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An update is a new, safer, and improved version of the software. Every new software update fine-tunes the system, comes with new features, and optimizes the system in order to increase the overall device performance as well as brings fixes for vulnerabilities for better device protection.

Talking about software updates for smartphones, Samsung rolls out new updates to its devices in various phases over the air by following its strategy to ensure stability. However, the company doesn’t allow to download software updates manually.

Meanwhile, Odin is Samsung’s proprietary flashing tool if you want to flash firmware by going to Download Mode. Using Odin, you can download the firmware file to flash, but if you try to download the firmware directly from Samsung, it’ll be encrypted.

Samsung device users can use Samloader to check and download the latest software update for their devices if they know the exact model number, region (CSC), and firmware string. On the other hand, Samsung Firmware Downloader is a free cross-platform tool to download software updates for Galaxy devices even if you don’t have a Windows PC.

Tip: Samsung firmware Country Specific Code (CSC) list

Samsung Firmware Downloader

However, Samloader is a cross-platform tool to download Samsung firmware but everyone user doesn’t know or wants to use the command line or also doesn’t wants to take a risk by installing Python on macOS. Thanks to XDADevelopers for making a GUI of Samloader. Named as “Samsung Firmware Downloader”, it’s a cross-platform graphical firmware downloader for Samsung.

  • Platform Support:

Samsung Firmware Downloader can be easily used on Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android.

  • Source Code:

Samsung Firmware Downloader is licensed under MIT and is completely free to use and modify.

Samsung Firmware Downloader Features:

  • Check for Updates:

In the downloader view, fill the model number and region/CSC of your Galaxy device and tap on “Check for Updates.” The app will find the latest firmware on Samsung’s server and return it to the user along with the Android version, if available.

  • Download software updates:

If the app finds a new software update for your model then select the destination and tap on the Download button. After successful downloading, it will decrypt the firmware automatically.

Users can also get the specific firmware that they want through the “Manual” section by entering the model and region. It is worth noting that the encrypted firmware won’t be automatically deleted after it’s decrypted. You’ll need to do that manually.

  • Decrypt:

To decrypt an encrypted firmware file, enter the model, region, and firmware version in the specific fields then select the file to decrypt and finally hit the “Decrypt” button.

  • History:

The developers have temporarily added History as an experimental feature in Samsung Firmware Downloader that maintains a list of firmware versions available for a given model and region. You can also download the firmware files from the list by simply tapping on the “Download” button.

How to get Samsung Firmware Downloader?

Samsung Firmware Downloader: Releases Page

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.4.0: Download Links

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.3.2: Download Links

Samsung Firmware Downloader v0.3.1: Download Links

How to use Samsung Firmware Downloader?

  • Android – Simply download the APK file from the above-mentioned link or RELEASES PAGE and install it.
  • Windows – Download the ZIP file from the above-mentioned link or RELEASES PAGE, extract and run the .exe file.
  • Linux – Download and extract the ZIP, go to the bin directory, open a terminal, and run ./Samsung\ Firmware\ Downloader.


  • SammyFans will not be responsible for any kind of loss, damages, or issues.
  • Users are advised to try the Samsung Firmware Downloader at their own risks.
  • If you want to request a feature or report an error, CLICK HERE.


* This article will be updated regularly.
* Article first time created on March 14, 2021.

James is the lead content creator on Sammy Fans and mostly works on Samsung's firmware section. His first phone was the Galaxy S4 and continues to get new S series devices. Most of the time, James tries to learn about new technologies and gadgets but he also sneaks a bit of free time to nearby rivers and nature.


Source: One UI 7 Beta arriving next week, leaked changes aren’t final



Samsung One UI 7

Samsung could start One UI 7 Beta next week. Tipster chunvn8888 leaked a lot of things about the next big Galaxy update. However, a credible source IceUniverse revealed that the rumored changes of One UI 7 may still be modified in Beta activity.

Ice believes that the changes arriving in One UI 7 are still relatively simple. We’ve seen leaked images of Gallery, Camera, and Weather app icons. The homescreen customization options have also floated online, promising a big redesign.

