Latest Samsung PENUP update brings layers function, refreshed user interface

Samsung PENUP app started receiving a new update which brings a major feature for the users. In the beginning, the PENUP app was known as a simple doodling app with a coloring book feature, but the company has continuously upgraded its features that attract striving artists.

According to the information, the new PENUP update comes with version This update makes two major changes including the coloring book catalog now moved in a Books tab within the Coloring section, and the layer function is now accessible in the drawing tool that allows users to paint on a blank canvas.

However, layers effectively upgrades the user experience of drawing applications as it allows serious photo editing and increases digital drawing capabilities. Still, the PENUP shows only two layers but when the users sign in to the service, they will be able to use around 12 layers in a single drawing.

If you don’t know, layers are the different levels at which one can place an object or image file in graphics software. It can be merged, stacked, or defined when creating a digital image. Moreover, layers are also used to combine two or more images into a single digital image. For the purpose of editing, layers allow for applying changes to just one specific layer.

What’s new

  • Drawing tools UX has been renewed with supporting multiple layers.
  • The coloring book has been added to the main coloring tab

You can easily get the latest version of PENUP via Google Play Store and Galaxy Store. A few things to be noted that this function perfectly works with Galaxy Note phones as they equip S Pen, which lets a truly drawing experience.


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