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Samsung and Google could make their phone better with a physical mute!



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We see most of the phones in the smartphone market that is launched with awesome feature while competing in the market and providing tough competition to each other. Samsung and Google are two such companies that always have a face-off in terms of technology and feature, but are lagging behind, see how?

Samsung and Google provide the phone with a bigger display, fast processor, and batteries. They also provide us with refined and improved software and provide us with the latest updates from time to time.

Other smartphone-making companies that are launching their phones in the present day are giving neck-to-neck competition in terms of features and specifications. This is creating a bit of noise in the market. Global smartphone brands should not lose their individuality and uniqueness.


Samsung Smartphones

Making a phone better with a physical mute

The users who are using Samsung and Google phones seem to be dissatisfied with these OEMs as they are losing their originality. One such notable and useful physical feature is a mute switch. Even the killer flagships like Apple have not yet stopped providing the physical mute switch.

I know that muting a phone is a very easy task. You can do it just by unlocking your phone, Swipe, and tapping on a couple of buttons and it’s done. In the same way, if we talk about the physical mute it is simply a great facility that was earlier provided by Samsung and Google for the purpose.

The Android setup is becoming mature day by day, but have you thought about the user’s convenience. Presently the smartphone manufacturers are ruining this. So I think they should take care of the users, which provides them with a sense that is full of comfort.

To maintain the authenticity and individuality of the phone Samsung and Google should bring them back. Because looking at today’s scenario these physical features are still very useful. As they help us to do the operation in a single go. What do you think about the physical mute button let us know your views in the comments below.

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Samsung and US carriers should unite to release One UI updates faster



Galaxy S22 November 2022 update US

Samsung is rapidly enhancing its One UI and software updates part for Galaxy devices worldwide, but, the best is possible only when the network carriers of the US move ahead together. Within a month, Samsung started to upgrade plenty of Galaxy devices with Android 13, while users with carrier-bounded models are still waiting.

Sluggish One UI updates are one of the biggest concerns for Samsung consumers, residing in countries where they need to own a Galaxy device with carrier bounding for better services, such as the US. Since carrier-unlocked units are available in the country, carrier bounded network provides you with a lot better experience.

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Not slow always!

It’s an undeniable truth that the network carriers of the United States rollout updates late always. Most of the time international or European models grab a new One UI update, while the US carriers become the initial distributor sometimes.

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Back in December 2020, Verizon locked Galaxy S20 series devices became the first to grab the Stable Android 11-based One UI 3.0 upgrade. A day later, the European models got the same treatment, reconfirming carriers are not slow always.

Samsung password

Samsung and US Carriers should UNITE

No doubt, Samsung is known as the “champion of software updates” among Android vendors. The company offers OS upgrades, more than the Android maker itself, along with 5 years of security update support so you can keep your Galaxy device for a longer period.

Meanwhile, delayed software updates rollout by network carriers are barring Samsung from becoming the unbeatable OEM worldwide. Security updates come to Galaxy devices even before starting of the new month, while carrier-locked units get the same update within a month.

There are a lot of complaints by the US users of Galaxy smartphones as they need to wait for new software updates, even after Samsung started to release it for others. Network carriers certify each new Samsung firmware update before releasing it to the compatible Galaxy device.

As the company has recently promised through its blog post that the future One UI updates will be deployed faster, we want it will also apply to carrier-locked devices. If you also use a network carrier-branded Samsung device in the US, help us send our demand to Samsung by sharing it across socials!

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Samsung Galaxy S23 series should bring three crucial upgrades over S22



Samsung S22 November 2022 update

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is no secret anymore. It is coming in early 2023, probably in the first week of February. Different people have different expectations from the next generation of flagship phones. But reports claim that the device will not bring such major upgrades over the Galaxy S22. I believe the Samsung Galaxy S23 needs at least three significant upgrades to be as successful as it deserves.

As usual, Samsung will introduce three smartphones under the series, which are Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Among them, the base and the plus models are suggested to come with a new rear camera design and similar hardware specs as their predecessors.

