Pixel 5
  • Google Pixel 6
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro
  • Google Pixel 6a
  • Google Pixel 7
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Google Pixel 7a

Android 14 stable release


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Made in India Chromebooks: Google signs new partnership with HP



Google HP Chromebooks India

Google and HP have announced a partnership to manufacture Chromebooks in India, making them the first Chromebooks to be made in the country. The partnership aims to improve the digital education scenario in India by providing affordable and secure computing devices to students and educators.

According to the information, the Chromebooks will be produced at the Flex Facility near Chennai, where HP has been making various laptops and desktops since August 2020. The production of HP Chromebooks starts on October 2, 2023.

Chromebooks are the leading devices in K-12 education globally, with over 50 million students and teachers using them. Chromebooks have built-in accessibility and security features that make them ideal for online learning.

Today, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed the partnership through a tweet on X (Twitter). He mentioned, “We are partnering with HP to manufacture Chromebooks in India – These are the first Chromebooks to be made in India and will make it easier for Indian students to have access to affordable and secure computing.

Google HP Chromebooks India


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