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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users reporting display issues after One UI 2.5 update

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the premium smartphones launched at the ‘Unpacked’ event in August 2018. It comes with many premium features such as a powerful processor, Dynamic AMOLED curved edge display, S-Pen support, and much more. This S-Pen powered smartphone was also awarded as the ‘Best Phone of the Year’ award by Consumer Report.

Suddenly some of the Galaxy Note 9 users are facing issues on their device. According to them, the screen of their device had slowly started turning yellow-green after updating to the latest One UI 2.5 update, which brings new features.

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Users have tried everything such as changing the display color settings of the Note 9 but the problem remains unfixed. After the users didn’t found any solution to this issue, reported on the community page of the company.

Meanwhile, another Note 9 user on Reddit spotted a bug with the display. In contrast, this issue causes continuous ghost taps on the screen while the phone is unlocked. And at the same time, the screen also turns translucent white.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 9 users were also having screen related issues in the past after an update but this problem seems more sophisticated than before. It is almost clear that these issues are caused after updating to the latest firmware.

Although, until now there are no words from Samsung on this matter and we hope that the company will do something to safeguard its old flagship smartphone from such problems. If you are also facing such problems with your Galaxy smartphone then let us know in the comments below.

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      • My note 9 was fine till about six or seven months ago ythen after an up date it went batty ! Now about three weeks ago I finely went to Verizon and got them to switch out my phone it worked ok till I got another up date now screen changes all the time , the language changes at any time to Chinese , and just does all kinds of things not to function properly ! I HAVE BEEN TOTALLY UNSATISFIED WITH BOTH BOTH OF THEM ! AND FOR THE AMOUNT PAYED MAKES ME WANT TO CHANGE TO I PHONE SENCE AFTER SEVERAL REQUEST FOR IT TO BE CORRECTED NOTHING IS DONE EVEN AFTER PAYING FOR TEC COACH ANOTHER WASTE OF MONEY!

    • For anyone facing this problem go to my comment at the bottom I’ve listed a few things that are a temporary fix to this problem.

  • I live in Malaysia and my galaxy note 9 has been having yellow screen since early this year. It is still a good phone but my once very clear camera has become shitty and it is heartbreaking.
    I sincerely hope Samsung decides to replace our phones for us

    Petaling Jaya
    22nd November 2020

  • Yes Same problem with my Samsung galaxy note 9 fone.. same thing happened when I update .it’s almost 14 month old fone.. looking for solutions… thanks

  • I have the same problem, but, my phone becomes unusable after start as the entire screen turns green. When I took it to the service centre, their only response was to change the display.

  • Happen to my Note 9. Brought it to service centre, they simply concluded it as broken screen and advised to change my note screen. Even worse, I have to pay for service/checking fee and the screen replaced which cost hundreds dollars.

  • Hi guys I to facing same issue from last update in my note 9 now I’m thinking to change display but it is to costly any solution from u plz help me out

  • This is completely one of the worst scenario , samsung is not responding and luckily chennai store has repaired my screen

  • I have this particular display issue since the update and have tried everything in my power with my note 9 except changing the hardware, that is, the display. The service center quoted me 17500 incl. GST@18% and labour charge. And since my phone has always been maintained carefully and I did not think that the issue is the hardware, rather the software, I have not changed it. I am yet to see Samsung resolve the issue.

  • Having same problem with Galaxy S10e. After the updated getting green tinted screen.
    Waiting for a staible update that may help.

    Although after contacting Samsung, got there prompt response to get my phone checked in service centre but I am sure problem is of OS update hence denied to factory restore to get hardware checked.

    Read my post for workaround solution

  • My screen just blacked+out on 16 March after the update. Service centres says need a change costing at least RM800,- With that amount of money I would rather buy a new Huawei.

  • I am note 9 user…also facing this issue.. notice after update… for me will not buy samsung again… note 9 is great phone but is a shame for flagship with this issue….

  • I too am facing the same problem. I thought may be its the display problem and wanted to get a new display. But then was confused. My phone is sparingly used. Its looks brand new. Please suggest what to do. Will i get a replacement for it

  • Hi.

    Yup Im having the same issue sincr last week and it breaks my eye. Go to Samsung Centre but they asked me to change the screen which cost me RM900. Such a stupid thing to do. Yet, the guy said nothing Samsung can do for you.

  • I have the same problem and I thought it was a hardware specific issue.
    Damn, Samsung should either fix this or replace the device

  • Same problem with my Note9 Snapdragon, started with the October update first its a “battery cable charging issue” , 2weeks after another update, boom , I got a “dead screen”, Samsung Service Center quoted me at a cost like buying a new phone.
    End up buying a replacement S20+, but I want my Note9 back , hear us Samsung!! we are ur loyal customer

  • am to facing the yellowish issue in my samsung note 9, i thought it was the temper glass which shows my screen little yellowish

  • Hi,

    I am from Mumbai, India and I have been facing this problem for last 3 weeks. In oct 1st week, I upgraded my phone software. Now, samsung is asking for 17500 for display change. I downloaded oled saver app from play store and it’s working good. I have also tried pmwfree app and it was really good.

