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As we know, Samsung Good Lock is a customization function used by millions of Samsung smartphone users. Its applications and modules let us customize the One UI as our own creativity. However, the stable release of the latest Android 11 based One UI 3.0  has begun for the Galaxy S20 models, several of the Good Lock modules are incompatible because of the Android 11 version upgrade.

While we’ve already reported that Samsung is continuously developing the Good Lock 2021 which will be compatible with Android 11 based One UI 3.0, new information arriving about this application having an entire plan about the updates and changes in the upcoming version of Good Lock.

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According to the latest information, the developers of Good Lock modules are working too hard to release the One UI 3.0 compatible Good Lock earlier compared to last year. And it is reported that the upcoming version of Good Lock – Good Lock 2021 will release in January 2021.

What’s changing with Good Lock 2021?

Samsung Good Lock officials announced that the Good Lock 2021’s main app style will be renewed and optimized to perform various tasks. It will also come with support for a better user experience in landscape mode.

The company is working to add a new function to the Good Lock which will bring new stickers to follow the recent trend of memes.

Clock Face: Various functions to decorate the clock face are in preparation.

QuickStar: Theme decoration is integrated into Theme Park to provide more improved decoration,
function to view notifications in sequential order, and other suggested functions.

MultiStar: The developers of MultiStar are working to provide an option to view a wider screen while using a split-screen and an extension function related to the camera hole.

Routine Plus: The function to use the physical key according to the situation + macro function + shortcut function + sharing function is added.

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NavStar: Samsung is working to make gestures transparent and hiding in multi-window situations.

Keys Cafe: A new feature is under development that will allow quick input with the sharing function and gestures.

Theme Park: Tablets are also supported.

OneHand Operaion+: Functions such as detailed angle setting and screen recording are added.

SoundAssistant: Some new features will be added including – create own vibration pattern, and match the sound delay when connected to Bluetooth like a subtitle.

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Renewal Preparation:

Task Changer: Task Changer will be integrated into Home Up because of having a lot of problems due to the gesture structure of the OS. This module could release in March 2021 which is a little longer than the release of Good Lock 2021.

Edge Lighting+: This module is expected to be released in the second half of 2021 with a better idea function by integrating with NotiStar’s Effect function.

Aside from this latest proposal, we’ve already reported that Samsung is spending special time on the QuickStar module which will come with new features. Adding to this, the South Korean tech firm also planned to introduce some new modules including Tab Star, Gesture Star and LED Dot Star.

The Tab Star module will provide a screen capture function with Tab while the Gesture Star lets you add more gestures can be added to use software gestures rather than hardware buttons. The upcoming LED Dot Star module allows you to check the notification through AOD.

Whenever any new information will arrive on this matter we’ll keep you posted.

James is the lead content creator on Sammy Fans and mostly works on Samsung's firmware section. His first phone was the Galaxy S4 and continues to get new S series devices. Most of the time, James tries to learn about new technologies and gadgets but he also sneaks a bit of free time to nearby rivers and nature.

Good Lock

Samsung NotiStar introduces enhanced features with One UI 6.1.1 compatibility



Samsung NotiStar One UI 6.1.1

Samsung NotiStar Good Lock module is receiving a new update, which brings One UI 6.1.1 support. Identified via version, the update brings several notable improvements to enhance functionality and user experience.

The fresh update makes the Samsung NotiStar app compatible with One UI 6.1.1. Now, users can enjoy the NotiStar features on their smartphones with the latest software. This ensures seamless integration with the newest features and optimizations that One UI offers.

In addition to One UI 6.1.1 compatibility, Samsung has improved the widget logic on the cover screen. This adjustment makes widgets more responsive and useful.

Moreover, the update adds the ability to select the background color of the notification screen on the lock screen. This feature option lets users personalize their device’s look to their preferences.

The update also addresses an issue where receiving notifications containing large images could cause errors. By fixing this bug, Samsung improves overall stability and reliability for smoother performance.

Samsung NotiStar app is available on the Galaxy Store with a package size of 9.62MB. To install the update, you just need to visit Good Lock or Galaxy Store app >> Menu option >> Updates. Also, you can download the update from the third-party app link mentioned here.

Aside from this, some Galaxy users expressed disappointment when attempting to retrieve missed or accidentally deleted push notifications, as clicking on notifications currently only launches the associated app without providing access to detailed content

Good Lock’s NotiStar lacks detailed notification access on Samsung devices

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Good Lock

Samsung RegiStar brings exclusive features to Galaxy Z Flip 6, Fold 6



Samsung RegiStar Fold Flip 6

Samsung has pushed a new update for the RegiStar Good Lock module, which brings several improvements specifically for users of the Galaxy Flip 6 and Fold 6 devices. The update arrives on Galaxy devices with version 1.0.54.

The fresh update improves the voice recording operations. The company fixes errors that users may have encountered to ensure smoother and more reliable performance when recording voice memos or using voice commands in apps.

Moreover, the update of Samsung RegiStar introduces new capabilities exclusively for Galaxy Flip 6 and Fold 6. Users can now perform actions even when the screen is off, such as receiving notifications through sound or vibration at specified times.

This feature allows users to stay informed without needing to interact directly with their devices. Through these enhancements, Samsung aims to enhance the overall experience of using its flagship foldable smartphones.

To access these new features, users can update the RegiStar module via the Good Lock app or from the Galaxy Store app >> Menu option >> Updates.

Samsung RegiStar Good Lock module allows users to conveniently customize their Settings app by enabling actions such as pressing the side key, tapping the back of the device, and more. This app is compatible with Galaxy devices running One UI 5.0 or higher.

Samsung reminds Good Lock’s RegiStar compatibility for Galaxy devices

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Good Lock

Samsung reminds Good Lock’s RegiStar compatibility for Galaxy devices



Samsung RegiStar Fold Flip 6

Samsung RegiStar is a part of the Good Lock customization suite, which enhances user interaction on Galaxy devices. It allows users to conveniently customize their Settings app by enabling actions such as pressing the side key, tapping the back of the device, and more. At the moment, Samsung is reminding Galaxy device users about the RegiStar app’s compatibility.

Following concerns from a community member about the RegiStar app missing in the Good Lock feed, a community moderator has mentioned that RegiStar works on Galaxy devices running One UI 5.0 or higher. The community moderator is just recalling the compatibility of the app.

Moreover, users with compatible Galaxy smartphones are advised to update to the latest software version since the app doesn’t support Android 12 or older versions.

Samsung RegiStar Compatibility

Back in November 2022, Samsung added RegiStar to its Good Lock customization suite for One UI 5.0 devices. This app lets users redesign the interface for specific system settings and access experimental features like the back tap. It is available for download on the Galaxy Store.

Since its launch, Samsung has consistently improved the app through updates. Some reports suggest Samsung plans to introduce the “Check time with Back-Tap” feature on devices like the Galaxy Fold 6 and Flip 6. The company also aims to expand this RegiStar feature to other Samsung devices with the One UI 7.0 rollout.

If you own a Galaxy device eligible for the Good Lock app and running One UI 5.0 or higher, you can install the RegiStar app to enjoy its amazing features.

Users can download the RegiStar app from the Galaxy Store or Good Lock itself. Stay tuned for future updates that promise to further enhance user experience with the addition of new features.

Samsung fueling One UI 7.0 with big RegiStar back tap feature

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