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What is Samsung Home Up? How to use it on One UI 4.1 phone



Samsung Good Lock Home UP

Samsung One UI 4.1 is undoubtedly the best Android 12-based custom software OS for your Galaxy device. Besides the amazing features, it comes with lots of customization options to completely personalize your phone and if something is missing, we have Good Lock.

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Samsung Good Lock application consists of a variety of apps and modules that helps you easily and impressively decorate your phone in different ways. One such module that we are going to talk about in this article is Home Up, which especially offers you additional personalization options for your home screen besides just themes and wallpapers.

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What is Samsung Good Lock Home Up?

Good Lock Home Up module allows you to perform the next level of customization on your Galaxy phone. One of its most appreciated features is the ability to hide app labels from the Home and Apps screens to provide a cleaner look.

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Other than these, you can change the look of your phone’s recent menu by changing the simple and boring task changer in 5 impressive ways. At the same time, you can also let the app folders open in a pop-up style instead of the default that takes the entire screen.

There’s also an option to back up a custom layout so if you accidentally change something or get a new device, you can pick up right where you left off. On the other hand, with the Share Manager feature, you can share your saved stuff directly with your contacts and the best thing is, you don’t need to involve third-party apps.

Samsung Good Lock Home UP

How to use Samsung Good Lock Home Up?

The Home Up module only requires the ‘Storage’ permission to operate, which indicates that saved layouts are being stored locally without syncing with a Samsung account.

Further, the UI settings are easy to navigate and understand on Samsung Home Up. It gives you a live preview of what to expect from your tweaks. Here’s how to use different features of this application.

  • First of all, open the Good Lock app.
  • Scroll down on the Unit section to enter the Home Up module.
  • If you haven’t downloaded Home Up, it will direct you to Galaxy Store.
  • Once downloaded, open Home Up and turn the toggle on.
  • Here you will find the following options:
    • Home Screen
    • Folder
    • Back up and Restore
    • Share Manager
    • Task Changer
  • By clicking on the Home screen option, you can customize the home and app screen grid ratio as shown in the image below.
    • Also, you can change the Favourite Max count number as per your choice.

    • At the same time, you can also find many options to set layout and page looping in apps.
    • At the bottom, you will find an option Background Blur Control, with the help of this option you can diversify the background when entering apps.
      • You can clearly see the change in the screenshot below.

Samsung Home Up One UI 4

  • Now, by clicking on the second option Folder, you can customize folder popup styles and layouts.
  • Also, you can enable Back up and Restore option to restore the home screen layout.

  • Next, there’s Share Manager, from where you can share your saved stuff with your contacts.

Good Lock Home UP

  • Lastly, you’ll find Task Changer, which customizes the recent app window type by adding a new layout that you can see below.

One UI 4.0 Home Up

    • Here you will find 5 layout styles:
      • List
      • Grid
      • Stack
      • Vertical List
      • Slim List

One UI 4.0 Home Up

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Samsung Nice Catch Good Lock App Updates –



Samsung Nice Catch One UI 5.1.1

Good Lock’s Nice Catch module is a part of the notification gesture in Samsung Galaxy devices. It provides a detailed history of when apps made vibrations, changed the ringer mode, changed call mode, displayed ads, showed toast popups, or woke up the screen, along with time intervals for all instances.

With this app, you can choose not to save screen capture images to the clipboard, and automatically activate Do Not Disturb when screen recording. If you want to experience the newest feature of this app, then keep updating it. For further information, you can check the features of the Samsung Nice Catch mentioned below.

Samsung Nice Catch Updates

June 07, 2023

Samsung is rolling out a new update for the Nice Catch app, which arrives with version The update is available on Galaxy Store with an installation package size of 6.45 MB. Read more here…

Samsung Good Lock Nice Catch

February 25, 2023

Samsung has pushed February 2023 update for Nice Catch, which arrives with version The new update brings a new option “Accessibility setting change”. Read more here…

July 07, 2022

Samsung Nice Catch

Samsung Good Lock module Nice catch is receiving a new update with One UI 4.1.1 support. Identified via version, the update comes with new features and improvements. Read more here…

January 24, 2021

Samsung Nice Catch

Samsung is releasing a new update for Nice Catch app, which improves the performance and stability for a better experience. Users can identify the update via the version and an updated package size of 6.94MB.

Users can manually install the update from the Galaxy Store or get it from the link mentioned below.


  • Improve performance

Get the latest update here – ApkMirror

December 07, 2021

Samsung Nice Catch

Samsung has begun to release the Andriod 12 (One UI 4) support for the Samsung Nice Catch app. The update brings several new features and changes to the app for a better user experience. You can identify this latest update of Samsung Nice Catch via version and weighs over 6.85 MB.


Samsung Nice Catch Features:

Nice Catch is made to let you know which application starts the vibrations and annoys you.

  • Vibration History: This shows a list of applications that made vibration.
  • Ringer mode History: This Show a list of application that changed ringer mode.
  • Call mode History: This shows a list of applications that changed call mode.
  • Toast History: The histories of toast popup history.

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Samsung Theme Park update adds default option



Samsung Theme Park

Samsung Theme Park app is getting a new update with version for Galaxy devices. This time, the update arrives with new features along with common improvements.

Through this new update, the company adds a new option to the Theme Park app, which is named Default. If you have created or applied any new theme from the Theme Park app and you want to do it as before, that is, the one that came by default in the smartphone, then you can use this new option.

At present, the company has added this default option only to the themes and icons of the Theme Park Good Lock module. Now, you can easily apply the default theme on Icons and Themes.

For selecting the Default option, you just need to open the Theme Park app >> tap on the Themes/Icons >> Tap on the Default option.

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In addition to this, the update also brings common improvements and bug fixes to provide a better and smoother experience. Users of eligible Galaxy devices will have to download a 15.27 MB package to install Samsung Theme Park update on their smartphone.

To check install, just open Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates.

iOS 17 Vs One UI 5.1 – Comparison of top features

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Good Lock

Download the first Samsung One UI 5.1.1 App now!



Samsung Internet Browser update

Samsung has recently updated the stock Calculator app with One UI 6 support. Today, Samsung is rolling out the June 2023 update to Good Lock’s Nice Catch app, which makes it supported for the upcoming One UI 5.1.1 software version.

The Samsung Nice Catch app v5.0.01.02 update brings One UI 5.1.1 support. In addition, the release brings some minor improvements for a better user experience. Notably, One UI 5.1.1 is a foldable-exclusive software, which will come pre-loaded in the Galaxy Z5 series.

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This new software will also be released to select older flagship devices including foldable and tablets running Android 13. Meanwhile, it’s important to mention that the 5.1.1 iteration will not bring the most anticipated Android 14 upgrade to your Galaxy.

Since the Android 14 and Android 13-based One UI 5.1.1 are on their way, Samsung is making apps compatible so they will continue to run after the OS switch. Meanwhile, some plugins would not be accessible, due to the requirement of a major upgrade, expected to release later this year.

For now, Samsung fans having eligible Galaxy device for the Good Lock customization suite can download and install the first One UI 5.1.1 supported app – Nice Catch through Galaxy Store. You just need to open Good Lock, hit the hamburger menu, and choose the Update function.

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