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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 now provides a seamless experience with One UI 3.1

Back in January 2021, Samsung unveiled the latest version of its own developed skin, the One UI 3.1. Just like the One UI 3.0, the 3.1 version of the One UI is also based on Android 11 OS. It exclusively comes pre-installed with the Galaxy S21 series flagships and now releasing for the older flagships over the air.

On February 18, the Korean tech giant started rolling out the One UI 3.1 features for the Galaxy S20, Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Z Flip. This OTA adds several new smart functions as well as performance improvements in order to enhance the overall user experience.

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Now, the company has officially detailed the exciting new features of the One UI 3.1 that comes for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Now, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 user can multitask more efficiently. It not only simplifies everyday interactions, but the UX also provides a more natural visual experience.

Below, you can read to learn more about the exciting features of the One UI 3.1 for Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Multitasking Made Easy:

With the One UI 3.1, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 users can instantly return to up to three previously opened Multi-Active Windows on the Main Screen via the Recents tab. In addition, they can also take two Multi-Active Windows directly from the Main Screen to the Cover Screen through the Recents tab.

Sometimes, smartphone users need to reply to an urgent message while they are reading/checking a document. For this, the One UI 3.1 lets users launch Multi-Active Window directly from notifications in the Quick Panel. You just have to long-press, drag, and drop the relevant notification to open apps with Multi-Active Window.

Simplify Everyday Interactions

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 can now turn off the screen without tapping the power button. To use this feature, just enable the ‘Palm touch to turn off screen’ feature in the settings which will put both the Cover and Main Screen on standby with a touch of the palm or a double-tap.

One UI 3.1 also comes with added flexibility to the system Camera app. When shooting in Flex mode, the position of the controls can be adjusted for greater comfort. Samsung has also added a Delete and Share button to the preview window in Flex mode by following suggestions from users,

Now the notifications in the “Quick Panel” have been categorized, you can switch between different media controls in the “Quick Panel” by sliding. The weather widget on the cover and the home screen has also been synchronized, so no matter how the user uses the phone, the user can get the same information.

Natural and Comfortable Visual Experiences

The visual experience on the Galaxy Z Fold2’s immersive home screen is more comfortable. When making a video call in Flex mode, users can fill the upper half of the screen with the video of the person they are talking to.

The updated Light and Dark themes add more depth to the overall visual experience of the Galaxy Z Fold2, and the redesigned vertical volume slider further reduces the clutter on the screen.

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