Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 for WiFi 6 will become a major turning point for mass adoption in the industry: Wi-Fi Alliance

WiFi has become an important part of our lives nowadays and it has its own significance in the technological world. As the world of the internet is growing the environment of WiFi is also increasing. With the increase in the number of people using the internet, the requirements for network transmission rates also continue to grow. As of now, we can see the availability of WiFi almost everywhere we go, even in remote areas.

Currently, we have entered the sixth era of WiFi. This latest version is more stronger and capable than the previous WiFi 5. It covers both the 2.5GHz and 6 GHz while the WiFi 5 is limited to 5GHz. There are more improvements that we have encountered with the latest version in terms of transmission rate, number of connections, delay in-network, and energy consumption.

The WiFi 6 offers a more, contagious spectrum, wider channels, less interference, Gigabit speeds, Extremely low latency, and high capacity. The WiFi certified 6 brings enhanced performance to emerging applications such as virtual and augmented reality used in e-Learning, telepresence, and healthcare. It also provides WiFi operators and carriers with more capabilities to support advanced connectivity in stadiums, stations, retails, and more.

With WiFi 6, users will be experiencing an advanced level of connections along with the power of 5G. In accordance with the fifth-generation network, the WiFi 6 is expected to deliver a great performance with a wider reach, strong connections, and low latency.

According to the data, by the end of 2020, the WiFi 6 support in the smartphones will continue to increase significantly from the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. And the WiFi 6 trails for the commercial and industrial sectors are also in progress. The WiFi 6 will be increasing in the number of smartphones in the coming days and will take internet access to the next level.

WiFi Alliance has brought a new WiFi CERTIFIED Vantage which is a certification program that can easily find out the select devices that can provide a better WiFi experience.

The key benefits of the WiFi CERTIFIED 6 technology include higher data rates, increased capacity, performance in environments with connected devices, and improved power efficiency. This technology is fully dedicated to the power users used for streaming Ultra HD movies, using applications that require high bandwidth and low latency, and many other heavy tasks.

Wi-Fi operation in the 6 GHz frequency band enables Wi-Fi to continue delivering positive experiences for the most bandwidth-intensive applications. Wi-Fi 6E certification as part of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 will offer the features and capabilities of Wi-Fi 6, extended to the 6 GHz band.

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made available all 1200 MHz of the 6 GHz band for unlicensed use, and Wi-Fi users will soon benefit from the quick action from Wi-Fi Alliance members to provide worldwide interoperability certification in early 2021.

Wi-Fi 6E can utilize up to 14 additional 80 MHz channels or 7 additional superwide 160 MHz channels in 6 GHz for applications such as high-definition video streaming and virtual reality.

Wi-Fi 6E devices leverage these wider channels and additional capacity to deliver greater network performance and support more Wi-Fi users at once, even in very dense and congested environments. Wi-Fi 6E will bring greater technology advancements in Wi-Fi that will introduce new use cases and accelerate the next-generation connectivity with 5G networks.

According to WFA, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 delivers improvements and new features that enable Wi-Fi devices to operate efficiently in the densest and dynamic connectivity settings.

Key capabilities:

  • Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) effectively shares channels to increase network efficiency and lower latency for both uplink and downlink traffic in high demand environments
  • Multi-user multiple input, multiple output (multi-user MIMO) allows more downlink data to be transferred at one time, enabling access points (APs) to concurrently handle more devices
  • 160 MHz channel utilization capability increases bandwidth to deliver greater performance with low latency
  • Target wake time (TWT) significantly improves network efficiency and device battery life, including IoT devices
  • 1024 quadrature amplitude modulation mode (1024-QAM) increases throughput for emerging, bandwidth-intensive uses by encoding more data in the same amount of spectrum
  • Transmit beamforming enables higher data rates at a given range to increase network capacity

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 devices bring enhanced performance to emerging applications such as virtual and augmented reality used in e-Learning, telepresence, and healthcare. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 also provides carriers and public Wi-Fi operators with more capabilities to support advanced connectivity in retail, stadiums, and transportation hubs, including a growing array of location-based applications and services.


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