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Samsung will bring Open RAN and 5G solutions to Europe With Vodafone UK



On June 14, 2021, Samsung announced that it has been selected as a leading Open RAN vendor for Vodafone to bring virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN), and the latest 4G and 5G solutions including Massive MIMO and other radios to the United Kingdom (UK).

Following the partnership, the Korean tech giant will supply its commercial vRAN solutions and O-RAN compliant radios. Samsung’s vRAN, using a cloud-native and container-based architecture, enables efficiency in network management for mobile operators and more flexible deployments.

“Open RAN, built on strong partnerships, is key to realizing this ambition. Samsung’s innovative solutions and expertise are part of the foundation that is creating this network of the future,” said Johan Wibergh, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone.

Using Samsung’s vRAN, operators can quickly meet the evolving demands of new and existing services with minimal impact on deployment. The company will also deliver O-RAN compliant 5G radios including the latest Massive MIMO radios to Vodafone UK.

This cooperation with Vodafone is the first time for Samsung because the company introduced its cloud-native virtualized RAN technology to the network of a major European operator. It’s reported that vRAN and O-RAN will help develop network architectures and power next-generation 5G applications and services.


Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung said, “We are proud that this collaboration with Vodafone—one of the premier carriers in the world—will be the first scaled deployment of our pioneering 5G technologies in Europe, including vRAN and O-RAN.”


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Meet Samsung UWB-powered Digital Car Key!



samsung digital car key

Earlier, Samsung announced that select flagship Galaxy devices will be able to act as a key of consumer’s cars. Today, Samsung and Hyundai announced that the GV60 Genesis electric vehicle will be the first to support ultra-wideband (UWB) digital keys available on Galaxy devices.

Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will support a digital key powered by UWB technology.


Using the Digital Key function, you can now unlock your car with your smartphone simply by walking up to it and lock it back up again by just touching the door sensor. Well, it’s time to meet such technology that transforms your smartphone into a digital key.

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UWB-powered Smart Car Key

Ultra-wideband, commonly known as UWB, is a wireless technology that lets your phone connect the directly communicate with your car. After registering a digital key, supported cars, such as GV60, can identify authorized Galaxy devices and unlock the doors as they approach.


All thanks to Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass, which is a system for storing digital signatures, IDs, and passwords, avails a Digital key feature to the Galaxy consumers. The company has confirmed that the service will also be available on the Samsung Wallet app, allowing users to securely store and manage digital IDs, boarding passes, vouchers, and credit cards.

How to use Samsung Digital Car Key

All you need to do is just install and open up the Genesis Connected Service app in the car. Once done, select “Vehicle” menu on the infotainment system, select the “Digital Key” menu on the screen, and “Register” on your Genesis Connected app. That’s it! Samsung Pass should start automatically registering the key in both apps.

Ways to unlock car

There are two ways to unlock your car using UWB; either you can open your car door by pressing the door handle while your phone is in your bag or pocket, or you can automatically unlock it simply by approaching the car with your smartphone.

samsung digital car key

Apart from these capabilities, there are also some helpful features that users can enjoy remotely on their Galaxy phone, like honking the horn or starting the car before entering the vehicle by pressing the engine button in Samsung Pass.


Digital Key sharing

You can choose to share your Digital Key with three of your contacts by selecting them from a list and clicking “Send Digital Key.” This will send a text message that will guide you through setting up a digital key on your Galaxy smartphone.

Once you’ve shared the key, the recipient can immediately use it by adding it to their Samsung Pass. You can even control how long the key is used and revoke access if necessary.

Users can rest assured that their digital key is safe, thanks to the high-quality security chipset that protects Samsung Pass. The app’s authentication process ensures you’re always in control of who can borrow your car key and when.

Samsung believes that all of our Galaxy users deserve the convenience of a more digital lifestyle. That’s why they continue to expand their core digital services through innovative partnerships with global automakers. The goal of Samsung is to increase the number of smartphones that support digital car key feature with UWB technology.


| Credits – Samsung |

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Qualcomm launches Networking Pro Series, Wi-Fi 7 initiates a new era of 10Gbps speed!



Qualcomm Technologies today on 6 May 2022, announced its new and capable WiFi 7, which is Qualcomm’s third-generation Networking Pro Series. Today onwards available to its global development partners commercially.

