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LineageOS 17.1 support is now available for Samsung Galaxy S20 (Snapdragon variants)



Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

LineageOS is a custom operating system for smartphones and tablets which is based on Android. It is the successor to the custom ROM CyanogenMod. The latest version of this custom OS is LineageOS 17.1 which is based on Android 10.

LineageOS offers plenty of features that the Android Open Source Project does not carry including button customization, custom quick-setting tiles, live display, lock screen customization, system profiles, custom pattern sizes, and much more exciting features.

We know that Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphones come packed with Exynos 990 chipsets in all smartphone markets except for some countries including the U.S. and China. In the U.S., Samsung installs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC.

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On the basis of the terms and policies of Qualcomm, it is too tough to unlock the bootloader of the Snapdragon variants. However, a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user succeed to unlock the bootloader of his smartphone in the U.S. that is powered by Snapdragon SoC.

Now, you can unofficially unlock the bootloader of your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones and experience the latest LineageOS with its impressive features.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 – (code-name “x1q”)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ (code-name “y2q”)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (code-name “z3q”)

Requirements to install a custom ROM:

  1. Unlock your device’s bootloader
  2. Custom recovery installed
  3. Android 10 based firmware installed because of compatibility reasons
    * If you are running on Android 11 based One UI 3.0 beta then you have to downgrade to One UI 2.X Android 10

Things to keep in mind before installation:

  1. LineageOS is a source-built ROM and not a Generic System Image (GSI)
  2. The ROM doesn’t bring Google apps built-in
    * You’ve to install it separately if needed
  3. You might face some bugs, errors, and issues because it is not an official ROM

Here you can get the TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra

Team Win Recovery Project 3.4.0

Follow the link given below to download the ZIP file of LineageOS 17.1 for your Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphone.

Download LineageOS 17.1 for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra


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Android 13

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite One UI 5.0 (Android 13) rollout begins!



Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung has now begun the Stable One UI 5.0 update rollout for the Galaxy S10 Lite smartphones. Initially, Samsung released the major Android 13 upgrade for Galaxy S10 Lite in Spain which carries PDA version number G770FXXU6HVK5.

The Galaxy S10 Lite smartphone launched with Android 10-based One UI 2.x software out of the box. The device is eligible for three generations of OS upgrades, and the Android 13 is the last one! It makes S10 Lite, the luckiest Galaxy S10 series smartphone that’s getting another new OS.

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Samsung’s Android 13 software is all about customization capabilities for Galaxy devices. You can now easily design the lock screen in various aspects, at the same time, the newly deployed wallpaper section opens more ways for wallpaper services.

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The company promises that Android 13 update brings new animations and transition effects so you can have a natural feel while switching between screens. Furthermore, home screen and lock screen now provide you with whole new ways for customization along with new Wallpaper section.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

One UI 5 update turns the solid colors of app icons to a refreshed gradient appearance that can further be changed to Dynamic Icons, thanks to Material You integration. In addition, the visual effects and animations appear instantly when you touch the screen in order to make interactions more intuitive.

So far, Samsung delivered the latest OS upgrade to all eligible flagships, select mid-rangers and budget devices. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite has also got the One UI 5 update a few days back, which is now available for S10 Lite too in a handful of European markets.

How to update

Samsung consumers can check new software updates manually with a handful of simple steps. Firstly, visit your Galaxy device’s “System Settings,” once done, scroll down and tap the “Software update” tab, followed by the “Download and install” button.

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Android 13

Samsung Galaxy S20 in the US gets Android 13/One UI 5.0 update [T-Mobile/Sprint]



Samsung S20 Android 13 update US

Samsung starts releasing the Android 13 upgrade for Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra in the US. The latest firmware is available for T-Mobile and Sprint network users, which brings PDA version number ending GVK1 alongside November 2022 security patch.

The Android 13 update comes with Samsung’s proprietary One UI 5.0 software iteration that equips wonderful new features for the consumers of the Galaxy S20 series smartphones. The update can be verified through build versions, as follows:

  1. Galaxy S20 – G981USQU3GVK1
  2. S20 Plus – G986USQU3GVK1
  3. S20 Ultra – G988USQU3GVK1

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Since T-Mobile and Sprint are currently bringing the new big OS to Galaxy S20 series, other carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Xfinity Mobile will deliver the update soon. It’s worth mentioning that the Korean tech giant initially started to deploy One UI 5 update for Galaxy S20 lineup on November 7.

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November 2022 security patch keeps your Galaxy S20 device secure against various critical threats and bugs. At the same time, the Android 13 is the last major upgrade for your smartphone as Samsung launched the lineup with Android 10 out of the box and committed to offering three Android updates.

Samsung S20 One UI 5.0 update India

Android 13 – What’s new

The One UI 5.0 update brings Android 13 OS to your Galaxy device. This new software package consists of various new features, optimizations and improvements to existing functions so you can take the most out of your Galaxy smartphone.

