Here’s the option to disable ‘Ticking sound’ of your Galaxy Watch

Article first published on October 10, 2020

Samsung has launched a number of smartwatches. The smart wearables come with many features including ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, steps count, and many more.

One of its features is a Ticking sound. This feature has added to Galaxy Watches to feel the user that they wore a mechanical watch.

Some of the users like this feature, but not every single smartwatch owner might be happy to have this feature offered by the company.

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Therefore, finally, we’ve found the right way to disable the Ticking sound. This tutorial will teach you how to turn off the Ticking sound of your Galaxy Watch.

How to quit One UI 3 beta:

  1. Open Settings of your smartphone connected with Galaxy Watch
  2. Open Sounds and vibration
  3. Tap System sounds and vibration
  4. You’ll find the ‘Ticking sound’ option here
  5. Simply turn it off.

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If you miss the Ticking sound after turning it off, you can again activate it by following the same steps and just turn on the option again.

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