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On the other hand, the Ultra variant will bring back the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s design and get some Camera upgrades. Meanwhile, one common component that will come to all S23 smartphones is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. It is worth noting that this time the company can completely abandon the Exynos chipset to deliver the good performance of the Snapdragon chip to all the users.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 upgrades

The rest of the other compartments of this line will almost be similar to their previous versions. But these few changes are not going to satisfy Samsung fans. Here are some upgrades that I would like to see in the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones.

Advanced camera features:

The camera is always the most notable part of any smartphone. The current Samsung S-series phones have so many advanced camera features, such as panorama, night mode, portrait mode, slow motion, super slow motion, Director’s View, and Single Take. It’s these are not enough, you can download Expert RAW for more advanced photography.

But nothing has changed compared to the Galaxy S21. Samsung is bringing a 200MP primary camera with Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is of course appreciated. But the company should bring more when it comes to editing and software features.

For example, Google Pixel 7’s Photo Unblur feature that sharpens low-quality photos, even when captured with an older camera. This feature is built on the Pixel 6’s Face Unblur, which freezes moving subjects that may otherwise look blurry.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Upgrades

Longer battery life for standard model:

Battery life can never be enough, we’ll always wish for a little more than we get. The Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with satisfactory battery life but the standard version’s battery is too less. The company claims to offer all-day battery life but sometimes it barely lasts.

Even, after using the smartphone for some months, the battery performance gets worst. Therefore, the company should work on this side seriously. The base Galaxy S22 model comes with a 3700-mAh battery and the same is coming with Galaxy S23. The device should at least get a battery near the Plus model.

Faster battery charging speed:

While smartphone vendor like Xiaomi offers up to 120W fast charging capacity to their flagship smartphones, Samsung is still dealing with 45W as its highest fast charging capacity. And, the highlighting part is that the base model of the Galaxy S-series phone does not even offer a 45W charging speed.

Currently, only Plus and Ultra models offer 45W fast charging whereas, the Standard variant provides 25W fast charging capacity. With Galaxy S23 series, Samsung was expected to bring 65W fast charging capacity for top models and 45W for the base model. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be happening.

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Samsung’s design changes on non-Galaxy S23 Ultra models are appreciable



Samsung S23 Light Mode

Samsung ditched the rectangular camera module from the Galaxy S21 series and replaced it with a shape that matches the body language. The company continued using the same camera module design with the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus while using a new method for the S22 Ultra.

The Galaxy A32 was the first Samsung phone that introduced a rear camera design with independent lenses, which was further used in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The company’s noteworthy Galaxy S flagship not only continued the legacy of the Galaxy Note line, but also, managed to bring radical design changes on the back.

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra looks exactly like a Note phone with a boxy body design and sharp corners. For the camera arrangement, Samsung aligned three camera sensors vertically at the top left corner of the phone, while the 2nd Telephoto lens, LED flash and sensors are placed in the 2nd column parallelly.

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As there’s nothing significant new between the last two Galaxy S lineups, when it comes to design, Samsung might be readying to showcase a new camera arrangement with the non-Ultra models next year. Yes, it’s not just speculation as the recently leaked renders of Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus suggest the same.

This design change is appreciable

Consumers much liked the camera design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and it appears to be coming on the upcoming Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus flagships. Last night, tipster Onleaks revealed the design of both Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus phones with high-quality CAD renders.

The renders of both upcoming flagships flaunt independent camera sensors without any camera island, similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In the CAD renders, the vanilla Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus featured triple camera sensors arranged in a vertical layout at the top left.

As the user-beloved Galaxy S22 Ultra camera design coming with the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus next year, we appreciate Samsung’s move, when it comes to design. On the other hand, there are also rumors that the Galaxy S23 Ultra won’t have any changes in the design rear side.

Galaxy S23 Renders

Galaxy S23 Plus Renders

Do you like the possible design of the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus? Let us know through Socia Media!

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