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Congrats! After Google, Samsung becomes the fastest Android 12 (One UI 4.0) update provider in 2021



Samsung Android 12

Google first released the official version of Android 12 operating system in October 2021. While the new OS debuted pre-installed with Google’s latest Pixel flagship lineup, other eligible Pixel phones have received it through software update, within a few days.

Samsung, on the other hand, has significantly enhanced its software development as well as rollout segment, as result, Galaxy devices are now receiving new Android security updates even ahead of the Android maker, every month.

When it comes to the Android 12 update rollout, Samsung defeated every competitor including China as all the compatible flagship Galaxy devices have started getting the major software update in just 2021.

Samsung Android 12


However, the Korean tech giant had begun the official Android 12 release starting November 15 with Galaxy S21 series. Meanwhile, Samsung also vanished all the users reported issues just within a short tenure by pulling the Android 12 release.

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 are Samsung’s luckiest smartphone lineups as they are receiving an additional (third) Android OS upgrade this year, all credits go to the new software update policy 2020.

Besides smartphones, the company’s latest flagship tablet lineup – Galaxy Tab S7 has also upgraded to Android 12 in select regions. Within a few smartphone lineups, Samsung just upgraded over a dozen models, belonging to around 100 million people.

It’s now mid-rangers’ turn?

In addition to flagship/expensive smartphones and tablets, Samsung also captured the mid-range and budget smartphone markets in several regions including the US, Europe and India (realme becoming a new threat) with offerings from the Galaxy A, Galaxy M and Galaxy F lines.

As the company has impressively started the stable One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 update distribution, it looks like, it won’t wait too long in order to shift the focus on the remaining Galaxies. We can expect, the 2021’s famous Galaxy A phones such as the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52s and Galaxy A72 will soon get the Android 12 upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72

One UI 4.1 coming too!

Samsung is preparing to introduce its next Galaxy S flagship lineup somewhere in February next year. If the history is any indication, the upcoming Galaxy S22 series devices will come pre-installed with the latest Android 12 OS, while a new version of its Android skin – One UI 4.1 instead of the current 4.0.

This upcoming version of Samsung One UI is likely to bring some new features alongside further optimization with the latest Android 12 OS. Just a few days after first introducing the One UI 4.1, Samsung will distribute it to several Galaxy devices, starting with flagships upgraded to Android 12.

One UI 4.1 Device List

Coming back to 4.0, do note that, Samsung is currently rolling out the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 update to all eligible flagship Galaxy devices in a handful of markets as part of first ensuring the stability of this new firmware. Have you received the Android 12 update on your Samsung device? Share your Galaxy experience with us!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2022! ūüôā


These Samsung devices receiving Android 12

  • Galaxy S21 series
    1. Galaxy S21 5G
    2. Galaxy S21+ 5G
    3. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G


  • Galaxy Z3 series
    1. Galaxy Z Fold 3
    2. Galaxy Z Flip 3


  • Galaxy Note 20 series
    1. Galaxy Note 20 LTE/5G
    2. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra LTE/4G


  • Galaxy S20 series
    1. Galaxy S20 LTE/5G
    2. Galaxy S20 FE LTE/5G
    3. Galaxy S2+ LTE/5G
    4. Galaxy S20 Ultra LTE/5G


  • Galaxy Note 10 series
    1. Galaxy Note 10
    2. Galaxy Note 10+
    3. Galaxy Note 10+ 5G


  • Galaxy S10 series
    1. Galaxy S10e
    2. Galaxy S10
    3. Galaxy S10 5G
    4. Galaxy S10+


  • Galaxy Z Flip/Fold series
    1. Galaxy Fold
    2. Galaxy Z Fold 2
    3. Galaxy Z Flip LTE/5G

  • Galaxy Tab S series
    1. Galaxy Tab S7
    2. Galaxy Tab S7+

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Samsung brings high-definition image standard tech HDR10+ for IPTV and gaming



Samsung HDR10+ game fields

Samsung has partnered with KT, NVIDIA, and Amazon to expand the high-definition image standard tech HDR10+ to Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and gaming in order to provide the best display viewing in others fields as well.

Led by Samsung, HDR10+ is a technology that offers enhanced colors, contrast, and brightness for each scene on TV or mobile devices to enhance the three-dimensional effect of images. It produces a better dynamic range and shows up to a billion colors compared to regular videos.

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At CES this year, Samsung officially announced the HDR10+ gaming-specific standard and applied it to TVs and monitors introduced this year. Now KT plans to bring HDR10+ to its new set-top box sometime in the first quarter of next year.

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Additionally, the third-generation Apple TV 4K, which is a powerful entertainment device that boasts excellent cinema-level visual beauty and fast performance, and the Apple TV app built into Samsung TVs will also support HDR10+ video.

Samsung HDR10+ game fields

Other than these, Amazon Fire TV also adopted this high-definition image standard in September, whereas, NVIDIA announced support for the HDR10+ gaming standard on GeForce RTX and GeForce GTX 16 series graphics cards and laptops on November 16.

Samsung launched a company named ‘HDR10+ Technology LLC’ in 2018 to expand the HDR10+ ecosystem and provide free support for the technology for HDR10+ certification, logo program operation, and content production.

Resultantly, there are now more than 6,000 certified products launched by 142 member companies worldwide. Now more Samsung and other devices including IPTV and gaming are set to get HDR10+ support.

Yong Seok-woo, vice president of Samsung Electronics said –

“HDR10+, a high-definition video standard technology developed by Samsung Electronics, is consistently selected by the best IPTV service providers and game companies at home and abroad. It will contribute to the development of the content industry.”


