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Here’s what Samsung One UI Book 4 can do for your Windows PC



Samsung’s One UI 4, bring users to get customization options all the time. A wealth of theme options allow users to customize the look and performance of their device, providing them with tools for customizing their home screens, icons, notifications, wallpapers, and much more.

With One UI 4, you can get a customized mobile experience to meet your unique needs and express your personality. With so many new Color Palettes to choose from, you can change the look and feel of everything from your home screen to the icons, menu, button and background.

However, Samsung also adds the taste One UI 4 mobile interface design to its Galaxy Book series Windows laptops. With the new design, changes appear in Samsung Windows apps such as Samsung Notes, Samsung Gallery and Samsung Settings.

Samsung One UI Book 4

The changes are developed to make it easier to switch between the two, to match the mobile interface that Samsung is bringing to its latest Android phones.

The major Samsung settings app has been redesigned to better adjust to design changes in Windows 11 with new app icons, menu layouts and more. Samsung’s Notes app also gets a new menu layout, updated icons and refreshed folders.

The Samsung Gallery App One is the latest app to be updated with UI 4 changes and has a dark mode to match Windows 11 themes.

Although Microsoft has changed its design terminology with Windows 11, the changes Samsung has made here will give its Windows apps a more mobile-like UI. Samsung calls this One UI Book 4 and it will be available on Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Flex2, Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Odyssey.

Samsung One UI Book 4 Features

  1. Complete the Tablet Mode facelift on the 360. Now, this is the worst tablet experience, finally select Tab S7. Make the app look like DEX instead of DEX. For a real Android experience as the apps are already working full screen.
  2. The Note app needs a landscape mode on tablet laptops to get the full benefit of screen real estate. Not user-friendly on 360 PC. The SNote is better than ever.
  3. Make the Samsung Members app available on 360 models with a full PC check-up. Self-testing of all your components is a must after Windows throws out a terrible update.
  4. Samsung Voice Note convert to text feature is shareable and can be edited on Samsung Note and other apps.
  5. The screen recorder makes the commenter window a little bigger, adding a few more shapes or some direct messaging features.
  6. The Air Command menu offers the same functionality as the smart selection tool on note phones and Samsung tablets.
  7. Improved integration with Samsung Cloud using the Gallery app instead of OneDrive.

Samsung’s design effort on Windows came from years of a close partnership between Microsoft and Samsung. The couple first partnered to bring Android and Windows together, making the result very unique to Samsung devices called your phone.

Samsung has also integrated OneDrive support into its mobile apps, and Microsoft has adopted its own Office app for Samsung Galaxy Fold devices. Microsoft and Samsung have also entered into a separate partnership for the Xbox Game Pass on Android.

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One UI

Unlocking the hidden Samsung Keyboard Extract Text feature in One UI 5.1



Samsung Keyboard

Have you ever found yourself needing to copy text from an image, but struggled to do so without having to type it out manually? You might be surprised to know that your Galaxy phone’s keyboard has a secret feature that could solve this problem. Say hello to the Extract Text feature, available on Samsung Keyboard with One UI 5.1.

At first glance, the One UI’s keyboard app may seem like any other standard keyboard. However, the Samsung Keyboard is equipped with some incredibly useful features that you may not be aware of such as the Extract Text, thanks to the One UI 5.1 for this game-changing addition.

So, how does it work?

First, make sure you have the latest version of Samsung Keyboard and One UI 5.1 installed on your device. Once that’s done, open the image containing the text you want to extract. You can do this by taking a photo of the text or opening an image file that contains the text.

Next, open the Samsung Keyboard and tap on the “Pen” icon to access the editing options. You’ll see several options, but the one you’re looking for is the Extract Text feature, represented by an icon of a text box with a dotted line around it.

Tap on this, and you’ll be prompted to select the area of the image containing the text you want to extract. Use your finger to drag over the text, and then release. Voila! The extracted text will appear in a pop-up window. What makes the Extract Text feature so awesome is its ability to save you time and hassle.

Imagine needing to extract a phone number or email address from a flyer or brochure. With this feature, you can easily copy and paste the text without having to type it out manually, which can be especially helpful when you’re on the go.

It’s worth noting that the feature isn’t perfect and may not work well with the blurry or distorted text. However, it’s still a handy tool to have at your disposal.

In conclusion, the Extract Text feature is a hidden gem that can make your life easier. It’s a perfect example of how Samsung’s innovative technology can help streamline your daily tasks. So the next time you’re struggling to copy text from an image, remember to give this feature a try!


There are two ways of using this feature:

  1. Long press on any input-field and tap the “Extract text” option
  2. Open the keyboard on any input-field and select the “Extract text” toolbar option

How to access in Samsung Keyboard?

  1. Tap the “Extract Text” icon on the keyboard toolbar
  2. Long press on any input-field, and select the “Extract Text” menu option
  3. Long press on any input field or open through the toolbar to scan only the phone number.

