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[List] Samsung devices installing January 2022 Security Patch update



Samsung January 2022 Security Patch Update

Tracking from December 30th, 2021!

Google launched the official Android 12 in October 2021, and Samsung upgraded all of its eligible flagship Galaxy devices within just two months, becoming the faster update provider OEM.

While it’s impossible to beat Google in the distribution of a new Android version, BUT, Samsung is swiftly beating it in the Android security patch release, every month.

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Starting December 30, Samsung has begun the January 2022 security patch update rollout for the Galaxy devices in which the mid-range Galaxy A51 became the first.

Samsung January 2022 Security Patch Update

Moving ahead, the Korean tech giant is rapidly expanding the reach of this most up-to-date January 2022 security patch to more and more compatible Galaxy devices, with new s/w updates.

Below, you can check all the Samsung devices that are installing the January 2022 security patch and identification build version (s). Do note, we’ll update this article as soon as the latest patch reaches a new Galaxy device.

Samsung January 2022 Security Patch


Galaxy Z Series

  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
    • F926BXXS1BUL8
    • F926USQS1BULB – Verizon
    • F926BXXU1BVA9 – Updates 10 stock apps


  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
    • F711BXXS2BUL8
    • F711USQS2BULB – Verizon


  • Galaxy Fold
    • F900FXXU6GUL9
    • F907NKOU3GULB – Korea


  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
    • F916USQS2FULH – Verizon


Galaxy S Series

  • Galaxy S10 5G
    • G977BXXUBGVA4


  • Galaxy S20 series
    • Galaxy S20
      • G981U1UES2DUL2 – US Unlocked
      • G981BXXSCEUL9 – Europe
    • Galaxy S20+
      • G986U1UES2DUL2 – US Unlocked
      • G986BXXSCEUL9 – Europe
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra
      • G988U1UES2DUL2 – US Unlocked
      • G988BXXSCEUL9 – Europe
    • Galaxy S20 FE 5G
      • G781USQS6EVA9


  • Galaxy S21 series
    • Galaxy S21
      • G991U1UES4BULE – US Unlocked
      • G991USQU5BULJ – Verizon US
    • Galaxy S21+
      • G996U1UES4BULE – US Unlocked
      • G996USQU5BULJ – Verizon US
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra
      • G998U1UES4BULE – US Unlocked
      • G998USQU5BULJ – Verizon US
    • Galaxy S21 FE
      • G990EXXU1BUL5
      • G990U1UEU2BUL8 (US)


  • Galaxy S10 series
    • G970FXXUEGVA4 – Galaxy S10e
    • G973FXXUEGVA4 – Galaxy S10
    • G975FXXUEGVA4 – Galaxy S10+
    • G770FXXS6FVA1/G770U1UES6EVA2 – Galaxy S10 Lite


Galaxy Note Series

  • Galaxy Note 9
    • N960USQS9FVA1
    • N960U1UES9FVA1


  • Galaxy Note 10 series
    • Galaxy Note 10 – N970FXXU7GULD
    • Galaxy Note 10 Plus – N975FXXU7GULD
    • Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G – N976BXXU7GULD
    • Galaxy Note 10 Lite – N770FXXU8FUL7


  • Galaxy Note 20 series
    • Galaxy Note 20 – N981USQS2EULH | N981BXXS3EULH
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – N986USQS2EULH | N986BXXS3EULH


Galaxy A Series

  • Galaxy A11
    • A115FXXS2BVA1 – Philippines


  • Galaxy A31
    • A315FXXU1CVA1 – Russia


  • Galaxy A51 5G
    • A516BXXU5CUL9 – Europe, Taiwan, and the UK


  • Galaxy A41
    • A415FXXU1CVA3 – Russia


  • Galaxy A10
    • A105FDDS7CVA2 – India


  • Galaxy A12
    • A125MUBS2BVA1 – India


  • Galaxy A40
    • A405FNXXU4CUL2 – Germany


  • Galaxy A80
    • A805FXXS6DVA1 – France


  • Galaxy A71
    • A715FXXS8BVA4 – Brazil


  • Galaxy A32
    • A325MUBS2AVA1 – Brazil


  • Galaxy A50
    • A505GTUBS9CVA1 – Brazil


  • Galaxy A20
    • A205U1UESBCVA1 – US (unlocked)