Material You design language now lets users apply Dynamic Icons on any compatible app no matter whether it belongs to Samsung, Google, or third-party developers. Moreover, there are plenty of new ways of One UI customization for home screen, lock screen and wallpaper section.

The new One UI 5 Good Lock app added four new plugins that offer you more new features and exciting tools. Initially available for the S22 series, Good Lock’s Camera Assistant, RegiStar, Dropship and Galaxy to Share plugins may soon be available for the Galaxy S20 series as well.

| Source1, Source2 |

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Android 13

One UI 5.0 Features | Samsung



Samsung One UI 5 top features

On October 12, Samsung officially introduced the One UI 5.0 software iteration and showcased new features and changes. Apart from its Android 13-based custom skin, the company revealed software advancements such as Tizen OS and SmartThings.

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In late October, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series began grabbing Stable One UI 5.0 update with Android 13 OS. The Korean tech giant promised that all eligible flagship phones and tablets will be updated before the year ends, while Galaxy devices receive updates ahead of rollout plan.

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We’ve gathered which new features will come with One UI 5.0:

Samsung Messages

With the One UI 4.1, Samsung enabled the capability of creating emoji pairs using the One UI exclusive Keyboard application. The new One UI 5.0 has the ability so you can delete unwanted emoji pairs with the new delete function.

  • Besides “Create” button, One UI 5.0 added a new Delete icon inside the menu that can be accessed by tapping the “+” button.

Lock Screen

Adding extra fun to customization, the One UI 5.0 now allows users to modify the lock screen by using “touch and hold to edit” feature. It lets you easily edit and customize your lock screen by simply touching and holding onto the screen.

  • Touch and hold on the lock screen to enter lock screen edit mode.
  • A “Touch and hold edit” option has also been added to the lock screen settings menu.

Samsung’s Android 13 skin lets you easily change your lock screen wallpaper directly on the lock screen. The newly crafted Wallpapers library has various options including Wallpaper services such as Dynamic lock screen.

How to use Dynamic Lock Screen

Dynamic lock screen is an amazing function that is available on Galaxy smartphones inside the Wallpaper services section. You can access this mode by following the steps written below.

  • Select Wallpaper in the “Touch and hold edit” mode on your lock screen > Scroll down to “Wallpaper services” > Select the arrow on the right > Select Dynamic Lock screen > select Apply.

How to customize lock screen clock style

The “Touch and hold edit” mode is not just limited to the above-mentioned two functions. It also allows you to change and customize your lock screen clock style and colors with easy visual modification tools.

More “how-to” for lock screen

Galaxy users can now edit and customize the notification settings by selecting the preview notifications. There are two options for lock screen Notifications including Icons only and Details, which show a preview as well so you can apply the best settings.

Samsung’s software has another lockscreen feature that makes it possible to open two apps (not any!) without unlocking the smartphone. You can swipe left or right to open apps directly from the lock screen interface.

The One UI 5.0 now allows users to change the apps for both “Left shortcut” and “Left shortcut.” You can assign two of the five available options that can be accessed without unlocking the phone including:

  1. Calculator
  2. Camera
  3. Do not disturb
  4. Flashlight
  5. Voice recorder

Notification Settings

Inside the system Settings, the Notifications section is now reorganized so you can find related menus on a single-screen interface.

Go to Notifications in the settings menu > select App notifications to view the apps list and easily toggle each app’s notification on and off.

You can easily add contact exceptions in the Do not disturb notification settings. Go to “Do not disturb” under notification settings > select Calls and messages > Select + to add contacts to the exceptions list.

Moreover, it’s now easier to add contact exceptions in the Do not disturb notification settings. Just head towards “Do not disturb” under notification settings > select Calls and messages > Select + to add contacts to the exceptions list.

In addition, you can also find DND exceptions for the app under Do not disturb > App notifications, by just simply selecting + to add apps to the exceptions list.


In One UI 5.0 software, you can get quick access to organize Albums by selecting “+” on the top right corner under Gallery > Album. There are several options available including:

  1. Create an album
  2. Create a group, and share an album
  3. Auto update an album.

Furthermore, a new “View all” option has been added at the top for you to quickly access all your albums. And you will be recommended if there are people groups analyzed as the same person to integrate them into one group.

One UI 5.0 features changes

Modes and Routines

Samsung’s Android 13-based One UI 5.0 software system has now renamed the Bixby Routines to Modes and Routines – two different sections for user convenience.

You can utilize different modes to help you focus on your current tasks under the Modes tab, while the 2nd “Routines” tab allows you to add new routines or discover and manage existing routines.

One UI 5.0 features changes

Security and Privacy

Compared to the One UI 4.1, the One UI 5.0 update brings a major change to the security and privacy settings. With the latest upgrade, “Biometrics and security” and “Privacy” have been combined into one menu named “Security and privacy”.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Security and Privacy

Connected Devices

Connected Devices is a new menu that joined other system Settings with the One UI 5.0 update. The company grouped all Connections functions that are now available at a dedicated place called Connected Devices.

