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How Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G brings new and exciting ways to take photos, selfies and videos



Samsung Flip 3 stable One UI 5.0 update

Samsung‘s next-generation Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G brings new and exciting ways to take different photos and videos. Thanks to its unique folding design, you can use large photo cameras to take photos, explore unusual angles, say goodbye to blurry images by using the device itself as a tripod and even a rock social media.

The Auto Framing function, which is activated with the touch of a button in the lower right corner, makes it easy to shoot videos by automatically adjusting the frame, setting the number of people and things in the picture.

In addition, the camera also provides auto focus, flash, and autofocus tracking. And for those who are being photographed or photographed, you can view a photo or video in real-time, by simply tapping the double preview button in the top right corner of the screen.

The new design of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G makes better use of Flex Mode, which allows the user to rest the phone folded flat on a flat surface, thus eliminating motion pictures and unstable videos, as well as the freedom to take a photo of yourself.

Just use hand gestures in front of the lens to activate the sensor and get high-quality images. Flex Mode also offers the opportunity to take pictures at unusual angles due to the device’s folding format. In addition, the rear camera is equipped with features that ensure clean, high-light processing and minimal distortion.

And now you don’t even need to unfold your smartphone to take pictures! You can abuse the efficiency and take it out of your pocket, because, even when locked, you can probably turn on the camera to record photos and videos, switch between wide mode with Ultra-Wide 2, and record videos with the preview screen on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G external screen.

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And with the Infinity Flex display with a 120Hz update rate, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is a unique, fun and innovative experience in every step from photography to photo transfer.

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One UI 5.0

5 Amazing Tips to manage Gallery Albums on your One UI 5 smartphone



Samsung One UI 5.0 Gallery

Android 13-based One UI 5 comes with a bundle of new features for the Samsung Gallery app to make it more manageable and easy to use. The company added several new options to albums, photos, and settings sections, so we can easily customize each section but how? Don’t worry, here are 5 great tips to customize the Samsung Gallery albums section of your One UI 5 device.

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This major update worked closely on privacy in the My Albums section to make the gallery app more secure. To keep personal photos and documents safe, the company has added options like lock album, hide album, selected albums to show, and more. Let’s see 5 amazing tips for albums.

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Samsung One UI 5.0 Gallery Features

Samsung One UI 5 Gallery Albums Tips

Change the Cover Photo of the Album

Sometimes, you may not want some images to appear as the top cover of a photo album. But we don’t need to worry because we can also change the cover photo of the album.

To do so, first, visit the Samsung Gallery app >>  open Album section >> now select any one album by a Long press on it >> tap on the More option (three vertical dots) >> click on Change cover image option >> select any image from the album >> crop it and press Apply. Now, you can see a new cover photo of the album.

Lock Album

Many times we do not want that no one should see the photos which are our personal or any important document images on our mobile. So now we can hide the albums without letting anyone see them because Samsung One UI 5.0 brings a new feature that lets us lock them.

After using the Lock Album feature, the album will be unlocked only with an authenticated fingerprint.

You can lock the album, just need to choose any album then press on the More option, and tap on the Lock Album option. It is done. To open the album, you have to scan your fingerprint or enter your PIN.

Hide Album 

You can hide Album from the main screen of the Album section. To do so, open the Album section of the Samsung Gallery app >> select the View all option >> tap on the More option >> press Hide Album >> Turn on the toggle of the Album that you want to hide.

Select Albums to show 

Want to see a limited album in the Gallery Album section? Yes, you can do that with the Select Albums to show option. By enabling this option, you can see that limited albums will be shown in My Albums. However, you can see the all albums by the View all option, which is present below the More option.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Albums tips

Easily Sort Album 

With One UI 5.0, the company added more options for sorting albums. When you start sorting albums, you will see the below-mentioned options available after tapping on the Sort option in the My Albums section.

  • Custom Order
  • Name (A to Z)
  • Name (Z to A)
  • Items (most to fewest)
  • Items (Fewest to most)

Samsung One UI 5 Gallery Albums Tips

5 Secret features of Samsung One UI 5.0 Gallery

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Here’s how to block calls on Samsung Galaxy [One UI 5.0]



Samsung One UI 5.0 block calls

The main motive to create mobile phones was to make calls anytime and anywhere. But sometime you might receive spam or unwanted calls. Luckily, your Samsung smartphone offers you the ability to block such phone calls, here’s how you can perform this action on your One UI 5.0 phone.

Samsung offers you different ways to block calls on your smartphone, no matter whether you are running the latest One UI 5.0 software or the older one, you can use the same technique in all recent Galaxy phones.

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Samsung One UI 5.0 block calls

Using recent call log:

If there’s a number you don’t want to answer again, it’s easy to block that number directly from your recent call log list. To do so, open the “Recents” menu on the “Samsung Phone app”. Tap on the number you wish to block and then tap the “Information” icon next to it.

If the number is saved on your phone, click on the three-dot menu followed by the “Block contacts” option. Finally, hit the “Block” button and it’s done. Meanwhile, for the unsaved contacts, you will see a direct “Block button” in the bottom menu, just tap on it.

Using Phone app:

If you want to block a new number, you can do so through the Phone app. Simply open the application and tap on the More option. Visit Settings and the first function you will see is “Block numbers”. Tap on it and add the number you want to block calls or messages.

Once you block a phone number, you will not receive any calls or text messages from that number on your phone. However, at some point, if you desire to receive calls from that number, you can unblock them.

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Quick Tip: Recover deleted photos and videos in Samsung Gallery



Samsung Gallery update

Samsung Gallery app comes pre-installed on each Galaxy smartphone and tablet. This One UI application lets you access images and videos stored in your phone’s storage. Besides, you can also recover deleted photos and videos in Samsung Gallery, thanks to its Trash folder (Recycle bin feature).

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In case you accidentally deleted photos or videos from your Samsung smartphone’s Gallery, you do not need to worry about that. The stock Gallery app allows you to recover deleted stuff from the Trash folder, which was earlier known as the Recycle bin.

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Once deleted, photos and videos stay stored in the Recycle bin function of Samsung Gallery for 30 days. Within the timeline, you can retain them otherwise, the operating system will automatically vanish them permanently after the conclusion of 30 days.

Here’s how you can recover deleted photos and videos in Samsung Gallery:

  • Firstly, access the Samsung Gallery app
  • Now, tap the three-dot menu in the lower-right corner
  • You should see Recycle bin tab, click on it
  • Once opened, you’ll see a list of the deleted photos and videos from the last 30 days
  • Open a picture or video and tap the Restore icon to put it back in Gallery
  • To restore multiple items, tap Edit, select the items, and then tap Restore at the bottom

Samsung One UI 5 Gallery Features

Add watermarks to your pictures: Automatically add a watermark to each picture containing the date and time a picture was taken, your phone’s model name, or other custom information.

Choose filters more easily: The filter selection menu has been streamlined in Camera, Photo Editor, and Video Editor. All filters are available in one list, making it easier to find the perfect filter for your picture or video.

Customize albums in Gallery: Choose which albums appear by default and hide less frequently used albums to keep the clutter down. You can also merge albums that have the same name and create albums that automatically update to include pictures of people you select.

All-new look for Stories: Stories that are automatically created in your Gallery have been revamped with an interactive slideshow view. Just tap or swipe to move between pictures and videos in your story.

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