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An update is a new, safer, and improved version of the software. Every new software update fine-tunes the system, comes with new features, and optimizes the system in order to increase the overall device performance as well as brings fixes for vulnerabilities for better device protection.

Talking about software updates for smartphones, Samsung rolls out new updates to its devices in various phases over the air by following its strategy to ensure stability. However, the company doesn’t allow to download software updates manually.

Meanwhile, Odin is Samsung’s proprietary flashing tool if you want to flash firmware by going to Download Mode. Using Odin, you can download the firmware file to flash, but if you try to download the firmware directly from Samsung, it’ll be encrypted.

Samsung device users can use Samloader to check and download the latest software update for their devices if they know the exact model number, region (CSC), and firmware string. On the other hand, Samsung Firmware Downloader is a free cross-platform tool to download software updates for Galaxy devices even if you don’t have a Windows PC.

Tip: Samsung firmware Country Specific Code (CSC) list

Samsung Firmware Downloader

However, Samloader is a cross-platform tool to download Samsung firmware but everyone user doesn’t know or wants to use the command line or also doesn’t wants to take a risk by installing Python on macOS. Thanks to XDADevelopers for making a GUI of Samloader. Named as “Samsung Firmware Downloader”, it’s a cross-platform graphical firmware downloader for Samsung.

  • Platform Support:

Samsung Firmware Downloader can be easily used on Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android.

  • Source Code:

Samsung Firmware Downloader is licensed under MIT and is completely free to use and modify.

Samsung Firmware Downloader Features:

  • Check for Updates:

In the downloader view, fill the model number and region/CSC of your Galaxy device and tap on “Check for Updates.” The app will find the latest firmware on Samsung’s server and return it to the user along with the Android version, if available.

  • Download software updates:

If the app finds a new software update for your model then select the destination and tap on the Download button. After successful downloading, it will decrypt the firmware automatically.

Users can also get the specific firmware that they want through the “Manual” section by entering the model and region. It is worth noting that the encrypted firmware won’t be automatically deleted after it’s decrypted. You’ll need to do that manually.

  • Decrypt:

To decrypt an encrypted firmware file, enter the model, region, and firmware version in the specific fields then select the file to decrypt and finally hit the “Decrypt” button.

  • History:

The developers have temporarily added History as an experimental feature in Samsung Firmware Downloader that maintains a list of firmware versions available for a given model and region. You can also download the firmware files from the list by simply tapping on the “Download” button.

How to get Samsung Firmware Downloader?

Samsung Firmware Downloader: Releases Page

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.4.0: Download Links

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.3.2: Download Links

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.3.1: Download Links

How to use Samsung Firmware Downloader?

  • Android – Simply download the APK file from the above-mentioned link or RELEASES PAGE and install it.
  • Windows – Download the ZIP file from the above-mentioned link or RELEASES PAGE, extract and run the .exe file.
  • Linux – Download and extract the ZIP, go to the bin directory, open a terminal, and run ./Samsung\ Firmware\ Downloader.


  • SammyFans will not be responsible for any kind of loss, damages, or issues.
  • Users are advised to try the Samsung Firmware Downloader at their own risks.
  • If you want to request a feature or report an error, CLICK HERE.


* This article will be updated regularly.
* Article first time created on March 14, 2021.

James is the lead content creator on Sammy Fans and mostly works on Samsung's firmware section. His first phone was the Galaxy S4 and continues to get new S series devices. Most of the time, James tries to learn about new technologies and gadgets but he also sneaks a bit of free time to nearby rivers and nature.

Android 14

Samsung’s One UI 6.0 Update: Galaxy S20, Note 20, and More Left Behind, New Options for Android Enthusiasts



Samsung Galaxy S20 FE August 2023 update

Android 14 will soon start to roll out for Google Pixel phones. Samsung, on the other hand, started the One UI 6.0 Beta Program for Galaxy S23 series in August 2023. Samsung consumers have high expectations with the One UI 6.0 update, but many Galaxy devices are no longer supported.

Samsung should have pledged the Android 14 update for Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series, but it didn’t. It leads the Galaxy S20 FE to ineligibility for the next major update. Launched pre-installed with Android 10, the S20, Note 20 and S20 FE devices are no longer eligible for any major upgrade.

