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The most frustrating thing about having a Samsung smartphone is that despite the vast array of technological bells and whistles found on current models, long-term battery life is still an issue that needs to be resolved. Moreover, one of the main reasons why many users are forced to switch their Galaxies every couple of years is battery degradation.

As a result, they need to carry the power banks or charging their devices multiple times a day which somehow spoils the battery after some years of usage. However, it also blasts in some cases! which we already encountered in the past from the Galaxy S7 phones.

Researchers in Japan may have just discovered a solution to this problem

According to the ACS Applied Energy Materials journal, a research team from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) has been working on a new material that could extend the lifespan of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries used in smartphones and other devices also.

In a press release, the team mentioned studying the properties of a new binder for graphite anodes, which form the negative terminals in batteries. These terminals, when combined with cathodes (positive terminals) and electrolytes, all form an ecosystem conducive to electrochemical reactions that are involved in the charging and discharging of the battery.

To prevent the Li-ion batteries from degrading with each use, the binder used is made up of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), which owns multiple qualities making it an appropriate material for long-term use.

After so many days of research and hard work, the team has now identified a new material that could possibly be used as a binder for graphite anodes called a bis-imino-acenaphthenequinone-paraphenylene polymer (BP polymer in short).

This new material offers better power-driven stability and has a number of qualities that immediately prevent graphite anodes from wearing out as quickly as when bound by PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).

How does this new material prevent battery drainage?

According to Professor Noriyoshi Matsumi, the lead scientist behind the study said that “whereas a half-cell using PVDF as a binder exhibited only 65 percent of its original capacity after about 500 charge-discharge cycles, the half-cell using the BP copolymer showed a capacity retention of 95 percent after over 1,700 such cycles.”

This implies the lifespan of a Li-ion battery increases dramatically in the typical scenario of everyday smartphone usage. Resulting in, the battery being able to retain its maximum charge capacity for up to five years before noticeable signs of degradation begin appearing.

“The realization of durable batteries will help in the development of more reliable products for long-term use,” Matsumi added. “This will encourage consumers to purchase more expensive battery-based assets like electric vehicles, which will be used for many years.”

Besides, the team believes the results of their research will lead to more battery-powered consumer devices with longer battery lives. However, if this research goes well it will result in the production of devices with lesser battery size but designed to last longer instead of being discarded every couple of years.

Lastly, if Samsung applied this technology to its smartphones and other devices which are fueled by a battery, then it will going to be a cherry on the cake. It is because the battery is one of the departments where Samsung devices are always criticized, and in 2021 it still quite an eminent issue for the brand that needs to be addressed.




Samsung News preps market expansion, starting Europe



Samsung News App

Back in April, Samsung announced that the Samsung Free platform will be replaced with Samsung News. Following the announcement, the company released the Samsung News service in the US as part of the Beta trial, which is now readying for expansion, starting with Europe.

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According to the information, Samsung filed a new trademark application at EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), which reveals that the company is preparing to expand the market availability of the new News aggregation platform, including Europe.

Along with the trademark application, the South Korean tech giant has mentioned the new icon displaying Samsung News. The “Goods and Services” section describes “computer software for users to share daily information to provide interactive and personalized intelligence.”

Samsung News

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There are three ways to get content on the new Samsung News platform including Daily Briefings, News Feeds, and Podcasts. Consumers in the US are currently getting news content from reputed partners including Bloomberg Media, CNN, Fortune, Fox News, and USA TODAY.

Samsung News Trademark Europe

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Samsung explained Galaxy Watch 5 Body Composition and Health features



Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Body composition features

Samsung offers one of the better ways to understand your overall health is in your body composition. On your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, you can easily use the Body composition feature.

Knowing about your body composition can tell you whether your body fat percentage is within a healthy range. Through this, you’ll learn how to make the right changes to achieve your physical goals and reduce your risk of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol in the long run.

There are many ways to measure your body composition, but some can be expensive, not generally available to the public, or simply impractical, while others can be error-prone if done incorrectly. If you juggle a busy schedule and are always on the go, but want to maintain a healthy body, you may need options that fit your lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Body composition feature

So Samsung says hello to BIA. It stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is a method of estimating your body composition by sending small electric currents (completely painless) throughout your body to see how easily they pass through your tissues. The voltage is measured to calculate the impedance (resistance) of the body. Most body water is stored in muscles, so if a person is muscular, that person also has more water in their body, resulting in lower impedance.

This method is simple, cheap, fast, and non-invasive. No need to buy expensive devices as the BIA sensor is available in affordable devices like Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

With the Body Composition feature on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series, you can take measurements on the go. Still, the company recommends regular visits to your doctor for standard health checks.

Not only that, but you can also log your results on the Samsung Health app. It’s great when you can track your progress toward sound health. The app also provides suggestions on how to improve your diet or exercise routine to achieve your physical goals. In addition, when you connect the watch to the Samsung Health app, it gives you even more value, like sleep, stress, blood pressure, ECG, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Body composition feature

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One UI

Samsung shares solution for Internet connectivity issues



Samsung Internet issues

Are you also suddenly facing Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your Samsung smartphone? If this is the case, then let us tell you that many times some such functions are enabled in our smartphones due to which issues start occurring.

If you are also facing Internet connectivity issues in your Samsung smartphone, one of the reasons could be the private DNS function. If you enter and use a specific Private DNS provider hostname, the Internet/Data/Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) connection may become unavailable or slow, depending on the location of the DNS servers.

The network error occurs if you have installed the app and entered a private DNS provider host to block ads. The problem can be rectified by disabling the previously set private DNS.

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Samsung Internet issues

How to Disable Private DNS?

You can easily disable the Private DNS function by following a few steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Settings app on your Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Internet issues

  • Click on the Connections option.

Samsung Internet issues

  • Scroll down and tap on More connection settings.

Samsung Internet issues

  • Now, tap on the Private DNS option.

  • Once you tap on the function, you can see three options.
    1) Off
    2) Automatic
    3) Private DNS provider hostname

Samsung Internet issues

  • You just need to select the ‘Off ‘option and click on the Save option.

Samsung Internet issues

Hidden Samsung trick to boost Internet speed on your Galaxy device

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