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Download and install One UI 4.0 (Android 12) fonts on your Samsung phone – Google Sans Font



Bringing the latest Android 12 along with One UI 4.0 has reached a huge number of Samsung fans. Absolutely, the One UI 4.0 version offers a huge package of new features and changes, making the whole mobile experience even more delightful.

Adding to this, to add more fun to Galaxy smartphones Samsung brings the Good Lock 2022. This app introduces several excellent services including modules and apps that make the One UI software system highly customizable.

Nevertheless, still, one thing that is missing out, that Samsung has not provided to is Galaxy users is an option for choosing Fonts. So, if you want to change your old or default Samsung font, you are at the right place. In this article, we’ll explain to you how to install Google Sans Font for Samsung Galaxy devices.

Interestingly, these fonts can be downloaded and installed on any Samsung Galaxy phone running One UI 4.0 to One UI 1.0. You can install any font using the .TTF file format. These include Google Sans, Roboto, Product Sans, Rubik and more.

Thanks to undertakings like Flipfont and zFont 3, it is now possible to install ay font or .TTF font on any Samsung device.

How to download font files in TTF format?

The FlipFont app will use introduces the installation of custom fonts using the .TTF extension. That is why it is important that you download fonts from the web only in .TTF format. You can also use stock fonts listed in the app, such as Samsung Sans or 1800+ stock flip fonts.

Here we have listed the most popular fonts in the Android community. One such font is Google Sans Font which is exclusive to Pixel smartphones.

Download the Font Installer app for Samsung One UI 4

There are two known font apps available for Samsung Galaxy devices that can install the latest One UI 4 update or compatible fonts on One UI 3 (Android 11), One UI 2 (Android 10) or OG One UI (including Android 9).

Download one of the following Font changer apps:

Install any font on the Samsung Galaxy phone using zFont 3

  • Make sure your phone has a Samsung account signed in to back up the settings.
  • Download and install the zFont 3 app from the top.
  • Launch the ZFont 3 app.
  • Go to the “Dashboard” tab.
  • Select language.
  • Search for any font like “Google Sans”.
  • Select and Apply.

Follow the steps listed in the app. (Requirements)

  • It prompts you to install the Samsung Sans font.
  • Update the application.
  • Apply Samsung Sans font from the phone settings.
    Backup “Settings”. Just select “Settings”.
  • Uninstall Samsung Sans fonts.

Now, change the How-to section

  • Select “Install Google Sans Fonts”
  • Now, change the font to default.
  • Select the Restore Data option and just tick Settings.

Alternatively, you can download the TTF font file and apply it using the last “Local” tab.

  • “Select TTF File” from the Custom TTF section
  • Tab “Load TTF”.
  • Tab the Install Custom Font option.
  • It is necessary to uninstall and install the Samsung Sans font.
  • Restore settings from Samsung. Tick ​​”Settings only”.
  • It must have a custom font installed on your device.

Install any font for Samsung Galaxy phone using Flipfont

  • Download and install the FlipFont APK from here (direct link). OR from the downloads repository.
  • Download any font from the download section above.
  • Extract the zip file to get the .ttf font. Look for a simple font.
  • Move the font file to the phone storage located at this location: monofonts/ttf
  • If it does not exist, create a ttf folder.
  • Launch the FlipFont app on your Samsung phone. It should be named #mono_
  • Make sure your phone has a Samsung account signed in to back up the settings.
  • Click on Install. Install Samsung Sans font.
  • Click on the option. Select Samsung Sans font.
  • Back up “Settings” to your Samsung cloud. Just tick “Settings”.
  • “Select TTF File” from the Custom TTF section
  • Click “Load TTF”.
  • Click the Install Custom Font option.
  • It is necessary to uninstall and install the Samsung Sans font.
  • Restore settings from Samsung. Tick ​​”Settings only”.
  • It must have a custom font installed on your device.

Note: For Backup & Restore, just go to Settings -> Accounts & Backup -> Backup & Restore -> Backup Data -> “Settings”.

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Top 5 cool Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hacks



Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra introduces the intelligent One UI 5.1 software, which packs wonderful new features. Today, I’m sharing the top 5 cool Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hacks, which you can try to get tasks done and fix mistakes that you made unknowingly.

Image Clipper

Image Clipper feature enables the creation of stickers and the editing of stories or images, without the need to download any 3rd party app to your Galaxy S23 Ultra. All you have to do is press the image or object to remember and select the copy option, it’s that easy, you can send it as a sticker or add it to another photo.

One UI 5.1 Image Clipper

Create GIF

With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, to make GIFs, you only have to press and hold the shutter button and slide it down to capture a burst of photos, then access your gallery, the GIF option will be in the dots and that’s it, you can save, and share it with your contacts.

