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Samsung Galaxy S21: Most common yet productive tips and tricks [One UI 3.1]

Back in January, Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 series smartphones for those who want the best of software and hardware without bothering about the sticker pricing. From the vanilla Galaxy S21 to the powerful S21 Ultra, the company offers a premium range of devices that will appeal to every tech enthusiast.

These flagship devices not only offer best-in-class specs including Snapdragon 888/Exynos 2100 processor, 108MP camera, 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED display but also provide the unparalleled software experience through features like Director’s View, Vloggers View, Single Take, and much more. Don’t forget, the S21 Ultra also now supports the S Pen functionality so that you can experience some cool stuff of Galaxy Note flagships.

Therefore, this as a whole resulting in an unbeatable user experience. However, in the light of such premiumness, we just forgot that these devices also offer some common yet important features that need to be addressed or we can say used in our daily life.

After all, these devices now became our daily drivers and we use them always. So, today we will be mentioning some productive tips and tricks of Galaxy S21 that will help you out in your daily works.

How to use the Secure Folder

If you want to store some confidential information on your Galaxy S21, you can save it in the Secure Folder in which after unlocking your device, the Secure Folder should be unlocked again with another password, adding a second level of security that doubles the protection of your device.

However, Once Secure Folder is enabled, you can access that content from the app drawer itself. Here’s how to set the Secure Folder.

  • Head to the Settings app.
  • Select Biometrics and security.
  • Then enable Secured Folder.

Activate Eye Comfort Shield

To protect your eyes from harmful rays of such a bright display, Galaxy S21 offers Eye Comfort Shield, a mode that aims to eliminate blue light and reduce eye strain.

However, if your eyes feel a little tired after looking at your smartphone all day, then this feature is only made for you. Here’s how to activate the Eye comfort shield.

  • Hover to the Settings apps.
  • Choose the Display option.
  • Select Eye comfort shield.
  • Enable the feature and choose the customizations.

Activate AOD (Always On Display)

One of the coolest features of S21 or we can say of Galaxies which have an AMOLED display, is the AOD (Always On Display). This feature allows a user to see notifications at a glance, even when your phone is locked.

However, it slightly impacts on phone’s battery life, but for those who want information, such as time, to always be displayed, this is a really good trick. So, here’s how to activate AOD on your device.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll to Lock Screen.
  • Then, click on the Always On Display (AOD) to activate.

Switching to Android gesture navigation

By default, Samsung smartphones continue to use the three-button navigation method. This means you are presented with three buttons at the bottom of the screen allowing you to return to your home screen, switch between apps, and revisit the same.

However, Android 11 offers a gesture-based system just like an iOS device, which seems more intuitive and gives applications a little more space on the screen. So, here’s how to enable gesture navigation on your Galaxy S21.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Select the Display option.
  • Choose Navigation Bar.
  • And select Slide Gestures as your option.

Samsung DeX

Some Samsung fans don’t know that an entire desktop experience is hidden inside their Galaxy s21 device. In other words, the same comes under a feature namely DeX.

To use the Android+One UI-based desktop, you need an external monitor and an HDMI cable (Miracast-enabled wireless displays are also an option) so that you can access the customized desktop of Samsung, where you can drag your favorite apps into a multi-experience.

Accessing personalized Google Discover feed

The Google Discover feed is one of the features introduced with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 smartphones under its One UI 3.1. In which by swiping left from your home screen, you can access tons of information AKA personalized news feed.

Meanwhile, Google Discover feeds are based on your online browsing and likeability which means you will not get some rubbish ads like news which is now quite common in many other flagship devices. If Google Discover is not enabled, you can follow these steps to view it on your S21.

  • Hold the Home Screen.
  • Swipe right to go to the leftmost screen.
  • Choose to enable or disable Google Discover.

 Access calls and texts from other devices

Samsung’s biggest rival Apple love to show off how they can access iMessages, SMS, and calls on all of their devices including iPhones and iMac.

However, Samsung devices can also do the same trick in which if you have another Samsung device like a Galaxy tablet, you can share text messages and calls on your Samsung account. If you don’t know how to do that, these below-mentioned steps will help you out.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to Advanced features.
  • Then click on Calls and SMS on other device’s functionality.

Control your Galaxy side button

In the past, Galaxy devices used to have a dedicated button for Bixby which is used to activate this infamous voice assistant. However, Samsung thought that it was going to work like ‘Tony stark’s Jarvis’ or in simple words, the company markets that as a Samsung styled Google Assistant as it has some same functionalities that didn’t work out.

But now, the Galaxy S21 series offers a single side button that doubles as a power lock/unlocks key. Meanwhile, users can also customize that key for other things also. For example, if you want to use that button as a quick launch shutter for the camera or for other things like when you press it, double-click it, and more. Here’s how are the steps for that.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll to Advanced Features.
  • Choose the Side key option.
  • Then, select the function you want the button to perform.

Always access your notifications

If you’re facing trouble while accessing notifications on the big screen of Galaxy S21 as your finger can’t reach the top of the screen. Well, we have a solution for you, in which you can choose to allow access to notifications by swiping your finger anywhere on the Home screen, not just from the top. Here’s how to make those notifications a way easier to access.

  • Long press on your Home Screen.
  • Then select Home screen settings.
  • Then, swipe down for the notification panel option where you will find an easy way to handle notifications.

To view the location of the fingerprint sensor

The Galaxy S21 series ultra-sonic fingerprint scanner is the best yet the most secure way to ensure your smartphone security that doubles as a biometric for unlocking the phones.

However, to find the right place for placing the finger sometimes feels annoying but here’s how to show the location of the fingerprint reader when your device is locked, so you will exactly know where to place your finger.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select the Biometrics and security option.
  • Choose Fingerprints.
  • Confirm your PIN code.
  • Then, Activate the Show icon, when the screen is off.

Choosing the right display refresh rate

Samsung offers the best displays in their smartphones, thanks to its AMOLED display technology. However, there are two screen modes that you can choose from.

One is standard 60Hz mode that is good for normal usage as it saves the phone’s battery life, while there is also a 120Hz Adaptive display mode that allows your device to choose a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

Moreover, it will provide smoother animation and visuals on the screen but will consume more battery life. Here’s how to choose between adaptive smoothness and standard smoothness on your Galaxy S21.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Choose the Display option.
  • To select Fluidity of movement.
  • Select the Display mode.


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