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Here’s how to make your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra like a Note phone using S Pen

Let’s just forget about the launch of Galaxy Note 21 because we already have this smartphone in the form of Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is due to Samsung, which is providing the support of S Pen in this premium device that was earlier reserved for the Note series only.

However, this approach of Samsung sometimes creates confusion for consumers while picking the right smartphones, but at the same time, it increases the versatility of other devices by having the features of its premium device.

So, today we will be exploring the positive side of this strategy where you will be getting some cool tips and tricks of S Pen while using it with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Therefore, without wasting any time let’s hit the topic.

Customize Air Command

This is one of the cool features of the S pen that was earlier present in the Note series only. However, you will get the same experience in the S21 Ultra also. Therefore, to begin customizing your shortcuts, simply open Air Command and tap Add Shortcuts at the bottom of the list.

From there, you’ll be taken to a screen, displaying every app installed on your phone, along with a vertical stripe on the right containing your Air Command shortcuts. You can drag any app to this strip adding it to your Air Command list including the rearranging of the apps.

Enable Screen off memo

This is also one of those features which were popular in the Note series. So to use this in the S21 ultra, just open the Air Command view, then tap the Settings cog in the lower-left corner of the screen. You’ll be taken to the general S Pen settings, where the first option is a quick toggle f.

Then, the user can simply start writing or drawing writing on the S21 Ultra’s display without having to unlock or even wake the screen. But make sure, you will be using it without turning on the AOD as it will overlap the information displayed through the AOD.

Get a good case

As we know, Note series devices come with a dedicated slot for S Pen which not only keeps the pen but also charges it via supercapacitor. But this is not the case with S21 Ultra as it didn’t have any place in itself where you can store the S pen.

So for that, you can have the extra-wide silicone cases made by Samsung in which you will be getting a slot to store the S pen. However, you still can’t charge the pen, due to the hardware unavailability in the S21 Ultra.

Limitations of Galaxy S21 Ultra with regards to S Pen

It was quite challenging for Samsung to bring S Pen assistance to the Galaxy S series for the first time. However, it still can’t perfectly mirror the functionality of a Note, at least, not yet.

It is because there’s no supercapacitor in the phone to charge the S Pen, you even don’t have access to the Bluetooth-powered features as on recent Note models. This implies users can’t use the S Pen as a remote shutter for the camera, slideshow presentations, or even music playing is also a buggy task for S21 Ultra.

Therefore, you will not experience the fully-fledged Note in the S21 Ultra, but as a tech enthusiast it’s our duty to not only inform you about the features but also introduce you to the drawbacks or we can say limitations.


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