Samsung Account will be mandatory to use Samsung Health app

Starting with Samsung S to Samsung Health, this app provides various features to keep your body fit and healthy. It records and analyzes user’s daily routines and practices which helps to maintain a proper diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

This fitness app becomes popular among millions of Samsung device users which helps to stay healthy. Samsung regularly brings version updates through Galaxy Store to keep it free from bugs and issues for a better user experience.

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According to the information, Samsung informed that the Samsung Health app 6.15 will be released on January 21st next year. This time, the South Korean tech firm updating the terms of using the Samsung Health app. As per the notice Samsung Health app users have to login via Samsung Account to keep using the fitness app.

The Galaxy device users still access the features of the Samsung Health app without logging in with a Samsung Account. When users firstly open the app, it prompts them to log in or sign up for a new account, also they can Skip the entire process and can start using the Health app.

Nowadays, fundamental integrations are common and are taken as a part of the features being provided. After a long time of stopping third-party integrations, Samsung has decided to allow users to backup their data and sync account within all of its devices without any problem.



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