  • Galaxy A01
    • A015FXXS5BUL1


  • Galaxy A51
    • A515FXXU5EUL3


  • Galaxy A22
    • A225MUBS3AUL5


  • Galaxy A03s
    • A037MUBS2AVA2


Galaxy M Series

  • Galaxy M62


Galaxy F Series

  • Galaxy F62


Galaxy Tab Series

  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
    • P615XXS4DUL5


  • Galaxy Tab S7, S7+
    • CVA5 – Korea


Galaxy XCover Series

  • So far, no Galaxy XCover series device received January 2022 update.

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Samsung Galaxy M32 gets new update without August 2022 patch [U]




Samsung Galaxy M32 August 2022 update

Samsung is rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy M32 smartphones that installs the July 2022 Android security patch, instead of August. The device received the July 2022 patch earlier this month, however, the new firmware [M325FXXU4BVH2] also brings the same for Galaxy M32.

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In the meantime, the company is also fixing dozens of privacy and security-related issues and exploits in order to enhance the overall device’s performance. As per the official support page, these vulnerabilities include 3 critical and 20 high levels of CVE and SVE items from Google and Samsung.

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Besides device stability improvements, there’s nothing in the official changelog. Previously, the device gained an Android 12-based One UI 4.1 upgrade that installs various new features along with countless improvements and customization options to provide users with a flagship-level feel.

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The 2nd July 2022 update is rolling out to the Galaxy M32 devices in India, however, it might have included fixes for some critical bugs or issues instead of the August patch. The device is scheduled to get its next firmware update after about three months.

If you are using Galaxy M32 in India, You can now get access to the new changes by heading over to Settings >> Software update >> Download and install. Wait for a while for the device to check the available activity, once appeared, fetch it to your phone by following the easy steps mentioned on your screen.

Samsung Galaxy M32

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Samsung pushes August 2022 security update to Galaxy S10 in over 6 countries



Samsung Galaxy S10 August 2022 security update

Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ smartphone users in more than 6 countries have started to get a new software update, which installs the August 2022 security patch.

Currently, the Galaxy S10 August 2022 security update rollout is happening in several European countries including Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, and the Nordic region.

Samsung’s August 2022 security update brings fixes for several bugs and issues alongside 31 SVE items including MAC address leak issues, Samsung DeX and Knox issues, and improper access control security buds.

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Aside from these highlighting issues, Samsung’s August 2022 security update might also include further system security and stability improvements for the Galaxy S10 series devices.

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Consumers in corresponding smartphone markets can identify the August 2022 patch via build versions: G970FXXSGHVH2, G973FXXSGHVH2, and G975FXXSGHVH2 for Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+, respectively.

Recently, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable smartphones, globally. Both of these devices bring top-grade hardware and the latest software installed by default.

Additionally, Samsung’s bringing big benefits to purchasing the new foldable smartphones such as trade-in credits, Watch 4 Classic for a minimal cost, Samsung Care+ protection, and more.

As the Galaxy S10 series is now shifted to a quarterly updates schedule, Samsung will end official support within two years. Also, these devices will spend their remaining time on the Android 12-based One UI 4.1.1 software.

To check for software updates manually on your Galaxy, navigate to the system Settings, followed by Software updates. Here, you will get Download and install button, simply press it and let your phone fetch a new OTA.