Safety and emergency

Safety and Emergency is another important part of a smartphone’s system Settings. In the One UI 5.0, you will notice an updated medical information icon while pressing on the lock screen to make an emergency call.

One UI 5.0 features changes

In addition, you will have options to provide additional medical information. To access new fields, select Medical info in the “Safety and emergency” settings menu and make the update. The safety and emergency settings have been redefined and now provide more detailed configuration.


Edit the Emergency SOS settings by selecting Emergency SOS.

One UI 5.0 features changes

Send messages to your emergency contacts by selecting Emergency sharing.

The “Shown on Lock screen” option has been added for you to enable or disable medical information that should be shown on the lock screen.

One UI 5.0 features changes

Widgets – Home screen

One UI 4.1 debuted the Smart Widget feature, which is now further advanced with the One UI 5.0 update. Now, users can stack multiple widgets to best utilize the space on the home screen.

Samsung One UI 5.0’s Stackable Widget feature allows you to create stack widgets by dragging and dropping option or by long pressing one of the widgets you wish to edit. Once created, you can long press to edit the widget or remove it.

Wallpapers – Home screen

One UI 5.0-based Wallpapers function’s preview screen gives you the option to edit your lock screen and home screen wallpapers. Go to Wallpaper > Select the wallpaper you want > A preview screen will pop up > select Preview to edit the wallpaper.

Freebie: Download Samsung One UI 5.0 Wallpapers

In case you select an image from the Samsung Gallery app to use as wallpaper, you can also apply filters to the wallpaper by selecting the “Filter” option at the bottom of the screen.

One UI 5.0 features changes

Color Palette – Dynamic Theming

Aside from this, the new Color Palette feature now offers you a number of palettes inspired by the Wallpaper of your home screen and lock screen. If you don’t want to go ahead with Material You Palettes, there are more ways added with One UI 5.0.

One UI 5.0 features changes

Basic Colors – Color Palette

The Samsung Android 13 update brings a new Basic colors tab in the Color Palette section of Wallpapers settings. You have to access the Color palette under “Wallpaper and style” to view these options.

You can also turn the Color Palette on/off by using the toggle button. Select different wallpaper palettes by choosing Wallpaper colors and Basic colors to view additional color modes.

Weather Widget

One UI 5.0 now incorporates your movement patterns, such as driving, biking, running, or walking in order to provide you with more frequent weather updates. When the “Auto refresh on the go” is enabled, you can’t manually refresh the weather as the button won’t be shown on the weather widget.

Go to Weather widget > select it > select the settings menu on the top > turn on “Auto refresh on the go”. If you are using it the first time, you will receive a pop-up notification to get your permission, select Allow to continue or Don’t allow to dismiss this action.

Edge panel

Edit and All apps icons have been added to the first depth of the edge panel for easy access. You can find them at the bottom of the edge panel.


Integrated Filters: The Filters and My filters tabs have been integrated into the “Filters” menu to provide you with a simplified experience. You can also create your own filter by selecting the + button.

Mode information: The “?” on the top right corner of the camera modes has been removed to provide a cleaner look.

Histogram in Pro Video mode: The Histogram button has been moved from quick settings in Pro Video mode to the preview screen directly for easier access while taking videos.

Single take: Single take options have been simplified for content optimization. The max shooting time has been updated to 15secs (10+5 secs).

Food mode: Telephoto lens is now supported in Food mode.

Pictures Watermark

Watermark can be added to your pictures. You can find watermark under Camera settings. Select the settings wheel on top of your camera > turn on watermark settings. You can edit the model name, date and time, font style and alignment.

Don’t forget to read about One UI 5.0 Watermark in detail

Photo and Video Editor

For the Photo and Video Editor functionality, the One UI 5.0 adds a new Color extraction option for a better experience when you need to extract the color from an image.

Edit a picture > select Draw > Choose a pen to draw > on the pop-up color tool box > select the color extraction tool > a magnifying glass will be shown to help you quickly choose the color.

Easier video trimming

The One UI 5.0 provides a new video trimming button so you can easily adjust the intro and outro of the video. You can edit the video by following these steps: Edit the video > Trim the video > Move the play bar from the beginning or from the end > a trimming button will appear so you can quickly tap and adjust the video.


For Phone Call functionality, the One UI 5.0 brings some basic features but in a lot better ways. You may have surely blocked some of you contacts or other numbers due to certain reasons. If your block list contains more than enough blocked people, the One UI 5.0 allows you to unblock them all at once.

Go to the Phone App > select the 3 dots option on the top > select Settings > select Block numbers.

If you have blocked numbers in the list, there will be a 3 dots option on the top. Select the three dots > “Unblock all numbers” will show > select it. You will receive a pop-up notification to either “Unblock” or “Cancel”.

One UI 5 Introduction Film

Samsung One UI 5 Official Introduction Film

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