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How to download and install latest firmware on Galaxy S20 devices using Odin

At the unpacked event held in February 2020, Samsung added three new flagship smartphones in its Galaxy S-series, Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra as a successor to the Galaxy S10 series. These smartphones were launched with many premium features and pre-installed One UI 2.1 based Android 10.

Samsung releases updates for its Galaxy S20 devices differently in various regions and it may take some time to reach them to your smartphone via OTA. However, you can also install these updates manually on your S20 smartphones before it comes to your region using the Samsung firmware installation tool, Odin.

If you want to install the software update manually on your Galaxy S20 devices using Odin, then follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Requirements:

  • A Windows PC
  • Galaxy S20 device
  • USB cable to connect your device to PC
  • The latest version of Odin Software
  • Firmware for your device

Here is a quick overview of the steps that will be involved for manually downloading the software update in your Samsung Galaxy S20 devices:

  1. Downloading update package for your Galaxy S20 device
  2. Download Odin
  3. Understanding Odin
  4. Setting up your device
  5. Making sure about the things before starting the installation process
  6. Extract firmware
  7. Installing firmware on the device using Odin

2. Downloading update package for your Galaxy S20 device

You’ll need to download the firmware to install it on your device. To download the update package correctly check our complete guide on how to download firmware for Samsung phones here.

3. Downloading Odin

You can download the latest version of Odin software from here.

4. Understanding the interface of Odin Software:

After you install the Odin, Open the software and you’ll find four different sections and buttons for the respective section, where you can upload the extracted firmware file. These are:

  • BL: Bootloader
  • AP: Android Partition
  • CP: Modem/Radio
  • CSC: Consumer software customization

There are three buttons on the bottom – Start and Reset alongside Exit

5. Make sure about the following things before you start the process:

  1. Back up your important Data, before installation
  2. Use the USB cable that comes with your smartphone
  3. Keep battery sufficiently charged
  4. Do not disconnect your phone during installation

6. Extract Firmware:

Extract the firmware and should get 5 files including the following:

  1. AP
  2. BL
  3. CP
  4. CSC
  5. HOME_CS

NoteUse CES_ if you want to perform a clean install or Home_CS_ to keep your personal apps and data.

7. Setup your Galaxy S20 device:

Before you start the process you need to reboot your device into Download/Odin mode (make sure your device is off).

You can do this on your Samsung Galaxy S20 devices by the steps mentioned below:

  • Power off your smartphone
  • Then, holding the volume up and volume down button, simultaneously plug the USB Type-C cable into the device
  • A warning message will appear
  • Press the Volume up button to enter the Download mode (pressing the Volume down button will cancel the process)

Remember, these steps for the download mode are different for every Galaxy device and will be only applicable to the S20 devices. So, do not try it on your other Galaxy model

8. Installing the firmware on your device using Odin:

  1. In download mode, connect your smartphone to the PC using the USB cable that came with your smartphone.
  2. Open Odin and it’ll automatically detect your device and a Blue box will appear with the COM port number.
  3. Do not tick or press any other options.
  4. Click the Start button and it’ll start the firmware installation
  5. Wait for the installation. Once finished, it’ll show “PASS” output and your device will reboot and you can disconnect your smartphone and set it up.


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