Samsung OLEDs to make the fast scrolling possible with 120Hz refresh rate on next iPhones

Samsung holds a dominant position as the leading mobile OLED panel producer. Many companies source the OLED panels they use in their products from Samsung and Apple is no exception at all.

Recently, we covered about future foldable iPhones will going to have OLED screens supplied by Samsung. However, this news has been based on previous as well as recent reports published so far.

Now, to provide more truthness to the existing news, Sam Mobile just published a report that said that the next iPhones will be going to have a 120Hz panel supplied by Samsung Display. If we add this to our recent post, it can clearly be recognized that there is a lot going on between Apple and Samsung instead of just business rivalry.

Samsung to be the reason for upcoming iPhones having a higher refresh rate

The LTPO (aka OLED for higher refresh rates display) tech is essential for bringing the higher 120Hz refresh rate to the iPhones. However, Apple won’t have many options to get these panels from.

Therefore, by supplying OLED panels, Samsung Display becoming the reason for Apple bringing a higher refresh rate on its next iPhones. So, this whole scenario shows that Apple joining hands with Samsung to further improve its product technology.

Besides, the Cupertino-based company always follows the slow approach to deliver some new catch in its products. For example, its iPhones having a traditional notch design for so long but looks like shaking hands with Samsung might turn the tables of slow change into fast evolution for Apple.


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