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Here’s how to take perfect shots with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

In February 2020, Samsung made the impossible possible by launching the Galaxy Z Flip which is the first-ever clamshell foldable smartphone introduced by Samsung. Its iconic foldable design is the only palm-sized when folded, but unfolds to give a full 17.01cm (6.7″)* screen experience.

The Galaxy Z Flip comes with numerous camera features such as Flex mode, Quick Selfie, Single Take, Dual Preview, and much more that can help you take your everyday photography to the next level.

Here are the tips below to learn the massive camera features:

Live Focus:

Live Focus lets you adjust the level of background blur as you capture. While taking a picture of your pet, you can ensure the focus is on the foreground in order to capture the perfect, mess-free picture. This feature is available on both the main and front camera of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Quick Selfie:

Quick Selfie feature allows you to snap a picture without unfolding your device. Simply double-click the power button when the device is off to turn on the camera, view your photos in the case display, and then click the volume button or show your palm on the front camera to take a shot.

Flex mode:

You can easily take cute shots of yourself and your pet with the folding mechanism and Flex mode of the Galaxy Z Flip to capture shots on a timer without the need for any accessories. When your device is placed on a surface, its display can be divided into two 4-inch partitions equally so that you don’t have to compromise when capturing.

Dual Preview:

This feature displays the camera preview screen on the main display and the front cover display at the same time. Using Dual Preview, you can also click a picture of a curious child who won’t look at the camera by engaging their attention to the Z Flip’s front display and capture pictures with ease.

Single Take:

The AI-powered Single Take feature provides you with a range of photo, video, and ‘memorable mode choices based on just one shot of up to 15 seconds long. Once the moment is over, you can head to the Gallery to check out your dog’s antics in all kinds of different modes and filters – Single Take will even recommend the best cuts to you based on the subject and background.

[Credits – Samsung]

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