iPhone users are least interested in foldable phones, suggests latest research

Galaxy foldables are one of the most innovative devices offered by Samsung as it not only shows the company’s outstanding R&D but also portrays the future of folding devices. On the other hand, Apple didn’t launch a single folding device till now which is quite strange.

This contrasting approach of both the firms is also the reason for the separate fan base in which those who prefer Samsung, can go for the foldable phones as the upgrade over the older phone, while Apple users like to stick to their so-called “notchy” phones.

Now to put some light on this matter, U.S. IT media Seanet reported the results of a 26-day survey, conducted by polling company YouGob on the intent to buy foldable phones.

In which, nearly half of U.S. consumers are interested in buying a foldable smartphone as the next device. Moreover, 16% of all respondents said they were ‘very interested’ while 34% of people are not sure to pick folding gadgets.

However, consumers who currently use LG and Samsung smartphones have been more engrossed in these phones than iPhone users. It is because Apple didn’t launch a single foldable device as it is following the tradition of slow change which you can see in its recent iPhones.

Why Samsung fans are in favor to buy foldable phones as an upgrade?

According to the study, portability and convenience are the most important factors of device that are based on the foldable mechanism and Samsung foldable offerings fulfills these conditions very well.

For example, it has been a long time since Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but still, it recording good sales numbers globally due to its class apart folding design and flagship hardware. However, there are many more reasons that turned consumers to buy it.

Therefore, this whole can be the point for half of the U.S. consumers who are going for the foldable device instead of the usual phones of Apple and other brands.


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