The tipster says that icons and visible changes are in the Developer testing phase. The company may still change the user interface elements in Beta. UI components can’t be considered final until the release of the fourth or fifth Beta update.

Notably, the leaker who posted screenshots of One UI 7 also noted that these changes were deployed in the past week only. There were no such changes in Samsung’s upcoming One UI version around the period of the Galaxy Unpacked event held in Paris.

One UI 7 – Leaked changes

Samsung has revamped the Camera app, giving it a fresh new icon and UI changes. The camera user interface is optimized for one-handed use. All the options and camera mode sliders are aligned to the bottom of the screen for easier accessibility.

For the homescreen, One UI 7 could allow you to remove labels from apps and widgets. One UI Home app may add a new toggle entitled “Bold.” When enabled, it will enlarge the app icons and widgets by removing labels.

Weather and Gallery app icons are also getting refreshed. We guess the company may have been preparing a complete set of renovated icons for stock apps. The Weather icon adopted a lighter gradient, while the Gallery icon added leaves on a White background.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series could be the first to get One UI 7 Beta update. The company is expected to announce the program first in South Korea. It will ultimately be available in China, Germany, India, Poland, the UK, and the US as well.

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Samsung releases Galaxy A54 July 2024 update in the US



Samsung Galaxy A54 July 2024 update US

Samsung has pushed the July 2024 security update for Galaxy A54 5G in the US. The update is available for both carrier-locked and unlocked models of this smartphone. However, this update is already out for users in Korea and US Trackfone network carrier.

July 2024 security update for the Samsung Galaxy A54 smartphone in the US can be identified through the One UI build version mentioned below.

  • Locked: A546USQS8CXG2
  • Unlocked: A546U1UES8CXG2

The installation package size of this update is around 280MB. This update enhances the security and stability of the Galaxy A54 smartphone by fixing a bunch of issues. These issues are mainly related to One UI Home, System UI, and Secure Folder, further improving device security.

Notably, the patch fixes 4 critical and 21 high-level vulnerabilities in Android and 33 SVEs from Samsung. In addition, the update improves some functions and enhances performance.

If you have received the notification of the update then install it now to get a bug-free experience. You can also check the update by visiting the Settings app on your smartphone and opening the Software Update section.

Now, click on the Download and install option. If any update is available, you can follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your Galaxy smartphone.

July 2024 update for Galaxy A54, A52s live in more countries

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Samsung One UI 7 homescreen to get iOS 18 makeover [Image]



Samsung Customization Service July 2024 update

One UI 7 could add a new homescreen icon and widget style page in Settings. This will allow Samsung smartphone users to customize the homescreen layout. The new option would bring an iOS-inspired appearance to Galaxy devices.

X tipster chunvn8888 leaked another screenshot of the alleged One UI 7 version. The image shows the Icon and widget style layout page. It has two options to choose from, letting Galaxy users replace the current layout with an iOS-like design.

The page will have Classic and Bold options for homescreen Icons and Widgets. The company seemingly updated the One UI Home app with new options. Using these options, you can decide the appearance of apps and widgets on your Galaxy’s homescreen.

Classic keeps the current homescreen layout while the Bold turns it to iOS. When enabled, the Bold option will enlarge app icons and widgets. The size will increase in favor of ditching labels from apps and widgets, ultimately turning to iOS homescreen.

Samsung One UI 7 Homescreen Layout

Currently, there’s no such page in the One UI 6.1 to alter the layout. Notably, Chinese vendors offer heavy customization options for homescreen. Meanwhile, Samsung is taking a page from Apple’s iOS 18 book for its next big One UI upgrade.

By removing labels, Galaxy users could experience a cleaner homescreen. There are some minor glitches in the app or widget labels in One UI. Larger names of apps are also concerning as they fail to optimize in a single line to match with others.

Samsung should have explored beyond what’s available in Apple’s iOS. OnePlus and Oppo offer the ability to change app icon shapes, remove labels, and bring dynamic colors to icons. Removing labels and enlarging element size isn’t a breakthrough.

Well, the image is just a leaked input from a credible source. We will have our hands on the upcoming Samsung software when it launches in Public Beta. Till then, enjoy having a sneak peek reading possible changes in One UI 7.

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