Samsung Galaxy S10 August 2022 security update

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Samsung August 2022 Security Patch Update Tracker




Samsung August 2022 Updates

Yet again, Samsung has begun rolling out the new – August 2022 Android security patch updates to its eligible Galaxy devices ahead of time. On July 28, the Korean firm released its first August 2022 security patch for the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra smartphones.

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The company is further expanding the latest software update to its eligible Galaxy phones and tablets. Meanwhile, it has also uncovered the August 2022 patch details in the first week of August, which introduces a handful of improvements to the overall system alongside fixing various privacy and security-related vulnerabilities.

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Besides the monthly security patch, Samsung has recently released its first Android 13-based One UI 5.0 Beta for the Galaxy S22 series phones in select regions. While the Galaxy S21 is next in line, the Galaxy S20, Fold 3, Flip 3, and some other devices are also expected to get the beta version in the coming time.

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Moving on, this article is dedicated to Samsung’s August 2022 patch. Inside you can see all the Galaxy phones and tablets that have so far got access to the fresh firmware update. We will frequently update this tracker to give the latest information on the topic.

Samsung August 2022 Updates

Samsung August 2022 Security Updates


Galaxy Z series

  • Galaxy Fold Series

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 users have started getting the August 2022 security patch as their latest software update. It additionally brings fixes for multiple privacy and security-related issues and exploits.

United States [Verizon]

    • Galaxy Z Fold 3 – F926U1UES1DVG3

The first generation Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone is getting access to the August 2022 Android security patch update. It comes with improvements for system security and stability.

Europe [France]

    • Galaxy Fold – F900FXXU6HVG5
  • Galaxy Flip Series

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has begun collecting the latest August 2022 Android security patch alongside a new software update.

This update comes along with new improvements to the user experience regarding the Samsung One UI applications.

Europe [United Kingdom]

    • Galaxy Z Flip 3 – F711BXXU2CVG8

United States [Verizon]

    • Galaxy Z Flip 3 – F711USQU2DVG7

Samsung has begun rolling out the August 2022 Android security patch for the first generation Galaxy Z Flip smartphones alongside a new software update. The update comes with some minor improvements and optimization to maintain the user experience.


    • Galaxy Z Flip – F700FTBS9GVH1


Galaxy S series

  • Galaxy S22 Series

The August 2022 security patch update started to roll out for the Samsung Galaxy devices, starting with the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra. The most up-to-date security patch is released for the topmost flagship Galaxy devices with system stability and reliability improvements.


    • Galaxy S22 – S901BXXU2AVG6
    • Galaxy S22+ – S906BXXU2AVG6
    • Galaxy S22 Ultra – S908BXXU2AVG6

United States [Carrier-unlocked]

    • Galaxy S22: S901U1UEU2AVG8
    • Galaxy S22+: S906U1UEU2AVG8
    • Galaxy S22 Ultra: S908U1UEU2AVG8
  • Galaxy S21 Series

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra are getting the August 2022 Android security patch update. Other than the system security improvements by installing the latest Android patches, Samsung is also bringing new app version updates to a handful of stock apps such as Notes, Wearable, and Wallet.


    • Galaxy S21 – G991BXXU5CVGB
    • Galaxy S21+ – G996BXXU5CVGB
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra – G998BXXU5CVGB

United States [T-Mobile]

    • Galaxy S21 – G991USQU5CVGB
    • Galaxy S21+ – G996USQU5CVGB
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra – G998USQU5CVGB

Asia [Malaysia]

    • Galaxy S21 – G991BXXU5CVGB
    • Galaxy S21+ – G996BXXU5CVGB
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra – G998BXXU5CVGB

August 2022 Android security patch update is rolling out to the Galaxy S21 FE smartphone users. It enhances the security and stability of the device and upgrades various stock apps in order to enrich the system’s performance in every possible aspect.


    • Galaxy S21 FE – G990EXXU3CVG7

United States [T-Mobile | Verizon]

    • Galaxy S21 FE – G990USQU3CVG1
  • Galaxy S20 Series

Samsung is rolling out the August 2022 Android security patch update for both 5G and LTE variants of the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra device owners. It brings just system security and stability improvements and nothing else.

