Saturday, July 31, 2021

Lawsuit filed against Samsung due to widespread broken Galaxy S20 camera glass

Facing hardware-related issues in a smartphone is not a new thing, but if the same issue encountered by multiple users then it definitely a problem to be addressed. Therefore, the rear camera glass shattering of the Galaxy S20 is not an exception.

Hey! Wait, this issue now turned into an alleged offense as a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung for providing defective or we can say poor quality glass on the camera of its flagship series.

According to the law firm Hagens Berman, Samsung not only sued for supplying poor glass in such premium devices but also accused of violating various fraud, breach of warranty, and violations of several consumer-protection laws.

Moreover, it is due to the company’s ignorant behavior that leads to widespread this issue for quite a long and sold a bunch of Galaxy S20 devices without rectifying the issue.

Now to make it right, Samsung has already addressed this issue as it published a statement regarding what they encountered on this query.

The press note cites a post on the Samsung consumer forum by a Samsung Care Ambassador as saying, “This happened to one of our ambassadors. After many complaints about the issue, we found out that it has to do with pressure buildup underneath the glass and not customers banging it against something.”

The above statement indirectly clears that Samsung now planning or maybe already working to get the consumers Galaxy S20 serviced by changing or repairing the glass so far.

Apart from this, Samsung is a big firm fulfilling the demands as well requirements of customers by its leading consumer products for so long, even it is providing one of the best after-sales services in the best way possible.

So we can expect the glass shattering issue of S20 users will also be addressed as soon as possible, or maybe as an offer to the inconvenience, Samsung might be exchanging the broken device with a new one.

However, there is no official confirmation on this yet, but we will keep you posted whenever Samsung publishes something new on this matter.


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