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WhatsApp, a popular messaging service which is owned by Facebook. It allows you to send and receive a variety of media like text, photos, videos, documents, location, and voice/video calls. You can also share some of your most personal moments because of its end-to-end encryption security.

Recently, WhatsApp seeded a new beta update through Google Play Beta Program, which brings a new feature called Self-Destructing Media. Presently, this feature is under development that will let you send images or videos more privately.

According to the latest information, WhatsApp just submitted a new beta update via Google Play Beta Program, which carries a build version Around a month ago, WABetaInfo has already brought details about this new feature, which brings the possibility to listen to voice messages using different playback speeds.

As per the previous report, it allows users to change the playback speed of the voice messages by simply tapping the speed label: 1.0X, 1.5X, and 2.0X options. Currently, WhatsApp bringing only faster playback speeds but we can expect that it could also add lower playback speeds as well.

A few things to be noted that WhatsApp Beta v2.21.9.4 is currently reaching a limited number of Android beta testers as it’s a pre-release version and its changes are still under development. Furthermore, the Facebook-owned company will soon release a stable update with various helpful features.


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WhatsApp introduces voice message transcript feature for Android



WhatsApp Meta Ai

WhatsApp is bringing a new feature named voice message transcript to enhance accessibility and convenience for users. With the latest version, WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that converts voice messages into text for beta testers.

This new feature allows users to read transcriptions of voice notes directly within the app. It makes communication easier for everyone, especially those who are deaf or have hearing impairments. It is also helpful in noisy environments where listening to audio messages may be difficult.

The transcriptions are generated on users’s devices to ensure user privacy. To enable this feature, users can select to download different language data packages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Hindi.

WhatsApp Voice Messages Transcripts

The voice message transcript feature of WhatsApp has several benefits such as users can quickly grab the content of lengthy voice messages without having to listen to them in full. It saves time and makes communication more efficient, allowing for better conversations.

Currently, this feature is available to a limited number of beta testers and will gradually expand to more users over the coming weeks.

Aside from this, WhatsApp is also testing a new feature for Business accounts to add contact notes. It lets businesses keep track of important details and interactions with their customers to ensure that important information is easily accessible and well-organized.


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WhatsApp testing new zoom control button



WhatsApp Zoom control button

WhatsApp regularly releases new updates to allow users to test new features and then release them as stable based on feedback. Currently, WhatsApp is pushing a new beta update for Android users, which introduces enhanced zoom controls for the camera. However, this feature is already available for iOS users of WhatsApp Beta.

Identified as version, the new WhatsApp Beta update brings a new button to enhance how users capture photos and videos by zooming within the camera interface. It is a dedicated zoom button for better control and ensures users get clear visibility of the current zoom level on their screen.

The new zoom control button within WhatsApp’s camera allows users to adjust zoom levels with a single tap. It eliminates the need for complex swipe gestures or uncertain adjustments.

WhatsApp Zoom button

Previously, adjusting zoom often required pinch-to-zoom gestures or swiping up and down on the camera button, which could be less accurate. With the arrival of a dedicated zoom button, WhatsApp intends to simplify the process by providing an easier way to control and reset zoom levels.

Apart from improving the user experience, this update also considers accessibility needs. The new interface provides a stable method for zoom control, benefiting users with motor disabilities who may find precise finger movements challenging.

To access this feature, Android beta testers can update WhatsApp through the Google Play Store. The rollout is happening gradually, so users may have to wait a few days for the update to become available on their devices.

WhatsApp to integrate Meta AI for smart photo insight and editing

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WhatsApp to integrate Meta AI for smart photo insight and editing



WhatsApp Meta Ai

WhatsApp is regularly working to introduce an update that will integrate Meta AI directly into its messaging platform. At the moment, WhatsApp is rolling out a new beta update with version, which brings the ability for Meta AI to edit photos shared by users.

The new beta update of WhatsApp aims to enhance the image editing and interaction experience by allowing them to ask questions about their photos and receive detailed insights. Additionally, users will be able to make edits to their photos conveniently within the chat interface.

Users of this beta update can see a new chat button. This new button of WhatsApp lets users easily share photos with Meta AI for analysis and editing. This helps users to seek information about objects in their photos and make adjustments according to their preferences.

Furthermore, users have complete control over their photos, including the option to delete them at any time. Through the new feature, WhatsApp makes a more interactive and personalized approach to managing and editing photos directly within the app.

WhatsApp Meta AI

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