Samsung tops 2021’s Korea Industry Service Quality Index

On July 21st, Samsung Electronics Service won first place in home appliances and smartphones after-sales service (A / S) ‘2021 Korea Industry Service Quality Index (KSQI)’ announced by the Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC).

According to the report, Samsung tops 2021’s KSQI in this year’s 11 / A/S home appliance survey and A/S for 10 consecutive years. This is a significant result that you have not missed 1st place once since the start of each phase study.

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As a result, it has taken first place in both consumer satisfaction surveys of electronic products A/S conducted by the Korea Management Association Consulting and the Korean Standards Association this year, proving its top position in the industry as well.

Additionally, Samsung Electronics Service also received first place in home appliances, mobile phones, and computer A / S in the ‘KS-SQI’ category issued by the Korean Standards Association on 1st. This is the result of the continuous introduction of differentiated services based on customer-centered management philosophy.

Samsung Electronics Service

Samsung Electronics Service has launched ‘Samsung Care Plus’, a customized home appliance management service, this year so that customers can always use their appliances at work and in excellent condition.

Cremaster, a home-based engineer at Samsung Electronics, provides assistance with setting up and cleaning the product, maintenance, and repair so that customers can use the product regularly in good condition.

To improve mobile customer service, the ‘mobile visit service’ is also used to provide services in areas where customers are required. Customers can easily access the mobile phone release without the hassle of visiting a service center.

In order to provide the highest quality service to our customers, Samsung also strives to improve the skills of our repair engineers. Among the 5,500 repair engineers nationwide, 0.3% were selected with the highest technical skills and customer satisfaction and were awarded as ‘C masters’. The ‘Service Technology Contest’, which competes with service engineers for their skills and expertise, is also held annually.

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