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Samsung’s story on ‘Expansion of Space’, Bespoke Home 2022



Samsung is amongst the most innovative companies in the world, and presently ranks in the fourth position but aspires to become a global and No.1 brand in Home appliances. Samsung has recently explained it through its latest video launch on the occasion of inagurating Bespoke Home 2022.

Samsung has revealed the idea of the expansion of space. Jae Seung Lee, President of Samsung Digital Appliances says that its technology is more efficient and visually pleasing which helps you to reimagine, how the Samsung home appliances could create a difference in your lifestyle.

Samsung is everywhere, whether it’s the refrigerator, clothing care, floor care, or air care it has expanded the living space, by realizing the theory of ‘Expansion of Space.’ Now have its presence in more than 50 markets worldwide, and I think that’s a great achievement.


Samsung Bespoke Grande AI

Expansion of Experience and Time:

Jae Seung Lee further explains how space, experience, and time can be combined together for expansion. Samsung has overall 20 product categories that are featured with upgraded functions, brilliant new color themes, and vast design options.

The Bespoke AI Laundry is available in the US and Europe, this is what we call the expansion of experience. The AI Laundry is tech pack, smart, and alluring that helps you customize your home living. This is only possible through AI and SmartThings.

Samsung has already spread its SmartThing Home Life in 97 countries around the world, and let me tell you now no sector is left behind, where you can feel Samsung’s absence. Whether it’s untouchable areas like Pet Care and Energy. This is what we call ‘Expansion of Time.’

Bespoke refrigerators

Expansion of Space:

Now, we will talk about the ‘Expansion of Space’, the Bespoke home care products now provide more durability and reliability. Samsung is providing a 20-year warranty, and digital inverters are one of those products.

Samsung users are fully eligible to enjoy everyday sustainability at home. With Samsung’s Bespoke Home 2022 you can have the vision of endless possibilities. Further Christina Cabiati, Samsung Corporate Strategy speaks about the ‘Expansion of Space’.

She says being a South Korean Company it has extended its reach to Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and more. AI-powered Bespoke Oven is now made available in Europe in the second half of 2022. You can now take a taste of AI Pro cooking, through SmartThings connectivity.

Samsung Bespoke Jet™ vacuume cleaner

These home appliances are so smart that they sense to open cleverly and are featured with a flat panel design that truly fits every style. Moving forward she disclosed that the Smart AI home appliance package will be soon available in Europe and North America in the second half of 2022. Bespoke french door refrigerators will also be made available soon in North America, Europe, and Asia.

I hope you have enjoyed Samsung’s practical experience of the ‘Expansion of Space’, and might have taken a glimpse of the Bespoke Home products 2022.

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7 Android updates Sweet but Useless for Galaxy Z Flip 6, Z Fold 6



Samsung galaxy Z Fold

Samsung replicated Google’s promise of Android updates, but the plus point is that mid-range and budget Galaxy phones are eligible for at least four major OS upgrades. The upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 will also be honored with 7 major Android updates.

The Korean tech giant offers the longest software update support in the Android industry. Google’s OS update promise starts from the Pixel 8 series. While mid-range and budget Samsung phones get four Android updates, the premium Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 will get 7.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series smartphones. The lineup is guaranteed for at least seven OS upgrades. The strategy was earlier expected to be applied to Galaxy A55, but the company kept it limited to the flagship phones.

Samsung doesn’t officially consider Galaxy Z as flagship lineup, but it’s the most premium segment. All the novelties that Galaxy S receives also come to foldable phones. Therefore, it’s certain that the company will support its upcoming Galaxy Z phones for 7 years.

Will they survive 7 years?

Sporting a foldable display entirely ends the discussion of longevity. Besides, the pre-applied screen protection film starts to damage within a year of normal usage. Samsung’s innovative foldables are available internationally but support isn’t.

Samsung Care+ plan is also offered by the phone maker for additional protection. However, it still requires the owner to pay the processing fee, which isn’t considerable. Also, the Care+ plan doesn’t cover the Samsung-slapped screen protector film.

So if the Korean phone maker is willing for longer software support, it should rather offer a two-year replacement guarantee on manufacture defects. It would push consumers to prefer foldable phones as they won’t have to worry about display concerns.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

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Unpacked 2024 ‘Pre-reserve’ ends soon, secure your $50 Samsung Credit

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Android Updates War: Google’s Game-Changing Move to Outshine Samsung



Samsung July 2023 security patch details

When it comes to Android updates, Samsung is leading the Android world. However, this could be the last day of Samsung’s leadership as Google is expected to double up its current Android updates support for Pixel smartphones launching today.

2020 was a remarkable year in Samsung’s history when the company extended Android updates support from two years to three. A few months later, the company extended the security support as well, totaling it to four years for flagship Galaxy devices.

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In 2022, Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 series, which offers four generations of OS upgrades. In its announcement, the company listed all flagships launched in 2021 and later along with select Galaxy A series smartphones for 4 OS and 5 years of security patches.

With this decision, the South Korean tech giant surpassed Google’s support policy, which owns Android. To be noted, Tensor-powered Pixel smartphones come with three years of Android and five years of monthly security updates support.

Today, Google will launch the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. And as per the leaks, both phones will offer up to 7 years of software support, surpassing the longest support provided by Apple to its iPhones. Pixel 8 and later might be eligible for 7 major OS upgrades, which sounds a bit confusing.

There are speculations that there will be five major OS versions and 7 years of regular security patches and quarterly Pixel Feature Drops for the latest flagship smartphones. If it happens, it will force other Android vendors to further extend their support.

While Pixel phones are limited to support 3 major OS versions, Samsung is offering 4 generations of OS upgrades to cheaper Galaxy devices that costs approx $249. Samsung won’t take too long to beat Google yet again in terms of software support.

Let’s see, what Google has to offer to the Android world!

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Here’s why Samsung apps start getting One UI 6 support ahead of official release



Samsung Calculator app update

After One UI 5.1, we started hearing a lot of news, leaks, and rumors about the upcoming One UI 6. Recently, Samsung has also started releasing One UI 6.0 support for stock apps, starting with the Calculator app.

Looking at all this, we can expect that Samsung will provide this support to more apps in the future too. But the question is, why is Samsung providing One UI 6.0 support to its stocks apps before the official release? If you are thinking that by getting their support, you will get some new features in your apps, then it is not only the reason.

Samsung One UI 6.0 support can also bring new features for apps, but the main reason for this is something else. But what? The answer is that Samsung is going to release a new One UI update in the coming weeks or months and the company aims to make its stock apps compatible with that accordingly. Once the app is supported, the app will not stop working or get crash whenever the company releases that update for the smartphone.

Samsung One UI 6 Apps

A recent report revealed that Samsung’s stable Android 14 update will be available in October. This is the same time frame as last year’s UI rollout, with the latest Galaxy S lineup being the first to secure it. Meanwhile, beta activity is seeing an early start if everything goes as planned by the internals.

Still, for the time being, we can consider this information as a pinch of salt as the company has not yet announced any official timeline for One UI 6.0.

Samsung confirms One UI 6 and Good Lock features finding underway

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