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[List] Samsung devices installing January 2022 Security Patch update



Samsung January 2022 Security Patch Update

Tracking from December 30th, 2021!

Google launched the official Android 12 in October 2021, and Samsung upgraded all of its eligible flagship Galaxy devices within just two months, becoming the faster update provider OEM.

While it’s impossible to beat Google in the distribution of a new Android version, BUT, Samsung is swiftly beating it in the Android security patch release, every month.

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Starting December 30, Samsung has begun the January 2022 security patch update rollout for the Galaxy devices in which the mid-range Galaxy A51 became the first.

Samsung January 2022 Security Patch Update

Moving ahead, the Korean tech giant is rapidly expanding the reach of this most up-to-date January 2022 security patch to more and more compatible Galaxy devices, with new s/w updates.

Below, you can check all the Samsung devices that are installing the January 2022 security patch and identification build version (s). Do note, we’ll update this article as soon as the latest patch reaches a new Galaxy device.

Samsung January 2022 Security Patch


Galaxy Z Series

  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
    • F926BXXS1BUL8
    • F926USQS1BULB – Verizon
    • F926BXXU1BVA9 – Updates 10 stock apps


  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
    • F711BXXS2BUL8
    • F711USQS2BULB – Verizon


  • Galaxy Fold
    • F900FXXU6GUL9
    • F907NKOU3GULB – Korea


  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
    • F916USQS2FULH – Verizon


Galaxy S Series

  • Galaxy S10 5G
    • G977BXXUBGVA4


  • Galaxy S20 series
    • Galaxy S20
      • G981U1UES2DUL2 – US Unlocked
      • G981BXXSCEUL9 – Europe
    • Galaxy S20+
      • G986U1UES2DUL2 – US Unlocked
      • G986BXXSCEUL9 – Europe
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra
      • G988U1UES2DUL2 – US Unlocked
      • G988BXXSCEUL9 – Europe
    • Galaxy S20 FE 5G
      • G781USQS6EVA9


  • Galaxy S21 series
    • Galaxy S21
      • G991U1UES4BULE – US Unlocked
      • G991USQU5BULJ – Verizon US
    • Galaxy S21+
      • G996U1UES4BULE – US Unlocked
      • G996USQU5BULJ – Verizon US
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra
      • G998U1UES4BULE – US Unlocked
      • G998USQU5BULJ – Verizon US
    • Galaxy S21 FE
      • G990EXXU1BUL5
      • G990U1UEU2BUL8 (US)


  • Galaxy S10 series
    • G970FXXUEGVA4 – Galaxy S10e
    • G973FXXUEGVA4 – Galaxy S10
    • G975FXXUEGVA4 – Galaxy S10+
    • G770FXXS6FVA1/G770U1UES6EVA2 – Galaxy S10 Lite


Galaxy Note Series

  • Galaxy Note 9
    • N960USQS9FVA1
    • N960U1UES9FVA1


  • Galaxy Note 10 series
    • Galaxy Note 10 – N970FXXU7GULD
    • Galaxy Note 10 Plus – N975FXXU7GULD
    • Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G – N976BXXU7GULD
    • Galaxy Note 10 Lite – N770FXXU8FUL7


  • Galaxy Note 20 series
    • Galaxy Note 20 – N981USQS2EULH | N981BXXS3EULH
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – N986USQS2EULH | N986BXXS3EULH


Galaxy A Series

  • Galaxy A11
    • A115FXXS2BVA1 – Philippines


  • Galaxy A31
    • A315FXXU1CVA1 – Russia


  • Galaxy A51 5G
    • A516BXXU5CUL9 – Europe, Taiwan, and the UK


  • Galaxy A41
    • A415FXXU1CVA3 – Russia


  • Galaxy A10
    • A105FDDS7CVA2 – India


  • Galaxy A12
    • A125MUBS2BVA1 – India


  • Galaxy A40
    • A405FNXXU4CUL2 – Germany


  • Galaxy A80
    • A805FXXS6DVA1 – France


  • Galaxy A71
    • A715FXXS8BVA4 – Brazil


  • Galaxy A32
    • A325MUBS2AVA1 – Brazil


  • Galaxy A50
    • A505GTUBS9CVA1 – Brazil


  • Galaxy A20
    • A205U1UESBCVA1 – US (unlocked)


