EYELIKE: Samsung reusing older Galaxy phones as eye care devices

Samsung fulfills the business responsibilities quite well as it develops world-class electronic products for the consumers. But, what many people don’t know is that the company also puts great dedication towards its social duties.

According to the latest news, the Korean tech giant brings new medical equipment using older Galaxy smartphones that have iris scanners. However, this new medical equipment is made using upcycling process, which will help in treating blindness in various countries so far.

Moreover, these older Galaxy devices are turned into a digital ophthalmoscope known as ‘EYELIKE’ which will be used by medical professionals worldwide. Meanwhile, this new gadget is already showcased at the 2019 Samsung Developers Conference (SDC) and developed under the Galaxy upcycling project based on the universal fundamental ‘Internet of Things.’

Senior Vice President Kim Seong-gu (Samsung Electronics Wireless Division’s Sustainability Management Office) said, “Galaxy Upcycling is a smart solution that uses electronic products that are not in use for new purposes.” I can enjoy the world and I will contribute.”

Previous accomplishments to tackle health issues

Samsung has been working on these novel causes for quite a long time. The company previously distributed various medical equipment where medical facilities are very poor or somehow not available at all.

For Example, Samsung in collaboration with Yonsei (Medical Center) developed digital screening devices via upcycling of phones, for eye treatment in Vietnam in 2018 which were further distributed to Vietnamese medical staff, and the ‘eye health keeper’ activity was carried out.

Prof. Sang-Cheol Yoon (Yonsei Medical Center) said, “While developing a screening device at a price level that can be used universally in developing countries, I learned about Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy upcycling activities.”

As a result of continuous efforts, Galaxy Upcycling was awarded as a project leading eco-friendly activities at the ‘2019 SMM Awards (Sustainable Materials Management Awards)’ hosted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and won the Champion Awards.

Lastly, Samsung is planning to expand all these processes of providing medical help to more regions such as India, Morocco, and Papua New Guinea in order to encounter various eye diseases. Not only this, but it also working to provide support regarding other health issues caused due to the unhealthy environment in which we are living in.


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