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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Korea pre-order benefits, pricing revealed



Along with the exclusive Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Samsung introduces Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 +, and the huge Tab S8 Ultra. The line with the biggest boldest display and most powerful performance Galaxy Tab S has ever offered. The Galaxy Tab S8 series offers different immersion levels with a smaller screen, a thinner frame, and thickness.


Galaxy Tab S8 features:

The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus model has a 12.7-inch OLED (2800 x 1752 pixels) screen. The 120Hz screen refresh rate Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 8GB RAM, and 128/256GB storage. And the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra packs in up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage, and all three models offer up to 1TB.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Android 12

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Tab S8 Plus both come with a new and improved S Pen that uses a prediction algorithm for ultra-low latency – providing an incredible writing experience that mimics gliding a pen across paper.

Here’s what you need to know about the pre-order benefits of the Galaxy Tab S8 series.

For the official launch on the 25th of this month, Samsung Electronics will pre-order from the 10th to the 15th. Customers purchasing during this period will receive up to 880,000 won worth benefits, which includes genuine tablets that improve tablet usability, collaboration tools, and content testing.

Those who buy the ‘Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’ will get 1 of 3 genuine covers including keyboard book cover, book cover, and standing protective cover and customers who buy the S8 + and S8 will get 1 of 4 genuine covers including Noteview cover. Discounts up to KRW 207,000 are provided.

Each customer who purchases the ‘Galaxy Tab S8 series’ will receive a coupon to up to KRW 138,000 on one product selected from a genuine Bluetooth mouse, 45W PD charger, and ‘Galaxy Buds Live’.

Some additional benefits:

  • Samsung Care Plus 6-month subscription
  • Kakao S Pen silicone cover 1 type
  • Disney Plus 3-month subscription
  • Tutoring 2-month subscription
  • Samsung Edu up to 1-year lecture
  • Clip Studio Paint EX 6-month subscription for free do.
  • you can download the Hancom Office pass for free from Galaxy Store
  • 1-year Microsoft 365 Personal pass for 4,900 won on purchase of Galaxy Tab S8

Galaxy Tab S8 series price:

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra comes in a graphite color and is available in Wi-Fi and 5G models. Depending on the memory specifications, the Wi-Fi version is 1,378,300 won (8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory), 1,58,100 won (12GB, 256GB), 1,708,300 won (16GB, 512GB), the 5G model Silver is 1, Won 58,500. 8 GB, 128 GB), 1,708,300 won (12 GB, 256 GB) and 1,908,500 won (16 GB, 512 GB).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series

Galaxy Tab S8 and S8 + will be released in three colors, including graphite, silver and pink gold, as well as Wi-Fi and 5G models. The price of the ‘Galaxy Tab S8 +’ ranges from 1,098,900 won (Wi-Fi / 8 GB, 128 GB) to 1,428,900 won (5G / 12 GB, 256 GB) depending on memory and network specifications and ‘Galaxy Tab S8 ‘costs from 8,49,200 won (Wi-Fi / 8 GB, 128 GB) to 1,79,200 won (5G / 12 GB, 256 GB).

How to purchase:

You can buy the Galaxy Tab S8 series from the Samsung Electronics website, Galaxy Campus Store, 11st Street, Coupang, Gmarket, digital plazas, Hi-Mart, and Electronic Land nationwide and Nave.

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Mark Zuckerberg: Apple’s Vision Pro is ‘not the one that I want’



Meta Quest 3

At WWDC23, Apple introduced the Vision Pro as the vision of the future of computing. Meanwhile, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says (without mentioning Vision Pro) that it ‘could be the vision of the future of computing, but like, it’s not one that I want.’

According to TheVerge, Mark Zuckerberg cited in a companywide meeting that Apple’s device didn’t present any major breakthroughs in technology that Meta hadn’t “already explored” In addition, the CEO hinted that Meta’s Quest 3 headset will be much cheaper, at $499.

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Mark added that the Quest is about “people interacting in new ways and feeling closer” while also “about being active and doing things.” “By contrast, every demo that they showed was a person sitting on a couch by themself,” he said of Apple’s WWDC keynote earlier this week.

For a long time, Facebook’s parent company has been trying to position itself as a leader in the virtual and augmented reality space. Just a few days before Apple’s announcement of Vision Pro, Meta unveiled their Quest 3, which will start shipping this fall.

You can read Zuckerberg’s full remarks about Apple’s headset below:

Apple finally announced their headset, so I want to talk about that for a second. I was really curious to see what they were gonna ship. And obviously I haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll learn more as we get to play with it and see what happens and how people use it.

From what I’ve seen initially, I’d say the good news is that there’s no kind of magical solutions that they have to any of the constraints on laws of physics that our teams haven’t already explored and thought of. They went with a higher resolution display, and between that and all the technology they put in there to power it, it costs seven times more and now requires so much energy that now you need a battery and a wire attached to it to use it. They made that design trade-off and it might make sense for the cases that they’re going for.

But look, I think that their announcement really showcases the difference in the values and the vision that our companies bring to this in a way that I think is really important. We innovate to make sure that our products are as accessible and affordable to everyone as possible, and that is a core part of what we do. And we have sold tens of millions of Quests.

More importantly, our vision for the metaverse and presence is fundamentally social. It’s about people interacting in new ways and feeling closer in new ways. Our device is also about being active and doing things. By contrast, every demo that they showed was a person sitting on a couch by themself. I mean, that could be the vision of the future of computing, but like, it’s not the one that I want. There’s a real philosophical difference in terms of how we’re approaching this. And seeing what they put out there and how they’re going to compete just made me even more excited and in a lot of ways optimistic that what we’re doing matters and is going to succeed. But it’s going to be a fun journey.

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Netflix sees subscribers spike in the US, courtesy of new password sharing policies




Netflix has seen a huge spike in new subscribers in the US, following its new password-sharing policies. Data analytics company Antenna reports that Netflix recorded a significant increase in subscribers in the four days after it notified users about its paid sharing policies.

According to the data, daily signups rose to 73,000, marking a 102 percent increase over Netflix’s previous 60-day average. The streamer also added 100,000 subscribers on May 26 and 27. This is a huge development Netflix reported once the Covid-19 lockdowns went into effect in March and April 2020.

Netflix password-sharing policies

The new password-sharing policies ask Netflix subscribers to pay an extra $7.99 per month to share their account with up to two people who live outside their household. There were reports that the platform may face a huge cancellation, but signups surpassed the cancellations.

Earlier this year, the OTT platform released paid sharing in several countries including Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. Notably, Netflix revealed during its recent earnings call that its subscriber base in Canada is “now growing faster than in the US.”

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Alleged Samsung One UI 5.1.1 Settings UI revealed by US authority



One UI 5.1.1 Settings UI

Samsung One UI 5.1.1 is set to go official with the next-gen foldable phones in July 2023. Besides foldables, Samsung will also launch the Galaxy Tab S9 series, which will also be equipped with Android 13-based One UI 5.1.1.

In a recent development, FCC, a US authority, published the certification of approval for the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. At the same time, tipster @_snoopytech_ posted an alleged screenshot showing off One UI 5.1.1 Settings UI.

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The screenshot (embedded below) shows the device got tested by the FCC on May 15 and received approval.  The model number SM-X810 confirms that it’s going to be sold as Galaxy Tab S9 Plus, the middle sibling of the lineup.

In the landscape mode, One UI 5.1.1 continues to offer the same US as One UI 5. All functions are same and there’s no change in their icons too. However, the improvements may reflect in user experience instead of visible tweaks.

Samsung One UI 5.1.1 Settings UI

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