  • Hi,
    I have the same problem of yellow/ green screen. I have taken to the service place and they say there’s no problem with the setting. The camera is also becoming bad.
    Hope Samsung will take this seriously and help loyal Samsung customers.

  • Now I understand why. First I thought my note 9 is getting Old but I’m wrong, facing the same issues here.

  • After updating one ui 2.5
    I can’t hangup on my call it always show on my notification. After that i can’t make any other call.
    I have to restart my phone continuously after that.

  • I am also facing this problem since software update.. the screen turns green … for long time and it continues till I do screen off and on . And of I take the screen shot it comes clear …

  • Yes , I’m also facing the same issue , but my problem started just before the update to one u.i 2.5. This is ridiculous, I compromised on my note 5 because of the battery and display issues now note 9. There is no quality control over the Samsung phones . Most importantly I attribute this issue also to the exynos, whether this problem is there with snapdragon variant , don’t know .

  • I got some issues that my note 9 have become slower and also when I’m watching videos it shows yellow line around my screen. But even opening the browser is an pain struggle for the phone after last update.
    But knowing samsung they won’t fix anything for next half year.

  • Same issue the screen turns greenish and freezes and even the back heats up. After update Samsung is acting irresponsibly and simply asking as to replace the screen for 20k

  • After Update, caller is not able to hear sound. This is happening when I receive wireless Dex update in my Note 9

  • Same problem here… I am thinking that my phone LCD is damage but it is not. Hope Samsung will find a solution for this problem about Note 9

  • I face the same display problem after the new android update. My display is fine when I keep the brightness low, display turns yellow with lines on the screen when I increase the brightness, hope Samsung does something about this

  • Anybody having this issue on S10plus ? The phone display turns greenish yellow and some times it’s nearly impossible to make out whats on the display. I took my phone to Authorised service center for Samsung they said I might have dropped my phone, well, I have not. So this report make sense.
    Looking forward for some kinda solution to this issue.

  • Yes i am also facing the same issue the screen turns blur and greenish, after informed samsung service center, they told me to change screen and it will be around 20k rupess.

  • when I increased the brightness from 10% to 40%, the screen bringness will turn to yellow and with yellow green lining on the screen.

    I’m very very disappointed with this new version update failure.

  • I honestly thought I was the only person with this problem and I have tried everything to fix it but nothings changed.

  • They’ ve got me this time paying alot of money for their phone.. but NEVER AGAIN I will buy another Samsung phone.
    This is a turning point for me, dropping the budget for a phone from 1000E to 300E. I do expect that other companies will follow Samsung steps and I don’t want to pay crazy prices for a device that actually I’m not owning!
    For example.. most probably I will go with Poco X3.. which is more than I need.

  • Here I thought my phone graphics
    or screen was failing! Was ready to get a new phone. My phone had been super slow since the update and this has happened.

  • I believe knowing which carriers your devices are from would narrow it down as well. I am fully updated Note 9 128GB AT&T has suffered only one issue. My microphone for private calls is almost non-existent to the people I’m speaking to.

  • Samsung is very irresponsible company now. Especially at saian region. view at the way they dealing with this issues also the software update on all others devices as well. Not only the different in hardware. The software is keep updated almost every month and all problem is getting resolved almost very fast. As compared in Asia…. haha “you eat yourself”

  • I’m also facing this problem with my note 10 plus and the problem occurred with the latest update. I reduce the brightness of the screen and removed the auto brightness to semi fix the problem but it comes back when the screen is in standby. Please fix it.

  • I am experiencing a similar display issue in Samsung S10E. No any obviouse hardware issue but at once it started to show reduced resolution in the display.

  • I too am facing the same problem .. . . Whats the way to fix it . . And how come company like Samsung haven’t responded to this issue??

  • I use note 9 until now. Have the first screen problem after update few month ago. I look up the Samsing @#%(Samsung official repair centre). They were 200% not customer friendly. Almost very rude also. And the best thing is, how they answer my question.
    “Kami tatau ma.. you angkat baru maaa” WTF%&@.
    And yes, i stand up and walk away without a word. What make me so frustrated is, i approach them with a very human being attitude. “Beradab”.

    1 point that i want to highlight here is, the screen problem now i think is the 2nd time. And yet, SAMSING still lock their mouth.


  • Here are a few temporary fixes for anyone having the same problem; Some of these didn’t work for me but some did. I hope this helps some of you
    1. Turn off adaptive display
    2.simply turn of the phone and restart it, but cover the front sensors completely before restarting and while the phone is rewstarting. This seems to work for a very few amount of people but worth a try.
    3. Turn on always-on display and tap the screen everytime before you unlock it.
    4. When you unlock the phone turn the brightness to 100% then wait 2-3 seconds then choose your desired brightness. and the discolouration should be gone. However, you have to do that every time you unlock, you can download an App to perform this action to save some time.
    5. Install OLED saver on the Playstore.
    then set these settings
    Pixel filtering =On/Use
    Basic physical Brightness = 255
    Then simply enable the serves
    This is the most effective one worked for me

  • Having same very same issue here with my S9+, each day/week gradually it became worse. Thought it was only me, and then found many are actually having the same issue here also on YouTube.

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