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An update is a new, safer, and improved version of the software. Every new software update fine-tunes the system, comes with new features, and optimizes the system in order to increase the overall device performance as well as brings fixes for vulnerabilities for better device protection.

Talking about software updates for smartphones, Samsung rolls out new updates to its devices in various phases over the air by following its strategy to ensure stability. However, the company doesn’t allow to download software updates manually.

Meanwhile, Odin is Samsung’s proprietary flashing tool if you want to flash firmware by going to Download Mode. Using Odin, you can download the firmware file to flash, but if you try to download the firmware directly from Samsung, it’ll be encrypted.


Samsung device users can use Samloader to check and download the latest software update for their devices if they know the exact model number, region (CSC), and firmware string. On the other hand, Samsung Firmware Downloader is a free cross-platform tool to download software updates for Galaxy devices even if you don’t have a Windows PC.

Tip: Samsung firmware Country Specific Code (CSC) list

Samsung Firmware Downloader

However, Samloader is a cross-platform tool to download Samsung firmware but everyone user doesn’t know or wants to use the command line or also doesn’t wants to take a risk by installing Python on macOS. Thanks to XDADevelopers for making a GUI of Samloader. Named as “Samsung Firmware Downloader”, it’s a cross-platform graphical firmware downloader for Samsung.


  • Platform Support:

Samsung Firmware Downloader can be easily used on Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android.

  • Source Code:

Samsung Firmware Downloader is licensed under MIT and is completely free to use and modify.

Samsung Firmware Downloader Features:

  • Check for Updates:

In the downloader view, fill the model number and region/CSC of your Galaxy device and tap on “Check for Updates.” The app will find the latest firmware on Samsung’s server and return it to the user along with the Android version, if available.

  • Download software updates:

If the app finds a new software update for your model then select the destination and tap on the Download button. After successful downloading, it will decrypt the firmware automatically.

Users can also get the specific firmware that they want through the “Manual” section by entering the model and region. It is worth noting that the encrypted firmware won’t be automatically deleted after it’s decrypted. You’ll need to do that manually.

  • Decrypt:

To decrypt an encrypted firmware file, enter the model, region, and firmware version in the specific fields then select the file to decrypt and finally hit the “Decrypt” button.

  • History:

The developers have temporarily added History as an experimental feature in Samsung Firmware Downloader that maintains a list of firmware versions available for a given model and region. You can also download the firmware files from the list by simply tapping on the “Download” button.

How to get Samsung Firmware Downloader?

Samsung Firmware Downloader: Releases Page

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.4.0: Download Links

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.3.2: Download Links

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.3.1: Download Links

How to use Samsung Firmware Downloader?

  • Android – Simply download the APK file from the above-mentioned link or RELEASES PAGE and install it.
  • Windows – Download the ZIP file from the above-mentioned link or RELEASES PAGE, extract and run the .exe file.
  • Linux – Download and extract the ZIP, go to the bin directory, open a terminal, and run ./Samsung\ Firmware\ Downloader.


  • SammyFans will not be responsible for any kind of loss, damages, or issues.
  • Users are advised to try the Samsung Firmware Downloader at their own risks.
  • If you want to request a feature or report an error, CLICK HERE.


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* This article will be updated regularly.
* Article first time created on March 14, 2021.


James is the lead content creator on Sammy Fans and mostly works on Samsung's firmware section. His first phone was the Samsung Galaxy S4 and continue to get new S series devices. Most of the time, James tries to learn about new technologies and gadgets but he also sneaks a bit of free time to nearby rivers and nature.

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Samsung, IBM announce Call for Code Challenge to Honor Everyday Heroes 



Just recently, Samsung and IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced the Call for Code Honoring Everyday Heroes Challenge for business engineers to promote the development of new technology solutions to help everyday heroes.

The challenge, presented during the Samsung Engineers’ Conference (SDC), will focus on addressing the challenges facing service delivery staff, child care workers, health care professionals, teachers, and many others who have been instrumental in the Covid-19 violence.

The challenge is part of a broader Call for Code global program, inviting engineers and problem-solvers around the world to build and participate in open source technology projects that address some of the world’s most pressing issues. The deadline for submission is November 20, and the winner will be announced on December 9.


