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Samsung rolled out March 2022 patch to these Galaxy devices




Samsung Galaxy devices have already started picking up the new March 2022 security patch through a software update, starting February 25. The company picked the Galaxy S22 series as the initial receiver of its all-new March 2022 Android patch update.

This new security update aims to improve the overall stability and reliability of the Galaxy devices. At the same time, consumers will receive this firmware with fixes for a lot of CVEs from Google and additional SVEs content from Samsung.

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Samsung rolls out the regular security updates via three methods; monthly for flagships, quarterly for mid-range, and budgets, while biannually to the Galaxy phones older than 3 years. It’s worth noting that Samsung devices launched after 2019 are compatible with four years of regular software updates.

Since Samsung releases every new software in various phases, the availability for your region/country may likely differ. Therefore, we will keep a track of Samsung devices receiving the latest Android security update worldwide in addition to the March 2022 security patch details & schedule.


Samsung March 2022 Security Update


Galaxy Z Series

  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
    • F926NKSU1CVC5
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
    • F711NKSU2CVC5 | F711BXXU2CVC5


Galaxy S Series

  • Galaxy S22 series [Europe]
    • Galaxy S22
      • S901BXXU1AVBF
    • Galaxy S22+
      • S906BXXU1AVBF
    • Galaxy S22 Ultra
      • S908BXXU1AVBF


  • Galaxy S21 series
    • Galaxy S21
      • G991U1UES5BVC1
    • Galaxy S21+
      • G991U1UES5BVC1
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra
      • G991U1UES5BVC1
    • Galaxy S21 FE 5G -> T-Mobile
      • G990USQU2CVC3


  • Galaxy S29 series
    • Galaxy S20
    • Galaxy S20+
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra
    • Galaxy S20 FE


  • Galaxy S10 series
    • Galaxy S10e
    • Galaxy S10
    • Galaxy S10+
    • Galaxy S10 Lite


  • Galaxy S9 series
    • Galaxy S9
      • G960FXXUHFVB4
    • Galaxy S9+
      • G965FXXUHFVB4


Galaxy Note Series

  • Galaxy Note 20
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
  • Galaxy Note 10
  • Galaxy Note 10+


Galaxy A Series

  • Galaxy A71
    • A715FXXS8BVC1


  • Galaxy A31
    • A315GDXS1CVC3


  • Galaxy A50 [Verizon]
    • A505USQSIDVB1


  • Galaxy A52s
    • A528BXXS1BVC2


  • Galaxy A42 5G
    • A426BXXU3DVC2


  • Galaxy A70
    • A705FNXXU5DVB3


  • Galaxy A41
    • A415FXXS1CVC1


  • Galaxy A30s
    • A307GUBS4CVC1


  • Galaxy A52s – Brazil
    • A528BXXS1BVC2


  • Galaxy A52 – Brazil
    • A525MUBS4BVB2


  • Galaxy A12 – Hong Kong
    • A125FZHS2BVC2


  • Galaxy A03s – Verizon
    • A037USQS2AVB3


Galaxy M Series

  • Galaxy M31
    • M315FXXU2ZVC2
  • Galaxy M32
    • India
  • Galaxy M52 5G
    • M526BXXU1BVC6


Galaxy F Series

  • So far, no Galaxy F series device received March 2022 update.


Galaxy Tab Series

  • Galaxy Tab S7
    • T875XXS2CVC4


Galaxy XCover Series

  • Galaxy XCover 5


March 2022 Android security patch details

You can check the list of CVE items below.


  • CVE-2021-30317, CVE-2021-39708


  • CVE-2021-35068,CVE-2021-35077,CVE-2021-35074,CVE-2021-35075,CVE-2021-30323,CVE-2021-30309,CVE-2021-30326,CVE-2021-30322,CVE-2021-30318,CVE-2021-35069,CVE-2021-39692,CVE-2021-39693,CVE-2021-39695,CVE-2021-39697,CVE-2021-39624,CVE-2021-39690,CVE-2021-39667,CVE-2021-0957,CVE-2021-39701,CVE-2021-39702,CVE-2021-39703,CVE-2021-39704,CVE-2021-39706,CVE-2021-39707,CVE-2021-39709,CVE-2021-32484,CVE-2021-32485,CVE-2021-32486,CVE-2021-32487


