The story of Galaxy S8 comes to an end: Samsung removed this device from software update schedule

The story of the Galaxy S8 now comes to an end because you will not see any more software updates in this old flagship member. According to Samsung update page which shows the eligible devices for the updates, has dropped the Galaxy S8 series from the listing.

However, some variants of the S8 are still on the schedule. For example, the S8 Lite is still getting biannual updates and the S8 Active eventually getting quarterly updates as an exception to the latest update policy of Samsung.

Coming back, Samsung was only updating the Galaxy S8 on a bi-annual basis. Therefore, getting unsupported from updates isn’t exactly a massive loss. Meanwhile, it still a sign that shows the end of life for this device.

Though it is worth mentioning that it’s been four years since the series debuted and the last update grabbed by the S8 was the April 2021 security patch.

So, it not like Samsung just suddenly shows the way out to this device as it actually got retired due to older hardware and software capabilities, which made this handest not to bear further updates.

What were the specialties of the Galaxy S8 Smartphones?

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones were among the early handsets with minimal bezels which Samsung calls ‘Infinity Display’. However, the devices featured a 5.8″ or 6.2″ Quad HD super AMOLED displays that still one of the best-looking panels so far.

Moreover, the dual-pixel technology of S8 phones is still unmatchable to current camera-centric phones as it clicks stunning pictures with a good amount of sharpness and color accuracy.

Don’t forget these handsets also introduced us to Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby. However, after getting tons of updates it still can’t match the interactiveness of Google assistant.

Besides, what makes the Galaxy S8s still usable in 2021 are the Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8895 processors. If we recall, these chipsets were the flagship offering of that era and still delivers some justified performance when it comes to overall user experience. Also, the handsets still provide enough security, thanks to the Iris scanner and the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Lastly, the end of software support for the Galaxy S8 devices is actually the end of an era. It opened gates to modern technological advancements, which we are looking at in the current Galaxy S21 flagships. So, as a Samsung fan, we should be grateful to Galaxy S8 which showed a new perspective to use smartphones.


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