Bixby 3.0 update brings support for ‘Indian English’ language

To improve the interactiveness between users and smartphones, Samsung giving various new updates to its Bixby assistant. In the past couple of months, this infamous app receives various new features including the support for DeX.

Now, a new update has rolled for this app in the name of Bixby 3.0 which provides Indian-specific goodies including the support for the Indian English language. This means, Indian users now can easily interact with the Bixby using voice commands.


Bixby 3.0 for Indian Galaxy smartphone users

The latest release is definitely rolled out focusing on the Indian Galaxy users because the company said its voice assistant now comes with the capability to understand Indian names, contacts, relations, places, recipes, content, and a lot more.

Just like Google assistant, Bixby now also able to manage the user routines which includes, checking temperatures, setting a timer for the Yoga, telling the recipes of Indian dishes, and more.

However, to enjoy Indian-specific functions, you will have to change the voice assistant’s language to English (India) from the language list of Bixby assistance.

Lastly, this new version of Bixby is initially available on limited galaxy smartphones including Galaxy A52Galaxy A72, and the Galaxy S21, but is quite sure many more device will get this functionality in the coming days.


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