  • CVE-2021-1024,CVE-2021-0978,CVE-2021-0983,CVE-2021-0988,CVE-2021-1013,CVE-2021-1030,CVE-2021-1031,CVE-2021-1003,CVE-2021-0998,CVE-2021-1016,CVE-2021-0989,CVE-2021-0990,CVE-2021-0991,CVE-2021-0994,CVE-2021-0996,CVE-2021-1012,CVE-2021-1025,CVE-2021-1008,CVE-2021-39689

Already included in previous updates

  • None

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-20025,CVE-2022-20027,CVE-2022-20028,CVE-2022-20026,CVE-2021-39672,CVE-2021-39635,CVE-2021-39658,CVE-2021-39616,CVE-2022-20024,CVE-2021-39631,CVE-2021-39699,CVE-2021-39705

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G’s March 2023 update now available in Europe



Samsung Galaxy S21 FE March 2023 update Europe

Samsung recently started releasing the March 2023 security update for the Galaxy S21 FE smartphone, starting with India. Now the company is expanding the March 2023 update to Samsung Galaxy S21 FE users in Europe.

The latest update improves system security by fixing a bunch of security-related issues. However, it does not include any new features other than security maintenance.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE March 2023 update Europe

Furthermore, Samsung’s March 2023 security patch brings Google patches that are mentioned in the Android security bulletin. There are a number of common vulnerability exposures mentioned in the document, including:

  1. Critical – 5
  2. High – 35
  3. Moderate – 0
  4. Already fixed – 4
  5. Not applicable – 5

Not that all, but the firmware also comes with 23 SVE (Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures). With both CVE and SVE items, the company ensures the best possible security on Galaxy devices.

Users of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE can identify the March 2023 security update in Europe through PDA versions G990B2XXS2EWC4 and an installation package size of 298.70 MB.

The update is currently available for Indian and European variants of Galaxy S21 FE and the company will soon expand it to more countries.

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If you are using a Galaxy S21 FE smartphone in Europe then you can check the latest update via Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 March 2023 security update starts releasing



Samsung Galaxy tab S7 march 2023 update

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus users are grabbing March 2023 security update in Latin American countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.

The new update for Galaxy Tab S7 installs the latest Android patch released to fix security-related issues to make it more secure. Also, the company upgrades some functions and optimizes stability to provide a bug-free experience.

Samsung Galaxy tab S7 march 2023 update

March 2023 security patch brings fixes for a bunch of common vulnerability exposures to enhance system security, stability, and performance. It fixes issues related to Calls, Samsung Keyboard, System UI, Galaxy Themes, Bluetooth, and more.

As per the information (via Sammobile), Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus get the March 2023 security update with One UI build versions T87xXXS2DWC1 andT97xXXS2DWC1 respectively.

It is an initial rollout so it may take some hours/days to reach Galaxy Tab S7 models in more regions. If you have received the latest update, install it now to get a smoother experience.

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It is worth mentioning the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 already got One UI 5.1 update based on Android 13 with a bunch of new features and enhancements for the Camera, multi-tasking, Gallery, Widget, Internet, AR Zone, and more.

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T-Mobile users of Samsung Galaxy S10 grabbing February 2023 security patch



Samsung Galaxy S10 February 2023 update T-mobile

Samsung Galaxy S10 users already started receiving the March 2023 update. While T-Mobile is now releasing the February 2023 security patch for Samsung Galaxy S10 in the US.

The latest update installs an Android security patch to improve the security of the device. In addition, it optimizes stability and performance to deliver a better experience.

Samsung Galaxy S10 February 2023 patch T-mobile

Samsung’s February 2023 Android security patch brings fixes for a total of 55 vulnerabilities and exposures that were harming user privacy and security. More specifically, the update addresses the 5 critical level and 43 high-level CVEs.

February 2023 security patch is currently rolling out for locked Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones on T-Mobile network carriers in the US. However, this update is already available in Europe.

Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e are getting the latest update via PDA versions G973USQU8IWB5, G975USQU8IWB5, and G970USQU8IWB5 respectively.

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It is worth mentioning that the update is based on Android 12 and the device is not eligible for Android 13 OS as it has already completed its major OS update cycle. Now it’s time to plan to buy the next Galaxy smartphone to enjoy the new features.

We recommend users download the latest update on their smartphone to get a seamless experience. To install visit Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install

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