Tuesday, September 28, 2021

5th Samsung Security Tech Forum to be held on August 17, online registration begins!

Since 2017, Samsung running the Security Technology Forum every year in order to expand the base of information security technology and nurture human resources. Recently, the company started the online registrations of the 5th SSTF event that’s going to be held on August 17.

At the 5th Samsung Security Technology Forum, experts will give lectures and share details on major research activities in the security field of Samsung Research under the theme of “Toward a Safe & Reliable Experience”.

5th Samsung Security Technology Forum

Furthermore, the company said that Samsung Research’s global technology event will be integrated into the ‘Samsung Tech Forum’. At the same time, it’s now confirmed that events on security technology, open-source, and artificial intelligence (AI) will be held sequentially within the year.

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For the white hackers, who study security vulnerabilities and defend against hacking, there’s an online hacking experience zone (Hacker’s Playground) where anyone can participate to get various contents such as basic hacking practice and mock hacking for 24 hours.

Seung Hyun-joon, president of Samsung Research said, “We plan to hold the ‘Samsung Tech Forum’ every year to share and discuss key technologies for a better future with global experts. We look forward to expanding the base of technology and strengthening competitiveness.”

Aside from this, the Korean tech giant also revealed that the Open Source Conference will be held online from October 13th to 14th, while the AI ​​Forum will be held online on November 2nd.

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