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The partnership between Samsung and IBM is expanded over 30 years, starting with work on semiconductors and now mobile, AI, 5G, Industry 4.0, and networks. At SDC, Samsung and IBM Consulting are announcing a partnership to upgrade mixed workplaces with the enhanced mobile experience for the Galaxy Z Fold3, designed in partnership with major financial services institutions.

Additionally, in order to speed up the integration of Industry 4.0 between cloud and mobile applications, IBM and Samsung are exploring ways to deliver embedded AI loads to Samsung Android devices with IBM Edge Application Manager.

Samsung and IBM continue to work together to provide services that allow businesses and business developers to make full use of advanced networks, mobility, and statistics. Information on eligibility and how to register is available here:


Stay tuned-

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Samsung participates in ‘KES 2021’ and will introduce concepts based on AI and connectivity



Samsung participated in the ‘KES 2021 (Korea Electronics Show)’ held at COEX in Seoul from October 26 to 29 and based on artificial intelligence (AI) and communications, various products from TV and household appliances to mobile phones it creates daily life innovation.

Samsung has adorned the entire exhibition area with nearly 900 square meters as a ‘Samsung Team Studio’ under the theme ‘Fantastic teamwork for you’ so that guests have a special experience.

In Team Samsung Studio, home-grown electrical appliances make up the home. The latest video technologies ‘ Neo-QLED 8K’ and lifestyle TV, ‘Galaxy Z Fold 3’, ‘Galaxy Z Flip 3’, and Windows 11 Display Service integrated natural control as a group by connecting highly advanced mobile devices like ‘Galaxy Book’ and ‘SmartThings’ app.


Read More: One UI 4.1 Eligible Devices: Next Samsung Android 12 update after One UI 4.0

Visitors can take part in exhibitions divided into four themes:

  • Samsung Team ‘Best Cooking’
  • Samsung ‘Clean Clothing Care Team’
  • Samsung ‘Home Entertainment’ Team
  • Samsung ‘Advanced Mobile Team Life ‘You can try products and content that fit your lifestyle.

The Samsung Zone home entertainment team features ‘smart home training’ by connecting the Neo QLED 8K, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and Galaxy Watch 4, and integrating mobile content using the TV lifestyle ‘The Sero’, a replacement for -Bezel and art mode to use ‘The Frame’ as the frame will also be provided.

Under the theme, ‘Windows 11 Official Partner, One Team, One Galaxy’, Samsung Zone, a highly developed mobile health team, is preparing a variety of experience programs to meet the charms of Galaxy mobile products, including the Galaxy Book for Windows 11.


In particular, there is a Galaxy Z Flip 3 ‘Bespoke Edition’ also in use, where product collaborative accessories that will maximize the benefits of Galaxy Z Flip 3 and product colors can be combined according to consumer preferences.

Samsung is also preparing a ‘Stamp Rally Challenge’, where a small memorial is presented where five or more verification stickers are collected at each corner so that guests can enjoy the show more.

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Digital transformation is accelerating post Corona: Samsung at 23rd Semiconductor Exhibition



During the 23rd Semiconductor Exhibition (SEDEX 2021) exhibition at COEX in Seoul for three days from October 27, Samsung Electronics Memory Business Division President Lee Jung-bae (Chairman of the Korean Semiconductor Industry Association) held the theme ‘Semiconductor, predicting the future of post-coronavirus’ delivered a keynote address.

In this radical change, the role of semiconductors continues to grow, and the semiconductor industry is also required to address a variety of challenges beyond the current development speed in order to process explosive data.

In particular, Samsung will introduce systems that are subsequent to next-generation memory, such as PIM with an AI processor function added to memory and a CXL-based DRAM that can dramatically expand the system’s memory capacity.


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In addition, in order to overcome the technical difficulties facing the semiconductor industry and move forward in the future, he stressed the need to create a strong ecosystem with close collaboration across all sectors, including building materials, components, and machinery, and make more investment and efforts training efforts and industry-university partnerships.

SEDEX is the only semiconductor exhibition in Korea in which all sectors of the semiconductor industry ecosystem participate. The 23rd Semiconductor Exhibition (SEDEX 2021) President Lee Jung-bae’s keynote address can be seen in the video below.


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