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4 Google tips and tricks for travelers



You should use a number of the tools that Google Maps and Google Flights have to offer while traveling. If you’re looking of booking a trip soon, you should use these Google tips and tricks of Maps and Google Flights as they can assist simplify your travel arrangements.

Check flight cost

Google unveiled a service in May that enables you to find the most affordable flights to your location. Google will inform you if it notices lower than usual costs in the upcoming three to six months, so you can now start watching pricing to locate discounts for any period.

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Simply enter your destination into Google Flights on your browser. Choose any dates to obtain the greatest rate if you don’t have a certain date in mind for your trip.

Navigate through the mall, station, and airport

Google Maps is updating its Directory tab to include all airports, shopping centers, and public transportation hubs in case you need to locate a store in a huge mall quickly. This can be useful if you’re rushing through the airport looking for a spot to dine or picking up a last-minute gift before your trip. You can see the location’s hours of operation and floor on the tab. You can search through dining establishments, shops, bars, and parking lots.

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Use Google Maps to know how busy a place is

The busyness tool in Google Maps now has a new feature. There was already a chart available when you searched for a place, such as a business, that displayed how busy it is right now. You can now observe when entire map areas are congested with people because of a new feature called Area Busyness.

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To utilize the new function, launch the Google Maps app on your Android, iPhone, or on your computer then pan and zoom the map to find a general location, such as a city, a riverwalk, or a small neighboring town. You no longer need to specifically search for a location to see how crowded it is because the busyness data will now immediately show on the map.

Monitor your travel plans using Google Maps

Instead of having to dig through your inbox looking for check-in timings and confirmation numbers, Google Maps can easily display your flight, hotel, car rental, and bookings.

You can view your confirmed booking here:

  1. Click Saved in the bottom menu row of Google Maps.
  2. Click on Reservations. You can see a list of your upcoming reservations here that Maps has retrieved from your Gmail emails.
  3. Click on an item to view further information about the reservation, such as the time and place.
  4. To view a list of the appointments you’ve made, type “my reservations” into the Google Maps search bar.

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Here’s how you can change app icon shapes on Samsung phone



Samsung change app icon shapes

Got bored with default Samsung app icon shapes? You can change them right now and that to without installing any third-party app. Samsung is king in providing customization options. If the One UI features are not enough for you, there’s the Good Lock application, which has the next level of personalization features.

Changing the icon size on any smartphone is a simple yet effective way to add a little personalization to your phone. Samsung smartphones come with the usual rounded square-shaped app icons, which can be boring for you at times. Therefore, to add some more advancements to your home screen or app screen, you can change their shapes.

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Good Lock is an excellent app offered by Samsung. It has different modules for different purposes, you can design your own wallpaper, theme, quick panel, and volume panel as well as add more features to the home screen lock screen, notification panel, and others.

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change Samsung app icon shapes

One such Good Lock module is Theme Park where you can completely theme your phone. It will let you change the regular rounded square app icon shape of your Samsung smartphone. It has six different shapes and you can choose the one according to your preferences.

Below you can check how you can change app icon shapes on your Samsung phone.

How to change Samsung app icon shapes:

  • Open the Good Lock application on your Samsung phone.
  • On the Make up section, tap on the Theme Park module.
  • Select App icons.
  • Here you can select one app icon shape among 6.
  • Once done, install the theme by naming it.
  • Now tap the installed theme and tap apply.
    • The theme will be applied to all apps available on your phone.

change Samsung app icon shapes

Not only this but here you can also change the app icon size color as well as the app tray color. Just tap on respective options and you can completely personalize your Samsung phone’s app icons.

change Samsung app icon color

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How to download and install Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta [Without PC]



Download Samsung One UI 5 Beta US

Samsung is offering the One UI 5.0 Beta Program for flagship Galaxy devices in select countries, while users in unsupported regions can also get the Android 13 Beta through the manual download and install method.

For many users, the process of manual firmware flashing is a bit difficult as it leads to problems like phone brick in case of any single wrong step. Meanwhile, the Alliance Shield X app is here, which allows you to install the firmware manually, and you don’t need a PC for it.

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Ahead of manual firmware installation, you will be needing the One UI 5.0 Beta firmware for your Samsung smartphone, which you can find out here. Do note that Samsung firmware contains some CSC limitations, therefore, we don’t recommend manual installation.

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Now, download and install the Alliance Shield X app from Google Play Store. Once done, open the application, create an account using the Register button and allow the Knox permissions.

Next, you need to rename the downloaded One UI 5.0 Beta firmware file to, followed by moving it to the root storage directory (/storage/emulated/0).

After that, open the App Manager function, which you should find inside the Alliance Shield app itself. Then, search for “Software Update” and select the option with the purple/white Icon.

Once done, head for the activities and search for “com.idm.fotaagent.enabler.ui.admin.main.AdminMainActivity” term, and open it using the prompted Option.

At last, you will get the Sideload button, which is the last step before beginning the manual firmware flashing on your Samsung device. If you want to go ahead with it, press the sideload button and select the Update-File.

Installation of firmware will start, and it will be completed in a few minutes.

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3 basic Galaxy Z Fold 4 tips and tricks



Although there are various methods that may be employed when purchasing a Galaxy Z Fold 4, most people are clueless about these tweaks, so they use their new phone in the same manner as most people do. The top 3 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 ways to make the most of it are listed below.

Labs feature

Technically speaking, labs features are beta features that not everyone should use, but if you want to give them a try, just follow the instructions. On the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Labs function is a fantastic feature that enables multitasking.

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Simply go to settings, select Advanced Features, and then search for Labs. Following that, you will have two choices for activating pop-up floating window mode and split-screen multitasking.

Additionally, a split view option will be available, allowing you to divide your messaging apps. This feature gives you a split display where all of your contacts are on one side and the chat options are a different size.

You might also attempt gestures in the Labs option, however, not all applications are split-feature compatible. As a result, using this feature with an unsupported application may result in issues.


Most consumers prefer using the Samsung keyboard or the Google keyboard. The Samsung keyboard, if we’re talking about it, is a fantastic option for any Galaxy Z Fold phone because it has a split-screen view function that enables you to use it when you unfold your phone to make it easier for you to type on the large screen.

We advise utilizing Gboard if you previously owned a Google phone or used to use Gboard on your phone instead of the Z Fold 4 because Google recently upgraded the Gboard software to include a split screen view that enables you to use it on both screens. We advise trying both keyboards to see which one is more comfortable for you to use it.

Selfie view feature

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a Selfie view feature that is useful when capturing someone else since it allows them to preview their appearance in the image before you capture it. You can use it if you wish to use the rear camera to capture selfies.

You can take a selfie and the preview will be displayed. Right now, your cover screen might not become active when you open a camera app because you need to do some steps to turn it on. However, when you open the camera app, the cover screen will become active.

Simply open the camera app, unfold your phone, and look for a square icon on the screen’s upper right corner. When you click on it, a sample of your photos will appear on the cover screen.

It produces precise results, and if your phone starts to shake while you’re taking a selfie because you pressed the volume button, you can use the palm gesture to take the photo, which starts a timer for three seconds while allowing you to adjust your posture. Your camera will turn on as soon as you hold out your hand to the phone.

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