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Breaking: Samsung outs China’s BOE from suppliers list



BOE Display Supplier China

Samsung removed China’s BOE from the official list of this year’s suppliers/partners. BOE was one of the major suppliers responsible for producing AMOLED display panels for mid-range and budget Galaxy devices and some Smart TVs.

Back in 2020, Samsung listed BOE as one of its official suppliers of certain products, which is no longer mentioned in the most recent list. The Chinese OEM supplies display panels for TVs and smartphones, while it appears that Samsung is removing BOE from the supply chain due to recent royalty payment controversy.

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Earlier, the South Korean tech giant requested BOE for the royalty payment of advertisements that use Samsung’s name, which BOE refused. Since then, Samsung decreased the LCD panel purchases from BOE, giving advantage to CSOT and LG Display.

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Samsung BOE suppliers list

Aside from this, China’s Sunny Optical joined Samsung’s supply chain in 2022. Meanwhile, the official list discovered by TheElec also misses Japan‚Äôs Alps Electric, Nitto Denko, and Rohm. Notably, the company shares a suppliers’ list on a biannual basis to maintain a sustainable policy.

Sunny Optical which remains listed on Samsung’s suppliers’ list for 2022, will be supplying two camera rear camera sensors for the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. Besides, the company added Semes to the supply chain, which is its own fab equipment subsidiary.

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Samsung November 2022 update rolling out to Galaxy devices



Samsung November 2022 Patch

Samsung debuted November 2022 security update for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 on October 26. It’s now common in Samsung’s ecosystem that Galaxy devices start to receive new security updates even before the beginning of the new month.

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The November 2022 security update arrived with a One UI 5.0 Beta firmware for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphones in India. Meanwhile, the company will start its deployment for more Galaxy phones and tablets on the Stable channel as well.

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October is undoubtedly a big month for Samsung as it began the rollout of Android 13-based One UI 5.0 software for the Galaxy S22 series. According to the schedule revealed a few days back, several Galaxy phones and tablets are ready to receive the major OS upgrade in November and December.

Samsung November 2022 Patch

Also, read | Samsung beats Google once again, rolls out November 2022 patch!

Below, you can check all the latest news of Samsung’s November 2022 security patch update rollout for Galaxy devices.

Samsung November 2022 Update News

Updated on November 30

November 30 | Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphones are receiving a new update with November 2022 security patch.

November 29 | Galaxy Buds 2 users can install the November 2022 update, which boosts the performance and security of the device.

November 29 | Samsung improves Galaxy Buds 2 Pro performance with November 2022 update

November 29 | November 2022 security update now live for Galaxy S20 FE 5G users

November 28 | Samsung rolling out November 2022 update for Galaxy A32 5G users

November 25 | New update releasing for Samsung Galaxy A42 and M42 smartphones with November 2022 security update

November 24| Samsung Galaxy S21 grabs November 2022 update in Korea.

November 24 | November 2022 update is now available for Galaxy Note 20 users in UAE.

November 24 | Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro getting November 2022 update with new Ball Watch Face.

November 23 | The latest November 2022 security update is rolling out for Samsung Galaxy M53 smartphones with lots of issues and vulnerability fixes.

November 23 | The Korean company is dispatching the November 2022 Android security patch update for Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ tablets.

November 23 | Samsung has begun rolling out the November 2022 Android security patch update for the Galaxy F62 smartphones in India.

November 23 | Samsung’s November 2022 Android security patch update is releasing for Galaxy A71 smartphones.

November 23 | Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is installing the most up-to-date November 2022 Android security patch alongside a new software update.

November 23 | November 2022 Android security patch update is rolling out for the two-year-old Galaxy flagship smartphone – Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

November 23 | Samsung introduces the November 2022 Android security patch for the Galaxy S20 FE customers. It addresses multiple issues and vulnerabilities.

November 23 | Samsung Galaxy A52 smartphone users are getting the November 2022 Android security patch as well as the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 features.

November 17 | Samsung released a new firmware update with November 2022 security patch for the Galaxy S20 series devices.

November 17 | Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the latest recipient of the November 2022 Android security patch update in Europe, with users in Switzerland getting the update first.

November 17 |Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is receiving the November 2022 Android security patch Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update in India.

November 17 | Carrier-locked models of Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra smartphones have begun collecting the November 2022 Android security patch update in the US.

November 15 | Samsung has now started rolling out the second Android 13/One UI 5-based firmware update for the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra smartphone users

November 14 | Samsung just started to release the November 2022 update for the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus devices in Germany.

November 14 | Samsung starts releasing November 2022 security patch for the Galaxy A10e smartphone users in South Korea as part of its biannual firmware distribution promise.

November 11 | Samsung released the November 2022 Android security update for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra in the US.

November 11 | Consumers in the US confirmed the availability of the November 2022 patch for their Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ smartphones.

November 11 | Samsung is releasing the November 2022 Android security patch update for the Galaxy S10 Lite smartphone users.

November 10 | Samsung released the November 2022 security update for the Fan Edition model of the Galaxy S21 lineup in Brazil. The device owners are also waiting for the major Android 13-based One UI 5.0 firmware update.

November 09 | The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra in the US have started to collect the latest November 2022 patch update, before upgrading to the One UI 5.0.

November 07 | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 users are getting November 2022 update in the US. The new update comes with One UI version F711U1TBS3EVJ2 and F926U1TBS2DVJ1 for Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

October 28 | Samsung kicked off the third One UI 5.0 Beta update for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone users in India, which also includes the latest November 2022 Android security patches.

October 27 | Samsung rolled out November 2022 security patch early to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with the second One UI 5.0 Beta update in India.

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