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Try these Samsung One UI 4.1 features that Galaxy Tab S8 offers!



Samsung Tab S8 FE S Pen

Not only has Samsung introduced the biggest tab in the S series, but it’s also the thinnest, toughest, and most powerful tab yet. It redefines the standards for next-level performance. It’s impossibly thin and lightweight but super-strong and durable.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series can capture the world in stunning 4K with our first Ultra-Wide Dual Front Camera. Users can enjoy the impeccable responsiveness of our new S Pen. All powered by a 4nm processor, the power of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will unleash endless new possibilities.


With three screen sizes to choose from, the Galaxy Tab S8 series is designed to allow you to work from anywhere on the field or in the home office. With an optional keyboard case, the tablet turns into a laptop, with Samsung DeX providing a PC-like experience to access your mobile apps.

You can connect the Tab S8 to a monitor or TV and at the same time continue to use your tablet and play DeX on that big screen. The Galaxy Tab S8 line has many other features that can help you turbocharge your work. Here are some tips to get the most out of your new Samsung tablet:

Galaxy Tab S8 Features

Samsung Multitasking Features

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra offers them a more portable option with a 14.6-inch display that rivals most laptops. It’s ideal for those who use CAD/CAM applications, for retail associates who want to create mood boards for customers, or for those in healthcare who want to share treatment information securely.

At 12.4 inches and 11 inches, respectively, the Galaxy Tab S8+ and Tab S8 feature the same 120Hz sAMOLED display technology, which provides a great view for those who need more portability.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Android 12

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Enhanced S Pen Features [One UI 4.1]

All devices in the Tab S8 line have a powerful S pen. When you detach the S Pen from the back of your tablet, the Air Command menu appears automatically, allowing you to take quick action. You can automatically convert handwriting in Samsung Notes to text and sync with the experience of writing on paper like never before.

Air actions allow you to use gestures with your S Pen to control apps, such as moving a slide or zooming in on a camera during a presentation. You can customize these commands in the Settings app under Air Action. And when your S Pen battery is low, attach it magnetically to the back of your tablet to charge it.

One UI 4.1-based Multi-View Windows

Thanks to the multi-view window layout, multi-tasking on the tablet is not as productive. With this feature, you can display a maximum of four different layouts on your screen at any one time. You can also adjust the height or width rather than being limited by a fixed layout.

This makes it easy to work on multiple apps at once or take notes while you make a video call. At the same time, drag and split on your Tab S8 devices to show the current content on the page and the new content in the split view.

Samsung 2-in-1 Book Cover

The Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8+ offer lightweight computing solutions and interactive touchscreen displays. However, if you want a full-size touch keyboard, consider the S8 Ultra and its advanced 2-in-1 book cover. It provides the PC’s keyboard functionality with full backlit keys and shortcuts to access your favorite apps or DeX.

You can also share your keyboard wirelessly between your S8 Ultra and your phone. The book cover also has several standing modes so you can adjust it depending on what you are doing and it will turn off depending on whether your screen is open or closed.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung One UI 4.1 Samsung DeX 

The power of the Samsung DeX means you do not have to be tied to your S8 tablet – using an HDMI cable or wireless Miracast-enabled display from USB-C, you can stream your work to the big screen.

Increase your productivity by sharing slideshows with others in the room or by choosing a large monitor that allows you to view all of your mobile applications. Thanks to DeX, leaving a laptop is not that easy.

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One UI

Here’s how to switch your Galaxy buds between your phone and tablet



Samsung Auto Switch feature

If you own a pair of Galaxy Buds, you might want to use them with both your phone and tablet. But how do you switch between the two devices without having to manually disconnect and reconnect them? Don’t worry, you can do that as Samsung offers a function for Galaxy devices named “Auto switch to other devices”.

The Auto switch to other devices function allows your Galaxy Buds to automatically connect to the phone or tablet you’re using when you start a call or play media. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing a call or pausing your music when you switch devices. You can enjoy seamless audio across your Samsung devices.

To use this feature, you need to sign in to the same Samsung account on both your phone and tablet. This feature may vary depending on your device, so make sure you have the latest software update on both devices. You also need to enable Bluetooth on both devices and pair your Galaxy Buds with them.

Samsung Auto Switch feature

To enable the auto switch feature, follow these steps:

  • Tap on Earbuds settings.
  • Tap on the Auto switch to other devices option
  • Toggle on the switch, next to the devices you want to use with the auto switch.

Samsung Auto Switch feature

That’s it! Now you can enjoy using your Galaxy Buds with both your phone and tablet without any issue. You can also disable the auto switch feature anytime by following the same steps and toggling off the switch.

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One UI

Here’s how to add transitional effects on lock screen of your Samsung device



Samsung Lock screen transition effects

Samsung offers a bundle of features for lock screen customization on your Galaxy smartphone. In addition to the wallpaper, you can now add transition effects for lock screen wallpapers, all thanks to the Samsung Wonderland Good Lock module.

The new update of Samsung Wonderland added a new type of wallpaper that includes captivating transition effects when the user turns on the screen. It allows users to customize their experience by setting different wallpapers with transitions.

How to add transitional effects on the lock screen?

To apply the transition effect lock screen wallpaper, you just need to follow a few steps given below.

  • Open Samsusng Wonderland app.
  • Tap on the “Create your different lock screen effect” option.

Samsung Lock screen transition effects

  • Select any one transitional wallpaper for the lock screen. You can also select it from the Gallery app.

  • Now tap on the Set as Wallpaper option and it is done.

Samsung Lock screen transition effects

However, you can customize the transition effects type, Speed, thickness, Brightness, and Grayscale of the lock screen, just need to tap on the Edit option ahead of Set as wallpaper.

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Here’s how to use Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ‘Water Lock Mode’



Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers a remarkable feature named Water Lock Mode. It prevents unintended interactions while submerged in water. This feature is a valuable addition, ensuring seamless functionality and peace of mind while wearing the Galaxy Watch 4 in the water.

There are two simple methods to activate Water Lock Mode on the Galaxy Watch 4. The first involves a quick swipe down to access the Quick Settings Panel, followed by tapping the Water Mode icon.

Alternatively, users can enable this mode through the device’s Settings menu by selecting “Advanced Features” and toggling on the “Water Lock” option. Once enabled, Water Lock Mode renders the touchscreen inactive, shielding the watch from accidental touches underwater.

To deactivate Water Lock Mode, users can press and hold the home key. The watch emits sounds to expel water from the speaker, while a gentle shake eliminates any moisture from the pressure sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Water lock mode

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