  • Galaxy A01
    • A015FXXS5BUL1


  • Galaxy A51
    • A515FXXU5EUL3


  • Galaxy A22
    • A225MUBS3AUL5


  • Galaxy A03s
    • A037MUBS2AVA2


Galaxy M Series

  • Galaxy M62


Galaxy F Series

  • Galaxy F62


Galaxy Tab Series

  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
    • P615XXS4DUL5


  • Galaxy Tab S7, S7+
    • CVA5 – Korea


Galaxy XCover Series

  • So far, no Galaxy XCover series device received January 2022 update.

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Samsung Galaxy A32 May 2023 update improves SOS function



Samsung Galaxy A32 May 2023 update

Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone received May 2023 security patch in several markets. Now, we’re in June 2023 and Samsung is still sending a new update with May 2023 security update for Galaxy A32 but now is it available in Europe.

The latest update of Galaxy A32 brings improvements to the functions of Safety and Emergency. As per the changelog, the update enhances the Emergency SOS usability by making it always active and providing an option for turning on/off the Countdown function.

In addition to this, the company also updated the location confirmation accuracy function related to emergency rescue. It optimizes the stability of your smartphone to make it more secure.

Samsung Galaxy A32 May 2023 update

May 2023 security update for Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone comes with version One UI build version A325NKSU3DWE3 in Europe including Luxembourg. The update is based on One UI 5.1, so make sure to install this major version if you haven’t installed the update.

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To check the update, visit your Galaxy device’s System Settings, once done, scroll down and tap the Software update tab, followed by the Download and install button. If you have received the update on your device then install it now to get error free experience.

Samsung Galaxy A32 May 2023 update

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Samsung Galaxy A22 4G grabs May 2023 One UI update



Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

Samsung has now started rolling out May 2023 security update to the Galaxy A22 4G. This software is rolling out in Brazil, which follows the last rollout that happened three weeks ago for the 5G model.

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According to the info, Samsung May 2023 update for Galaxy A22 4G carries PDA build version A225MUBS5CWE1. As the rollout is currently happening in Brazil, consumers in other markets will get it shortly.

The May 2023 One UI patch comes with fixes for 21 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items along with more than 58 common vulnerability exposures by Google.

Launched back in June 2021, the A22 smartphone has completed its major software update support with Android 13. It is now only eligible for new security patches on a quarterly basis until June 2024.

How to update your Galaxy? – First, open System Settings, followed by Software update section. Once done, you have to hit the Download and install tab to begin firmware download from Samsung’s server.

Samsung Galaxy A22 May 2023 update

| Source |

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Samsung Galaxy A52 and A23 join June 2023 security update party



Samsung Galaxy A23 A52 June 2023 update

Samsung has recently started releasing June 2023 security patch and now the company is regularly rolling out updates for more Galaxy devices. Right now, Samsung Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A23 smartphones are grabbing June 2023 security update.

June 2023 security update installs the latest Android security patch to improve system security and privacy. The company mentioned over 50 vulnerabilities exposures which include 3 critical, and 47 high-level of CVEs. It fixes issues related to CC Mode, Exynos, and Knox ID to provide a better experience.

Latest Firmware

Samsung is releasing June 2023 security update for Galaxy A23 and Galaxy A52 smartphones with the One UI build version mentioned below.

  • Galaxy A23 – A235FXXU3CWE4 [Germany]
  • Galaxy A52 – A525MUBS6DWE2 [Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, and Trinidad & Tobago]

Samsung Galaxy A23 A52 June 2023 update

At the moment, the fresh update for these Galaxy devices is currently available in limited countries and could soon expand to more markets.

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If you have received the notification of the update then install it now to get a bug-free experience. You can also check the update by visiting the Settings app on your smartphone and opening the Software Update section.

Now, click on the Download and install option. If any update is available, you can follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your Galaxy smartphone.

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