Qualcomm’s new Pro Series is the world’s highest-performance Wi-Fi, which is commercially available for the first time. Build upon the multi-generation legacy that combines Wi-Fi 7 features along with Qualcomm’s latest technology.


This Multi-channel management technology provides, improved speed, lower latency, and enhances network utilization for the Wi-Fi 6/6E devices, offering spectacular game-changing throughput.

“Qualcomm Technologies has enabled the era of 10Gbps Wi-Fi and has provided first-time delivery for the Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series”, says its Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


Pro series platform delivers Wi-Fi infrastructure capabilities across the home and at the enterprise level. The Quad-band is a multi-link operational, highly scalable, and optimized structure.

The new innovation provides a content-rich wireless experience despite the constrained environment. The new benchmark enables peak aggregate wireless capability of 33Gbps, along with reliable performance.

The technology when combined with 5G internet wireless access technology facilitates with immersive connected experience including high-resolution video conferencing, AR/VR, and high-performance gaming.

Range offered

  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 1620 – Quad-band, 16-stream, 33.1Gbps wireless, for homes mesh system
  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 1220 – Tri-band, 12-stream, 21.6Gbps wireless capability for enterprise and home mesh
  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 820 – Quad-band, 8-stream, 13.7Gbps peak wireless, and home mesh capability
  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 620 – Tri-band, 6-stream, 10.8 Gbps for enterprise, small and medium business gaming, and home mesh

Major highlights of the Network Pro series

  • Enables the connectivity across 2.4GHz, 5Ghz, and 6GHz spectrum
  • Increased support for Wi-Fi 7, 320MHz channels
  • Ultra-low latency
  • High-speed real-time gaming, streaming, and video sharing
  • Multi-link technology enables to divert the of customer traffic
  • Avoids wireless interference

Who is Qualcomm?

Qualcomm is an American multinational corporation founded in July 1985, 36 years ago, and a leading technology innovator headquartered in San Diego, California. It manufactures semiconductors, software, and wireless-related technologies.

Qualcomm is enabling a world where everybody can be intelligently connected including 5G-enabled smartphones that double the performance of the pro-level camera, gaming device, smart vehicles, and more.


The company is behind and inside the innovations that deliver significant value across multiple industries to billions of people every day. Qualcomm with all its efforts provides the connected intelligent edge regularly.

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Samsung to develop a floating Nuclear Power Plant



Samsung has always strengthened its own ecosystem, based on its offshore manufacturing capabilities, Samsung Heavy Industry plans to develop a floating reactor power plant model of up to 800MW with Seaborg in this running year 2022.

The news firm ‘businesskorea‘ revealed Samsung Heavy Industries CEO ‘Jung Jin-taek’, stating that “We are concentrating our capabilities on developing innovative products based on carbon-neutral energy sources ranging from renewable energy to nuclear power.”

Samsung Heavy Industry has announced that it will develop offshore nuclear power plant facilities. The Company has signed an MOU on the 7th of April 2022 with Seaborg, Which is a compact molten salt reactor developer, to develop a floating nuclear power plant facility using CMSRs.

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What are CMSRs?

It is a class of nuclear fission reactor in which a primary nuclear reactor coolant and fuel material molten salt mixture are put together in different chambers. These are safer reactors than conventional reactors because they operate with the fuel already in a molten state. In which the fuel mixture is designed to drain from the core where it will solidify preventing the nuclear meltdown which is directly associated with a hydrogen explosion, for example, that happened in Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

CMSRs can generate electricity with high efficiency without emitting carbon dioxide by using such molten fission energy in a nuclear reactor, and they are generally compact than large size reactors.

Samsung applying this technology with Seaborg because of its expertise in the field of this compact solidifying molten compact reactors as it is less bulky to prepare a floating nuclear power reactor.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


Seaborg is a company in Copenhagen, Denmark. Researching and developing nuclear-capable technologies. Seaborg started in the year 2014 where three physicists were brewing beer and discussing existential matters. Today it is employed with the top class 80 Nuclear Engineers, and also operates a couple of licensed nuclear laboratories.


The statement about Seaborg collaborating with Samsung ” We expect the commercialization of offshore nuclear power plant that will accelerate technical cooperation with Samsung Heavy Industries, a global shipbuilder,” said Troels Schonfeldt, founder and CEO of Seaborg.

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