Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Latest PUBG Battlegrounds update brings fixes for crashing issues on console

Download PUBG 12.2 Taego

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) support team recently fixed a random crash issue, which occurs on PlayStations. That being said, the player is starting to face problems after the 12.2 patch update on 13th July.

The PUBG Support Team acknowledged the risks posing to client accidents that occur after entering the lobby. Apart from that, the Taego Map duo was also inaccessible, fixed on the same day with minor PC and Console updates.

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Now, the maintenance team officially announced that the crash problem has been resolved. Game developers are also monitoring the situation and will take action if they find anything.

However, users are still facing the same problem on the Xbox while the white tree, blue trees, no graphics still create problems for users.

Players continue to complain about the same problem. We expect the company to resolve it soon. Currently, there are no crashes in the lobby.

PUBG 12.2 Patch Update

On 14th July the company released the 12.2 Patch Notes on the live servers. This update brings a brand new map and many features exclusive to the map. The new installations mainly include the following.

  • New Taego Map: 8×8 Featured Map
  • Comeback BR: Taego exclusive second-chance mechanic
  • Self AED: Gives players another opportunity to stay in the fight
  • New Weapons: K2 and MK12
  • Pony Coupe: Hyundai’s first concept car
  • Taego Survivor Pass: Bonus rewards for players with level 50
  • Your Shop:  A selection of items to purchase at discounted prices
  • Performance Improvement: Optimized internal logic, improved CPU usage


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