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Opinion: Killing the Galaxy Note series could be a bad decision for Samsung

Samsung announced its first-ever Note device at IFA Berlin in 2011. The company offers a unique and special add-on with these devices that is S-Pen. This little stylus makes the Note devices stand out from any other smartphone.

After the launch, the Galaxy Note smartphones have gained popularity among the users and became the first-ever commercially successful phones with large screens that can be a substitute for the tablets along with an advanced stylus that comes inside the device itself.

The Korean tech giant had found these phablets very successful, the Galaxy Note devices accounted for over 50 million sales between September 2011 and October 2013. After these fabulous results, the company decided to take the Note line up further.

From the first-ever Note smartphone, Samsung currently has 14 Galaxy Notes in the list. Among them, the latest is the Galaxy Note 20 that the company announced recently. The Galaxy Note 20 series is packed with all the essential and premium features with the power of the S-Pen. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has become popular since its launch and was the highest-selling 5G device in the month of September 2020.

And now the reports are coming that after nine successful years, Samsung may put an end to its Note flagship. This means we might not be able to see the successor of the Galaxy Note 20 series. Instead, the company is planning to give this unique S-Pen feature to the upcoming S and Fold smartphones. If this information is correct, then this is a very disappointing move from Samsung and as a Note lover, I don’t want to see such changes and so the others.

By implementing this revolutionary change of merging the Note line with the S-series devices, Samsung likely to make its Note users disappointed. The Note devices have their own fan base and the company should not mess with it. It is still now known that why Samsung is taking such a step and there’s surely a genuine reason behind this change.

As a fan of Galaxy Note devices, I have expected many new and exciting changes in the upcoming Note lineup but at the same time, the sign for killing the Note series have already emerged and now it would be weird that the next Note device may not appear on the launch stage.

Although, there will be more devices in the future that will come with S-Pen features including Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 but the Note has a different vibe.

This decision could impact in a negative way for Samsung, the Note customers may shift to other devices, which may also affect Samsung’s sales volume. As the customers expect different features from both the Galaxy S and Note series devices and merging these two will not give any option to the customers and not everyone is ready to use the expensive fold phones.

As of now, the users can decide between these two lines of smartphones as what they want- an S-Pen feature with a large screen or a compact lightweight design that can be only possible with Galaxy Note devices. But next year, we might not be able to get such options.

Still, Samsung has not announced any official statement on this matter but we’ll keep you posted with the latest updates.

So, what do you think about this decision, if Samsung really moves to kill the Galaxy Note series Samsung as a Galaxy user? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I think it is a bad idea to stop making the Note series based off of sales of one year, especially in 2020.

    We’re in the middle of a pandemic and people are saving their money.

    Also maybe most Note users bought the Note 10/10+ and are waiting two years to get a new one.

    Really bad idea by Samsung.

  2. ..I love my now 2 year old Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and my fantastic Galaxy Note 20 Ultra..They both represent the pinnacle of Premium Android phones with their peerless build quality, features, cameras, SPen and superb Samsung UI, along with now 3 years of Android/Samsung UI updates, alongside the regular monthly Android security packages/enhancements.
    The Note series for me provides the very best productivity and user experience of any smartphone I have ever owned..
    I will be very annoyed if Samsung discontinued the Note series, as the Fold range are interesting but too bulky folded, unknow SPen future functionality, and much more expensive than the Note. The S series are OK..but with a rumoured “afterthought” SPen functionality without a standard SPen or silo to hold it seems a very poor substitute for the perfect and brilliant Note…
    Samsung, please, please do not forsake all your loyal and committed Note customers in 2021..we will not forgive you lightly..!

  3. I can’t possibly see how this is an issue . If they’re going to put the pen in a new model of the s line it’s essentially still the note for you for all intents and purposes so what’s really the problem? Okay so it doesn’t say note on it it says S?? But it will have the pen and all the functionality so… This is a non issue.

    • The pen is said to NOT have a home inside the S version…it is said that the pen will be made compatible with the S but if purchased to use you would also have to buy a special case to hold it. Therefore it will not be that same at all. I have the 8, 10+, and 20ultra and I LOVE my notes. Will be very upset to see them go.

  4. Just purchased the Samsung Note20 Ultra For its features and now I’m seeing that they may not continue the line as is. That’s probably not a good idea given this particular series is bought for the capabilities it offers from the sleek version to the pen. I love my phone! I would hate to see that change this soon. There are so many places to go with the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. Let’s not Not try to fix something that isn’t broken.

  5. If Samsung decides to stop making the Note devices or combines it with the S, I will definitely become an iPhone user. I’ve been a droid user since smart phones first came out. This would definitely push me to become an Apple user, which my family had been trying to do for years.

  6. I myself as a Note series fan do not like the sound of this. It they drop thee Note series then I will drop Samsung straight up!

  7. This would be a terrible idea. I have owned notes, generally every other year I will purchase with the trade in, and can’t imagine owning anything else.

    I have a pixel for a small, work phone, but notes are supposed to be the flagship phone representative of the best of the best.

    I dont want a folding phone, okay. Samsung, you have 1 year to get this right or I will start to consider other options. Really do not want to, but that is where we are at I guess

  8. I believe Note series is a statement. It is probably the only phone that is one up against ANY iPhone. I don’t care about any new iPhone xyz, as long as I have the latest Note w/ spen. But, I’m open to seeing what the future brings. Will stick with Samsung.

  9. Very disappointing to hear this, as I was counting on being able to upgrade my Note8 next year. I have also used a Note3 and Note4 (due to being forced by Samsung to return my Note7 for safety issue), so have been a long-time loyal Note fan & still love it. There’s just nothing else like it. I cannot imagine being without my S-pen and all its features like the customizable popup apps menu, etc.

    It’s hard to imagine why Samsung would want to shoot itself in the foot like this. If they are simply disappointed in their Note20 sales, maybe Samsung should pay more attention to what Note users like & not remove popular features by arbitrarily changing stuff, like moving the S-pen to the other side, removing the headphone jack, etc.

    You already have a winning phone, Samsung, so why would you want get rid of it? Just stupid! Maybe it’s a ploy to re-energize Note20 sales? I hope so, but too little too late.
    Samsung, if this is true, then you’ve lost my confidence in you.


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