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One UI 5.1

Samsung One UI 5.1 Features: Camera, Gallery, Widgets, Text Call and more



Samsung Software Info

Samsung One UI 5.1 is a refined variant of the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 software. The Galaxy S23 series comes preinstalled with the latest One UI version, while the company shared select new features with several Galaxy devices through a firmware update. Below, you can check Samsung One UI 5.1 features.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Features

Samsung’s new software consists of the latest Android 13-based One UI 5.1 enhancements for your Galaxy. There are several new features on the changelog, which take your Samsung device to the next level when it comes to usability and performance.


There are several minor improvements in the Camera app such as the integration of Expert RAW on supported models. Meanwhile, the One UI 5.1 makes it quite easier to change the color tone (Natural or Bright) of your selfie picture from the Effects menu at the top of the screen.

One UI 5.1 Features selfie color tone


One UI 5.0 brought great new multitasking features and the One UI 5.1 brings further refinements. When resizing the pop-up view, with an added pre-defined line, you can now drag the window’s guideline towards the top of the screen to enlarge or towards the inside to minimize.

Moreover, you’ll see icons of apps you’ve used recently and a section for Most used apps that will display the apps you use most often in split view. These kinds of minor changes are the part of One UI 5.1 update, which greatly enhances usability and productivity.

One UI 5.1 Features split view


Samsung’s Remaster feature now supports GIF files too, so you can upscale your low-resolution GIFs. Just open any GIF in the Samsung Gallery app, tap the Remaster button available inside the hamburger menu, and let AI do the rest of the work!

iOS 16-inspired Extract Text feature debuted with the One UI 5.0, letting you select and copy test content from images or directly from the camera viewfinder. Taking it a step ahead, the One UI 5.1 makes it possible to select and copy text from video as well so you can use it anywhere.

One UI 5.1 Features video text extract

When you select the details of an image or a video, in landscape mode you can see both the picture and the details at the same time for your convenience. Here’s how: Select an image or video from the Gallery > select the three dots for more options > select details > position your device in landscape mode.

One UI 5.1 Features photo details


Thanks to the better use of AI, One UI 5.1 now suggests the best video clip as your wallpaper selection when you select a video to use as your wallpaper. Here’s how: Open Wallpaper > Select a video from your Gallery > the best moment will be suggested in “Trim” > If you like the suggestion, you don’t need to trim it again.

One UI 5.1’s Gallery app has a Google Photos-inspired feature, which Samsung calls People management. When there are people groups that are analyzed as the same person or the same type, you will receive recommendations to integrate them into one group.


Another stuff derived from the Stock Android and Apple’s iOS is Battery Status Widget. As showcased at the One UI 5.0 launch, the Battery Status Widgets arrive with the One UI 5.1 update. There are two different styles for home screen widgets, displaying the battery status of the phone and connected devices.

In addition to the new Battery Widget, the One UI 5.1 brings enhancements to the Weather Widget. Details and more useful information will be displayed for the weather when you launch the Weather Widget, such as severe weather alerts and details of daily weather summaries and predictions.

One UI 5.1 Features weather widget

Samsung Internet

You can now browse the internet from another device if both devices you have are signed in with the same Samsung account and data is synced. This can be done in Settings > Samsung account > Sync settings > Enable “Samsung Internet”. You will receive a Samsung Internet pop-up on the screen > click it to continue browsing the internet.

AR Zone

One UI 5.1 makes the AR Zone feature even more advanced and fun. Now, you can add a second AR Emoji in a single sticker. Customize each emoji and then combine them as you prefer. Add actions and expressions: Make your stickers come to life by giving each emoji its own action and expression.

Bixby Text Call

One UI 5.1 brings the long-awaited English language support to the Bixby Text Call feature. Once it is downloaded, Bixby Text Call is ready for you to use. Open Phone app > More options > Settings > Bixby text call > enable Bixby text call > the download screen will pop up > select download.

One UI 5.1 Features bixby text call

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One UI

How to add, remove, and edit widgets on your Samsung Galaxy S23



Samsung introduced new widgets with the Galaxy S23 series smartphones as it came pre-installed with the latest version of One UI – One UI 5.1. The company has added these new widgets to more devices with the One UI 5.1 update.

A widget is an easy way to know any information directly from your smartphone’s home screen. Samsung offers widgets of several apps and features to Galaxy devices and the company adds more app widgets to get more on the home screen.

One UI 5.1 brings a new Battery Widget, Dynamic Weather Widget, and a new Contact Widget type. In addition, the company enhances the Smart Suggestion widget as it can now recommend Spotify music and playlists that match your activity.

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Let’s see how you can add, remove or edit Widgets on your Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone.

How to add a Widget?

You can easily add a widget on the Home screen of your Galaxy S23 smartphone, just need to follow the steps below.

  • Pinch in on the Home Screen
  • Click on the Widget option

samsung Galaxy S23 widget

  • Now, tap on the app or feature you want.

samsung Galaxy S23 widget

  • Select the widget type.
  • Press Add button.

  • You can now use and see this widget on the Home screen.


How to Remove?

Follow the steps to remove the Widget:

  • Tap and hold the Widget that you want to delete
  • Click on the Remove option.

samsung Galaxy S23 widget

Edit Widgets 

First of all, open Settings >> Tap on Lock Screen >> Click on Widgets >> Press Reorder Option >> Now you can adjust the order as you want to see on Lock Screen.

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