Europe (5G)

    • Galaxy S20 – G981BXXUEFVG5
    • Galaxy S20+ – G986BXXUEFVG5
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra – G988BXXUEFVG5

Europe (LTE)

    • Galaxy S20 – G980FXXUEFVG5
    • Galaxy S20+ – G985FXXUEFVG5

United States [Carrier-unlocked]

    • Galaxy S20 – G981U1ES2DUG6
    • Galaxy S20+ – G986U1ES2DUG6
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra – G988U1ES2DUG6

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE LTE has begun receiving the August 2022 Android security patch update. This update brings minor improvements in order to maintain the customers’ experience.

Russia | Germany

    • Galaxy S20 FE (LTE) – G780FXXU9DVG5


Galaxy Note series

  • Galaxy Note 20 Series

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone users have begun collecting the latest software update that installs the August 2022 Android security patch.


    • Galaxy Note 20 – N981BXXU4FVGA
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – N986BXXU4FVGA

United States [Carrier-unlocked]

    • Galaxy Note 20 – N981U1UEU2FVG5
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – N986U1UEU2FVG5

United States [Verizon]

    • Galaxy Note 20 – N981USQS2FVG6
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra –N986USQS2FVG6
  • Galaxy Note 10 Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus received the August 2022 Android security patch update. The company is improving the reliability and some features of 9 Samsung One UI applications and updating them with the latest functionalities.


    • Galaxy Note 10 – N970FXXU8HVGA
    • Galaxy Note 10+ – N975FXXU8HVGA

Galaxy A series

  • Galaxy A23

Samsung is sending a new software update for the Galaxy A23 smartphones that installs the August 2022 Android security patch. This update comes with some system enhancements and Camera optimizations to provide users with uninterrupted performance.


    • Galaxy A23 – A235FXXU1AVG2
  • Galaxy A52 Series

The Galaxy A52s smartphones have now started receiving the August 2022 security update. In addition to a newer security patch dated August 2022, Samsung included major system and functional stability improvements with the OTA.

South Korea

    • Galaxy A52s – A528NKSU1CVG5

India | Europe

    • Galaxy A52s – A528BXXU1CVG7

Samsung has begun rolling out the Galaxy A52 August 2022 Android security patch update. It comes with improved system security that will further help in protecting your files from bugs and viruses and will keep your data safe.


    • Galaxy A52 – A525MUBU4BVG5
  • Galaxy A73

Samsung has begun pushing the August 2022 security update for Galaxy A73 5G users, which mainly enhances camera stability. The new update installs the latest Android patch to improve system security and stability.

Asia [Malaysia]

    • Galaxy A73 – A736BXXU2AVG3
  • Galaxy A32

Samsung has started dispatching the August 2022 Android security patch update for the Galaxy A32 smartphone users in South Korea. It upgrades a bunch of Samsung One UI applications to their newest versions to boost the overall device performance.

  • Galaxy A53

Samsung Galaxy A53 is gaining the August 2022 Android security patch update that brings some minor yet important optimization to the device’s system.

As per the report, the security of the device has been improved to provide users with better protection for their important files and data.


    • Galaxy A53 – A536EXXU3AVGA
  • Galaxy A33

Samsung keeps on improving the performance of the Galaxy A33 system by providing the August 2022 update. You might not notice any fancy new features or changes when you install this Android security update on your phone, but it’s very important nonetheless.

Hong Kong

    • Galaxy A33 – A3360ZHU3AVGA


    • Galaxy A33 – A336EDXU3AVH1

South Korea

    • Galaxy A33 – A336NKSU1AVH1

Galaxy M series

  • To be added!

Galaxy F series

  • To be added!

Galaxy Tab series

  • To be added!

Galaxy XCover series

  • To be added!
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