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Download GCam Mod for Samsung phones



Download GCam Mod

Pixel Camera (a.k.a. Google Camera) is a camera app, which comes pre-loaded with Google Pixel smartphones. Introduced in April 2014, the Google Camera was supported by every Android smartphone running on Android 4.4+ and higher. But now, this app is exclusively available only for Google Pixel devices.

Google Camera features some iconic functions, which makes it more powerful than the camera applications of the rest of all OEMs. It offers HDR+ with dual exposure controls, Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, Top Shot, Portrait, and Long Shot.



Since Google Camera provides various features to enhance the quality of pictures, it doesn’t give good results when it’s being used on other companies’ smartphones instead of Google Pixels because it takes pictures but doesn’t use Google’s HDR+.

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On the other hand, a number of developers and modders continuously work to avail the top features and all functionalities of the Google Camera application for other smartphones, and the outcome of their hard work is known as GCam Mod. However, the modders crack the Pixel Camera for their own devices and share it on different blogs for other users having a specific smartphone.

GCam Mod for Samsung phones:

There are a number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones are available in the market including flagships, mid-range, as well as budgets. The Galaxy users have to use Samsung’s own Camera application, which equips its own impressive features based on One UI.

Even after having cool functions in Samsung Camera, several Galaxy users want to use the GCam Mod to capture images using Google Camera’s exciting features such as HDR+, Night Sight, Astrophotography, and more. Therefore, we can easily find different GCam mods for the Galaxy smartphones powered by Snapdragon chipsets.

On the other hand, there’s a tough challenge for the users having Galaxy devices powered by Exynos processors. In this situation, there are some GCam Mods available on different blogs that work with these smartphones.

As we know, the Korean tech giant ships the flagship phones with two different processors including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon in select markets (South Korea, the US) and its own Exynos SoC.

Below, you can find the working GCam Mod for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Galaxy S22 | S22+ | S22 Ultra [New GCam with Leica Mode]

Galaxy S22 | S22+ | S22 Ultra

[via XDA member (beserker15)]


  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 5G- Download Link
  2. Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G- Download Link
  3. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G- Download Link


  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE – Download Link
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20 – Download Link
  3. Samsung Galaxy S20+ – Download Link
  4. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Download Link


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – Download Link
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Download Link


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Download Link
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ – Download Link


  1. Samsung Galaxy S10e – Download Link
  2. Samsung Galaxy S10 – Download Link
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10+ – Download Link


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Download Link


  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 – Download Link
  2. Samsung Galaxy S9+ – Download Link


  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 – Download Link
  2. Samsung Galaxy A71 – Download Link
  3. Galaxy A52s – Download Link
  4. Galaxy Fold – Download Link

How to install GCam:

  1. Download the compatible GCam APK from the above-mentioned links.
  2. If you want to install a third-party app, you need to enable the app Install from Unknown Sources –
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Apps & notifications
    3. Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc)
    4. Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source


  1. These GCam applications may/may not be compatible with your device.
  2. Check the exact model before downloading the GCam app.
  3. Be aware, that you are installing the GCam Mod at your own risk and no one will be responsible if anything goes wrong.
  4. Download links are collected from different unknown sources.

Download GCam Mod

| Credits: GCam Hub |

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Here’s how to fix the Samsung Gallery app crashing



Samsung Gallery app crashing

Are you facing the problem of crashing while using Samsung Gallery on your Galaxy smartphone? If yes, then let us tell you that after installing the new update of the Gallery app which came in version, the app is crashing.

According to reports, users are noticing that the app crashes after playing videos in the Samsung Gallery app. In the Gallery app after the recent update to Android T OS, processing related to screen effects does not work properly, so the app may be forced to close after playing a video.

Samsung Accessibility offers a Remove Animation function to Galaxy devices, which prevents some screen effects. It is useful if you’re sensitive to animation or screen movements.

Samsung Gallery app crashing

In the recent scenario, if you have enabled this function then your may face some issues while playing video in the Gallery app. So if you’re facing Samsung Gallery crashing then you can temporarily fix this by disabling the ‘Remove Animation’ option.

How to disable the Remove Animation function?

To disable the Remove Animation function, you just need to follow a few steps.

  • Open the Settings app on your Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Gallery app crashing

  • Scroll down and tap on Accessibility.

Samsung Gallery app crashing

  • Click on the Visibility Enhancements option.

Samsung Gallery app crashing

  • Scroll down and check if the Remove animation function is enabled

  • Turn it off by tapping on toggle.

Samsung Gallery app crashing

How to update the Samsung Gallery app?

You can easily update the Samsung Gallery app to the latest version, just need to follow a few steps. Firstly, open Galaxy Store >> Search the Gallery app >> Tap on it to open >> Now, press on the Update option if any new version is available.

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Google News app with new Material You widgets up for download



Google News

Earlier this month, Google announced the June 2023 Android Feature Drop. The Pixel phone and Pixel Watch will get those new features as part of the year’s second big software update this month. Meanwhile, the Google News app with new Material You widgets is available to download for all.

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Announced as part of the June Android Feature Drop, Google is rolling out updated widgets along with a new Google News app update to version 5.82. The new 2×2 Quick View widget shows you one particular news story with a “Full coverage” button.

On the other hand, the “List view” widget shows you the headlines as a list, with a “More news for you” button at the end to open the “For you” tab. When you resize, one widget flows into the other, so you don’t need to pull out any particular one, just change its occupied space.

Google News Material You Widgets

| Source |

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Samsung Good Lock Theme Park App Updates – v1.0.09.59



Samsung Theme Park updates

Samsung Theme Park is a module offered by Good Lock to create the most amazing theme and install it quickly and easily. It extracts the main color from the wallpaper and automatically creates themes based on the user’s style and color. The user can see the final appearance from the preview screen and can create their own theme that can express their personality.

In addition to this, this application provides plenty of features and new theme options to Galaxy smartphone users. You can check some of the highlighted features of the Samsung Galaxy theme below.

Prominently, if you want to experience the newest feature of this app, then keep updating it to the latest version through the Galaxy store.

Samsung Theme Park Updates

[June 08, 2023]

Samsung is releasing a new update for Good Lock Theme Park with version The new update comes with a new option for Icons and Themes. Read more here…

Samsung Theme Park

[April 04, 2023]

Samsung Theme Park app is getting April 2023 update with version, which brings bug fixes, new features and more. Read more here…

[February 14, 2023]

Samsung has begun releasing the February 2023 update for the Good Lock module Theme Park. The new update removes the transparency limit for notification background color in the quick panel. Read more here…

[December 04, 2022]

Samsung Theme Park is grabbing December 2022 update, which fixes some user interface issues related to visibility and quick panel preview. Read more here…

[November 21, 2022]

Samsung is releasing a November 2022 update for the Good Lock module Theme Park with version The new version updated the quick panel preview and fixes some issues related to theme colors.

The installation package size of the latest Theme Park update is 14.87MB. You can install the latest update via Galaxy Store.

Samsung Theme Park November 2022 update

October 25, 2022

Samsung Good Lock module Theme Park is receiving a new update via Galaxy Store. The new update of Theme Park can be identified via version It weighs 14.27MB package.

Theme Park update brings Android 13-based One UI 5 support and improves Quick Panel Brightness Bar Custom UI.

Main feature

  • Creating a theme from a background image
  • You can easily create a keyboard theme by selecting a basic color and style.
  • You can customize keycaps and text colors to your own color or image
  • Deciding whether to apply the theme for each app
  • You can apply the theme for the quick panel separately from the main theme.
  • You can also use the theme park on tablet devices
  • Landscape mode is also supported on devices
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