Samsung’s 8K Association will increase performance specification for 8K Televisions

Samsung launched an 8K QLED TV last year and is expected to expand its product line in 2021. It is reported that Samsung will launch a new 8K TV in the next few days, and it will be unveiled at The First Look and CES 2021. On January 5, Samsung announced that the new TV will meet the updated specifications of the 8K Association.

The 8K Association recently updated the requirements for TVs to obtain the “8KA Certified” logo. In addition to the existing resolution, brightness, color, and connection standard requirements, the new specifications require 8K TVs to provide compatibility with a wider range of video decoding standards and advanced surround sound.

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The 8K Association includes TV brands, movie theaters, studios, panel manufacturers, processor brands, etc. Samsung and Samsung Display are the main members of the board of directors.

In addition to 8KA’s updated performance standards for TVs, the company hopes to promote the growth of the 8K ecosystem by educating video content creators about the benefits of capturing, producing, and distributing video at 8K resolution.

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