Samsung One UI 5.1 GIF Remaster

Remove objects

To remove unwanted objects from your photos, all you have to do is open the photo editor from your gallery and you will find an option that says “Object eraser.” Thanks to the advanced algorithm of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you only have to touch a part of the person or object to delete and it will automatically be selected.

Finally, you must click on delete and it will disappear from your image. Also in the Gallery, you will find the option to ‘Remaster image’, this will correct all the details automatically and will show you the before and after.

Samsung Galaxy Object Eraser

View deleted messages

To do this, you must go to the settings section, and select the following options:

  • Notifications
  • Advanced settings
  • Activate ‘Notification history’

Now, every time you receive a message in any messaging app or social network, it will be saved in history, and even if it is deleted, you will be able to see it again.

Shortcuts to your favorite apps

It has happened to all of us that suddenly we lose sight of our favorite app and we have to look for it. To avoid this stressful moment, you can create shortcuts to your favorite applications such as Facebook or Instagram. To avoid looking for the app, entering it, and later to your inbox, here is the super hack.

The first option is to press the Instagram icon, which will display the following menu: camera, view activity, new post, and chats. There you can choose the option you want or drag any of those options to the start so that it opens directly.

Samsung shortcuts home screen

How many hacks you are already aware of on your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? Share yours with us via social media. Follow our socials → Google News, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook

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How to activate hidden anti-theft feature in your Samsung Galaxy



Samsung S22 battery life

One UI brings a hidden anti-theft feature for your Samsung Galaxy device, letting you secure your data in case of theft or misplacement. If you have a Samsung device and are worried about your sensitive data’s security, One UI’s Auto Factory Reset is here to help.

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For starters, Auto Factory Reset is usually an avoided yet hidden anti-theft feature on Samsung Galaxy, which becomes quite useful when you mistakenly lose or misplace your smartphone. Let’s check out the steps and details about this feature to ensure the best data security on Galaxy.

Auto Factory Reset

By default, the Auto Factory Reset comes disabled with your Samsung Galaxy device. When you enable it, your device will be set to automatically reset to factory settings if it detects 20 incorrect unlock attempts in a row including PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint, and face data.

It sounds pretty impressive. In case you lose your device or it gets stolen, the person who tries to unlock it will trigger an auto factory reset unknowingly. The biggest benefit of this feature is the security and privacy of your phone’s data including photos, videos, and documents.

Here’s how to activate

You can find this hidden security feature in your phone’s Settings menu. Just navigate toward System Settings, then enter the Lock screen section, followed by Secure lock settings. Once done, enter your password and turn on the Auto Factory Reset feature using the button.

We recommend you create a backup of your phone’s important data and files before enabling this feature. In case you forget the unlock credential of your phone, it won’t be easy to get access back. And if you or someone else make 20 incorrect attempts in a row, say goodbye to the data, apps, and everything.


Since the feature resets your smartphone to factory settings, accounts that you had logged in to before will also be removed. It will remove your Samsung Account and Google Account from your phone, making it impossible to track the phone’s location using the Find My Device service.

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How to turn on Light Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone



Samsung Galaxy S23 big Camera update

Debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, the Light mode is a function that improves the phone’s performance by adjusting its processing speed and ensures optimum battery consumption.

When operating in Light mode, your Samsung Galaxy S23 device uses less power compared to normal mode with no impact on usage. You can continue to browse the internet, and social media, make phone calls or play videos.

Apart from the Galaxy S23 series, the South Korean tech giant brought the Light mode feature to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable phones. Notably, Light mode does not apply if any game app is running.

Using deep machine learning, the Galaxy S23’s Light mode prioritizes your battery life and cooling efficiency over processing speed. It enables your phone to use less energy in order to save battery life without affecting general use.

Using the Light mode feature, you can significantly extend the battery life of your Galaxy S23 smartphone, even without compromising performance, which becomes frustrating in battery saver mode.

How to activate Light mode

Step 1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu.

Step 2. Tap ‘Battery and device care’.

Step 3. Tap ‘Battery’ settings.

Step 4. Tap ‘More battery settings’.

Step 5. Tap ‘Performance profile’.

Step 6. Tap ‘Light’.

How to get Light mode in Quick panel

Step 1. Swipe down the main menu to open the quick panel and Tap Add button.

Step 2. Press and hold ‘Performance profile’ and drag onto quick panel.

Step 3. Tap “Done”.

Step 4. Tap ‘Performance profile’ to turn on or turn off.

If you don’t have Galaxy S23 or Samsung’s latest foldable phone, sadly, you can’t access the Light mode feature. However, the company should consider sharing the feature with older flagship Galaxy devices via firmware update.

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