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Samsung Galaxy A10 receiving November 2020 security update



Samsung Galaxy A20 Update

Samsung is currently sending the November 2020 security patch for its eligible Galaxy devices. Many devices already received this latest security and now the company is rolling this update for its budget Galaxy A10 devices.

This new update installs the latest November 2020 security on the Galaxy A10 phones for improved security and device stability. It comes with the build version A105NKOU4BTJ1.

Other than the improved security this new firmware does not add any new features to the device. To check for the update manually on your Galaxy devices go to Settings > Software Updates > then tap on Download and install.

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This update is currently rolling out for the Galaxy A10 devices in Korea and the company will soon expand it to other regions as well.



• Device security-related stabilization code applied
  ※ When the update is completed, the security policy is reinforced, and
      you cannot downgrade to the previous software version with low security.

Top features:

Samsung Galaxy A10 is a low-end device that comes with some basic features such as a 6.2-inch HD+ display, an Octa-core processor, dual rear camera setup, 3400 mAh battery, and more.

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One UI 5.1

Ultimate One UI 5.1 Lock Screen Customization: Here’s how to renovate your Samsung Galaxy



Samsung One UI 5.1 Lock Screen

One UI 5.1 is the king of lock screen customization when it comes to Android skins. Samsung brought pretty cool personalization options with the Android 13-based One UI 5 software, which is somehow derived from Apple’s iOS 16.

From a basic to an ultimate setup, Samsung One UI 5.1 enables users to create their dream lock screen. And you don’t need to spend much time in personalization, as lock screen renovation can be done on your Galaxy like playing games.

Here’s how to renovate the lock screen:

Samsung One UI 5.1 made lock screen customization as simple as adding a widget to the home screen. From the lock screen itself, you can access all of the ultimate recreation tools such as Wallpaper, clock, left/right shortcuts, emergency text, and notification style.

So, you only need to tap and hold on to the lock screen page, and make sure your Galaxy device is unlocked. In a millisecond delay, you will be able to see options like Wallpaper, along with outlined guidelines on elements you can adjust on the lock screen.

We are starting with the Wallpapers section. Tap the button, and the One UI will show you all the available wallpaper services, the same as the home screen. You can either pick a wallpaper from the native library or choose one from the listed services including Featured, Gallery, Graphical, Colors, Wallpaper services, or Downloaded.

After finalizing a new wallpaper for the lock screen, the clock style is the first element that we can renovate. There are five different designs including three digital and two analog. Besides, you can also remove the clock completely or expand the customization with Good Lock’s ClockFace plugin.

After tapping on your favorite clock style, you can adjust the size as per your preference. Once done, it becomes necessary to optimize the clock’s color with wallpaper from the available options including solid colors, gradient ones along with color spectrum.

Once finalized, it’s time to jump to the notification appearance, for which, Samsung brought two different designs. I prefer using the Icon only setting, as it keeps the lock screen clean, while you can either prevent notifications or choose the Details format.

It’s now possible to add emergency information on the lock screen, which someone can use to reach your family member. One UI 5.1 brings an option where you can put a phone number of instructions like allergy, which will be shown on the lock screen and visible to all without unlocking the phone.

Well, you can put any kind of text content in that field, which will show up on the lock screen as a signature. Just hit the contact information button, and write down your text content (either contact info or your name of fav text) along with emojis as I mentioned We ❤ Samsung.

Last but not least, the left and right swipe buttons can also be customized with different functions. There are two kinds of services including some that can be accessed without unlocking the phone and some that requires the phone to be unlocked. I’ve picked DND on Left and Camera on Right, you can pick yours!

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One UI 4.1

Samsung now bringing One UI 5.1 update to Galaxy A14 5G, Galaxy M13 5G



Samsung Galaxy A14 M13 One UI 5.1

After releasing the One UI 5.1 update to a bunch of Galaxy devices, Samsung has pushed the latest version of One UI to two more devices that are Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy M13 5G. The major update is rolling out to these low-budget smartphones in India.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy M13 5G smartphones are getting updated to One UI 5.1 with an update that bumps up their firmware version to A146BXXU1BWC3 and M136BXXU2CWB3 respectively. These two smartphones will get the One UI 5.1 update in other countries within the next few days.

Samsung Galaxy A14 M13 One UI 5.1

One UI 5.1 update arrives with a bundle of new features and improvements to provide a next-level experience. Alongside this, the update also installs February 2023 security patch to improve system security.

If you are a Galaxy A14 or Galaxy M13 user in India, you can download and install the One UI 5.1 update by navigating to Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

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One UI 5.1 Update

One UI 5.1 update improves the search function of the Samsung Gallery app. Also, the Gallery is receiving a common family album for easier sharing, a more convenient information display in horizontal view, more effective searches, and more.

Samsung Widget section is also getting three major changes. The new Battery Widget shows your phone and connected device battery on the home screen, the Dynamic Weather Widget provides a weather summary, and the improved Smart Suggestion Widget now recommends you a Spotify playlist.

Furthermore, this One UI version further brings new features for pop-up view and split-screen view features for easier multitasking, Bixby Text Call in the English language, Continue using app on other devices feature support for Samsung Internet, the ability to add Modes-based wallpapers, and more.

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One UI 6.0

Samsung One UI 6.0 to bring separate lock screen live wallpaper feature



One UI 6.0 Live Wallpapers

Samsung One UI 6.0 could finally allow users to set separate live wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen. The different wallpaper selection feature is already available for static wallpapers, and Google is reportedly testing the ability for the new Android 14 OS.

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Way back in 2009, the Android OS started to support the live wallpapers feature and kept the same ability until the last stable Android version. Samsung also allows users to use live wallpapers on Galaxy devices using the Wonderland module of the Good Lock customization suite.

Similar to Android, Good Lock’s Wonderland is capable of applying live wallpaper on either the “home screen” or “Home screen and lock screen.” There’s no choice of picking up the live wallpaper for only the “lock screen” that Samsung could be finally bringing with the One UI 6.0.

According to XDA, Android, 13 QPR2 includes several code changes, which prepare for enabling an “independent lock screen live wallpaper” feature. One code change adds a new method to Android’s WallpaperManager class called setWallpaperComponentWithFlags().

Samsung One UI 6.0 lock screen live wallpaper

System apps that hold the SET_WALLPAPER_COMPONENT permission, such as Android’s Live Wallpaper Picker app, can use this method to “set the live wallpaper [component] for the given screen(s)”, such as the home screen, lock screen, or both screens.

Do note that the feature is not available in Android 14’s Developer Preview build, as the company may have reserved it for the public beta program. As soon as the testing phase concludes, Android will gain the separate lock screen live wallpaper feature through a firmware update.

In addition, Google is bringing a new volume control panel with Android 14, which is inspired by the One UI. The upcoming OS also brings a new Emoji Wallpaper generator feature, which we want in Samsung’s Android 14 update for Galaxy fans.

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