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The popular Galaxy A series phones – Galaxy A51 and A71 have also finished their OS upgrade eligibility with the Android 13-based One UI 5.0. Now, the Korean tech giant focuses more on affordable phones, with the Galaxy A24 as a recent example, which will get 4 OS upgrades.

The 2nd generation Galaxy Z Fold smartphone was also eligible for three major updates. The company had released it with Android 10-based One UI 2.5, which means, it has also completed its big OTA lifespan with Android 13. You can check One UI 6.0 unsupported devices in the list below.

  • Galaxy S20 Series
  • Galaxy Note 20 Series
  • Galaxy S20 FE (LTE/5G)
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G
  • Galaxy A71 & Galaxy A51

How to get One UI 6

To experience the next Samsung mobile OS, you need to purchase a new Galaxy phone. There are a lot of sticking options, offering you a longer software lifespan across categories from budget to premium. Check the quick guide below, which embeds phones with great software support.

  • Premium – Galaxy S23 series
  • Bonus Tip – Galaxy S21 FE (flagship phone with affordability)
  • Mid-range – Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34
  • Budget – Galaxy A24

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Good Lock

Samsung unveils Good Lock 2024, launching alongside One UI 6 – New Features, Enhancements



Samsung Good Lock 2024 One UI 6

Samsung Good Lock is a popular app and some users have been waiting for a long time for the app to be updated to support the latest One UI 6.0 based on Android 14. Now, the company has announced the Samsung Good Lock 2024 through the official community.

The Functional manager has recently shared some plans for the app’s future development. In a post on the Samsung Members app, the team revealed that Good Lock will be launched simultaneously with the official 6.0 distribution and that some modules will undergo major changes and improvements.

Samsung Good Lock 2024

One UI 6 

  • Good Lock will be launched simultaneously with the official 6.0 distribution.
  • Good Lock: When installing apps with every upgrade, the company is trying to reduce the steps of moving to the store so they can be installed quickly and easily without moving.
  • Edge lighting +: ‘Edge lighting +’, which was only available on the Galaxy foldable, will be introduced in earnest this time. With the cute pop effect you want when you receive notifications and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Sound Assistant: It seems that decorating the volume panel is only done through color selection, so please look forward to the change by providing various effects and control method changes so that you can enjoy new decoration effects.
  • Wonderland, which has changed with a unique lock screen effect, is preparing to enable new transition effects when moving between AOD and lock screen/home screen.
  • Samsung is preparing to provide more detailed information about why my notifications are not ringing through NiceCatch.

One UI 6.1

  • Many people have complained about the inconvenience of LockStar / Clock Face having a structure that is separate from the lock screen, so Samsung is preparing it so that it can be set naturally within the lock screen.
  • This is a very big task, so the people in charge of the lock screen will be encouraged if you give some words of support.
  • Kids Cafe is developing a feature that allows you to map desired functions to keyboard gestures and designate keyboard touch sounds as desired.

Changes and delayed features

  • HomeUp is undergoing major structural improvements to support a wider variety of styles.
  • The theme park has a structural implementation in addition to the theme of the terminal.  Every time you install a theme, you may wonder why it takes so long to install an app. By changing the structure, the company want to improve these inconveniences and aim for a lighter theme.

Also, the ‘Dropship Ride Together’ feature will be released soon regardless of the 6.0 upgrade.


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Samsung teases One UI 6.1 in Good Lock 2024 launch!



Samsung Good Lock apps 2022

Samsung officially unveiled the Good Lock 2024 today and confirmed that it’s coming alongside the One UI 6. Beyond that, the company revealed some Good Lock functions that will be improved in the 6.1 version of the Android 14-based One UI software.

According to Samsung moderator, One UI 6.1-based Good Lock will bring fix for the structure problem of LockStar and ClockFace modules. The company is making changes to address the inconvenience of the lock screen so it can be set naturally within the lock screen.

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In addition, a feature for the KeysCafe application is under development, which will allow you to map desired functions to keyboard gestures and designate keyboard touch sounds as desired. There will be more enhancements for apps and modules, which will be coming next year.

Samsung One UI 6.1 Good Lock 2024

One UI 6 and One UI 6.1

Samsung will unveil the One UI 6.0 next month at its annual developers conference. This software is currently under Beta testing and is based on the Android 14 operating system. One UI 6.1, on the other hand, will come pre-installed with the Galaxy S24 series, bringing new features and tweaks.

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